Guiding Light Update Friday 2/6/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Spaulding, Olivia shows the board members Philip's proxy and a signed power of attorney letter. When Beth and Alan question whether the signature on the documents is authentic Olivia points out that if her documents are forged then so is the memo Alan presented to the board. Alan and Beth both agree that all three documents are signed by Philip. Olivia sits down in Philip's chair at the conference table.

At the Beacon, Cassie and Reva wait for Christopher to arrive for the psychic tests. Cassie is surprised when Jeffrey arrives. Jeffrey explains he was invited to observe the tests by Christopher.

At Company, Marina tells Shayne she only has a few minutes left in her shift and after her shift is over they can go home and spend some time together. Marina is interrupted by a call from Carrie who wants her to come meet with her in her (Carrie's) room. Marina makes it clear that she won't meet with her because she wants to spend some time with Shayne. Carrie insists that she must meet with the three girls. Carrie explains to Marina how to get to her room using the tunnel under Company. Marina writes down Carrie's instructions and says she will meet her in a few minutes. After Marina hangs up the phone Shayne asks her who was on the phone. Marina makes up a story that someone wants a last minute take out order. Shayne wonders why someone would call in a take out order on Marina's cell phone. Marina explains to Shayne that some sophomores from school have been calling in take out orders on her phone just because they think it's funny. Marina tells Shayne that she wants to go pick up Marah and go visit Michelle because they are worried about her. Marina asks Shayne to go home and wait on her so they can spend some time together.

At the Beacon, Buzz takes out a gun and remembers his conversation with Alan in which Alan told him he (Buzz) was the only one who understood what needed to be done. Buzz puts the gun in his backpack and is startled by Harley. Harley thinks it's time for her and Buzz to spend some time together. Buzz says he is busy and wonders why Harley isn't with Gus. Harley explains that Gus is at a Spaulding board meeting. Buzz tells Harley he is happy she has Gus in her life to take care of her and the kids just in case anything should happen to him.  Harley is about to ask Buzz the meaning of his comment when the conversation is interrupted by Billy and Josh. Josh explains to Harley that tonight is the big men only poker game and they can't be late.

At Spaulding, Olivia tells Gus that now that she is representing Philip's interests at the company he is free to go back to police work. Gus tells Olivia he has decided to stay at Spaulding a bit longer. Gus also points out Philip asked him to join the company until he (Philip) was able to return to his job.

At the Beacon, Cassie agrees to let Jeffrey observe her tests. Marah arrives to take her tests and by the look on Jeffrey's face we can tell Jeffrey isn't happy Marah is going to take the tests. Christopher explains the tests to Cassie and Marah. The tests will involve someone sitting behind a screen who will give yes or no answers to their questions. Cassie and Marah are to discover as much information as possible about the person. Cassie's repeated attempts to discover information about the person are unsuccessful. Cassie tells Christopher she doesn't think she has the gift.

Marina goes inside the tunnel underneath Company with a flashlight . Marina gets confused inside the tunnel and has trouble finding the way to Carrie's room.

At Spaulding, Olivia tells Gus he can observe the meeting and she looks forward to working with him because after all they are family. Brad tells Gus that unlike him (Gus) he (Brad) had to earn his seat on the board. Alan again asks the board to allow Gus to take Philip's seat on the board until Philip decides to return to his job. Beth threatens Alan by saying that she will be forced to use Mindy, India and Harley's proxy votes to vote for Olivia if he doesn't allow Olivia to stay at the meeting and on the board. Alexandra agrees with Alan that Gus should take Philip's seat on the board. Alan tells everyone they should save this discussion for the next meeting.

Billy, Buzz and Josh also go inside the tunnel underneath Company. The men are very confused as to which direction they should go. Billy and Josh are very angry when they discover the gun in Buzz's backpack. Buzz promises not to shoot anyone. Josh tells Buzz he and Billy will leave if Buzz doesn't leave the gun behind to mark the way out of the tunnel. Buzz lays the gun on the ground to use as a marker. Marina continues to find her way to Carrie's room. Marina trips and almost falls. Marina hears noises and calls out for Marah and Michelle. The men also hear a noise and worry the person threatening them is in the tunnel. The men agree to split up and go in three different directions.

At the Beacon, Reva discovers the person behind the screen is a twin. Marah thinks of the night she and Jeffrey made love and then tells Christopher that she sees a lonely man who has an emptiness in his life that he can't fill. Marah is surprised when the person behind the screen responds yes. Reva senses the man is walking in a dark place. Reva senses that someone in a cave is dying. Reva has trouble breathing as she senses the man in the cave can't breathe. The person behind the screen tells her his brother died of emphysema. Marah tells Jeffrey that she tried very hard to concentrate but something kept getting in her way of her concentration.

At Spaulding, Brad compliments Olivia on the way she handled herself at he meeting. Olivia tells Beth that she loves Philip and she only wants to do what is best for him. Beth tells Olivia that she (Olivia) wants something but love has nothing to do with it. Alan tells Olivia she will never be a part of the family. Alan and Alexandra want to go visit Philip so he (Philip) can tell them his wishes for the Company. Olivia tells them that the staff has been instructed not to let them see Philip. Olivia wonders if Gus has his own agenda for staying at Spaulding.

Marina discovers that she has been going around in circles and Carrie wanted her to get lost in the tunnel. Marina gets scared and turns around to find her way out when part of the tunnel caves in on top of her.

At Company, Gus tells Harley the board meeting was a blood bath. Gus gives Harley the details of the meeting. Gus thinks Brad will support Olivia in a fight for a place on the board. Harley wonders why Brad would support Olivia. Gus tells Harley it's probably because Brad hates him. Gus suspects Brad is up to something and he is determined to discover Brad's dirty agenda. Gus tells Harley he is waiting on Alan to discuss the board meeting. Harley leaves because she doesn't want to get in their way.

Outside Company, Harley leaves a message on Brad's voice mail to set up a meeting with him at the Beacon.

Olivia goes to visit Emma. Olivia tells her daughter she will always fight so she can have a wonderful future.

At the Beacon, Marah's conversation with Jeffrey is interrupted by a call from Carrie. Marah tells Carrie she can pick up Michelle and Marina and meet in the usual place. Carrie informs Marah that Marina is already on her way. Reva tells Cassie she feels a tightness in her chest and a feeling like she is running out of air. The sensation passes quickly but Reva is still troubled by the strong feelings. Reva tells Cassie she feels trapped in the dark.

The men leave quickly after they hear part of the tunnel collapse. Marina lays buried under dirt and rocks

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