Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/5/04

By Eva
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At Ravenswood, Lizzie blasts Dr. Langham for allowing Philip to marry Olivia. Dr. Langham assures Lizzie that Philip was aware of his decision to marry Olivia. Lizzie refuses to believe Philip knew what he was doing. Lizzie tells Dr. Langham she won't believe him until she hears the words directly from Philip. Dr. Langham tells Lizzie she can go talk to Philip.

At Spaulding Enterprises. Alan shows Alexandra a memo that Philip sent to the board members for today's board meeting. Alexandra worries the board will figure out Philip's condition. Alexandra is also afraid that the board will discover the memo is a fake.

Alexandra is angry that Alan invited Gus to the board meeting when he isn't a member of the board. Alan is equally angry that Alexandra gave Brad Green a seat on the board just because they once had an affair. Alan explains that Gus is family and has every right to be present at the meeting.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey explains to Gus that he needs to know all the details of what happens at the meeting. Gus tells Jeffrey that he stayed up all night looking for information on the drug. Gus says he is still trying to get information on the drug by improving his relationship with Alexandra. Gus tells Jeffrey he needs to get ready to be the Trojan horse that stabs his father in the back. Gus leaves for the meeting. Beth arrives shortly after Gus leaves and sits down to talk to Jeffrey.

At Towers, Danny blasts Tony for not telling him about the mob almost getting in at Lewis construction. Danny wants details from Tony about the shadow. Tony tells Danny that the man stood in the shadows and distorted his voice. Danny asks Tony if the man's voice sounded well educated or blue collar.

Tony responds that the man's voice sounded well educated. Tony and Danny's list of suspects includes Ross, Frank, Gus and Jeffrey. After talking things out for a few minutes they decide that Jeffrey has the most to gain from secretly helping Danny's campaign. Danny and Tony decide to go to the Beacon to confront Jeffrey.

At Ravenswood, Lizzie talks to Philip to try and get an explanation from him as to why he married Olivia. Lizzie explains that she and the rest of the family are wondering why he married Olivia. Philip tells Lizzie he loves Olivia but his answer sounds more like a question than a statement. Philip says Olivia because and then he stops talking. Lizzie is dissatisfied with Philip's answer and gets angry and starts to cry. Lizzie cries and asks Philip to allow Alan to get his marriage to Olivia annulled.

Philip tells his daughter that is something he can't do. Lizzie tells her father she is worried about him. Lizzie also admits to Philip that she is scared to lose him. Lizzie cries and shouts that the fact that Philip married Olivia means he doesn't care about his life.  Lizzie also shouts that if Philip doesn't care about his life he doesn't care about her either. Lizzie runs out of the room in tears.

At the Beacon, Beth asks Jeffrey how his relationship with Marah is doing. Jeffrey doesn't say a word. Beth tells Jeffrey the reason she didn't ask him to make love to her the other day was because she knows he is in love with Marah. Jeffrey tells Beth he wouldn't use the words in love to describe his relationship with Marah. Beth tells Jeffrey she has some proxy papers to study for the Spaulding board meeting. Jeffrey encourages her to go study the papers for her meeting because he doesn't feel like talking to her about Marah. A few minutes after Beth leaves, Tony and Danny arrive and accuse Jeffrey of being the shadow.

At Spaulding, Gus arrives with doughnuts for the board meeting. Brad, Alan, Alexandra and two other board members are there for the meeting. Gus makes small talk with the other board members and offers them each a doughnut. Brad refuses Gus's offer of a sticky bun or a doughnut hole. Alexandra thinks Gus is crazy for bringing doughnuts to a board meeting. Alan is sure his son has a method to his madness so he tells the board members to enjoy some coffee and doughnuts while they wait for Beth.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey pretends not to know about the shadow. Danny tells Jeffrey he understands why he must keep a low profile. Danny also understands why Jeffrey encouraged him to run for mayor. Danny explains it was because he knew about the impending turf war and he knew Danny had the connections to keep the mob out of Springfield. Tony warns Jeffrey that if he puts Eden in a dangerous situation again he will have to deal with him.

At Spaulding, Alexandra and Brad give a report on the pharmaceutical division. Brad explains to the board members that the sales in the division have increased both overseas and in the United States. Gus asks Brad about the drug antimonium. Brad explains the drug has been doing well in the US market and overseas. Gus points out substantial loss numbers for the drug in the report. Brad explains that sometimes the distributors report a fake loss to get more money for the production of the drug. Alexandra shifts the discussion to her effort to get more money to expand the bad girl product line.

Brad disagrees with Alexandra saying that she is targeting the wrong audience in targeting the teens and pre teens because they don't spend any money. Gus points out that teens and pre teens get an allowance to spend and if they run out of their allowance they ask their parents to buy things for them. Beth agrees that Gus has a good point. Gus proposes that they put more money into market research to find the right market for bad girl because the original market tests may be wrong. Gus suggests that if Alexandra is right they put more money into the product line. Brad suggests that the reason that Gus wants to expand the product line is because his sister represents the product and his girlfriend wears the perfume. Gus corrects Brad and says that Harley isn't his girlfriend she is his fiancée. Brad tells Gus that the perfume smells very good on Harley. Gus suggests that Brad must have some reason for not wanting to put more money into bad girl. Alan also wants to know the reason but Brad fails to come up with a reason so Alan and the board approve Gus's suggestion.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey subtly lets Tony and Danny guess that the turf war is over drug profits. Jeffrey tells them the drug is antomonium known on the streets as 'd'. Sandy stops Lizzie from using a fake ID to buy a drink. Sandy takes Lizzie's arm and drags her out of the bar. Sandy sits Lizzie down and explains to Lizzie that he won't allow her to get suspended from school for drinking because it will ruin the play. Sandy doesn't buy Lizzie's fake tears.

Lizzie gets angry and grabs something off the table and starts to throw it at Sandy. Sandy grabs her arm and stops her, saying he will hit her back.

At Spaulding, Alan explains that Philip hasn't felt well in the past few months but he has recovered and just wants to spend some time with his new wife. Alan gives everyone a copy of the memo.

At the Beacon, Lizzie doesn't think Sandy would dare hit a Spaulding. Sandy explains he doesn't care who she is, he was an abused child with alot of rage inside him and he never knows what he might do. Sandy explains that because of his hard childhood he learned early he needed to be the one to worry about himself because he had no one to worry about him. Sandy advises Lizzie to start worrying about herself. Lizzie tells Sandy she won't do anything to ruin the play. Lizzie thanks Sandy for talking to her. Lizzie asks Sandy to have coffee with her and talk some more. Sandy tells her they will have to do that some other time because it's late and he should take her home. Jeffrey explains to Danny and Tony he doesn't know who is distributing the drug in Springfield. Tony and Danny agree to use their contacts to help Jeffrey find out the information.

At Spaulding, Alan proposes that Gus take Philip's seat on the board until he returns to the company. Olivia arrives and tells the board that as Philip's wife she should occupy Philip's place on the board.

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