Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa


Reva is happy that, when Josh comes over for dinner, he is relaxed and comfortable in their home. They talk and both admit that they are ready for things to get back to normal at their home. Reva tells Josh she had a visit from Marah, Shayne and Sandy earlier and she felt so happy and complete having them all around her. She them mentions that Marah had a freak accident. When Josh learns the details he leaves quickly, anxious to protect his daughter. Josh has Billy, Buzz and Alan meet him at Ed’s house.

Later, Reva gets a visit from Frank, who is very worried about Josh. Frank tells Reva that Josh had set up a meeting with him and then cancelled it very suddenly. Frank thinks Josh may have decided to handle his problem – whatever it is – on his own.


Ed sits alone in his kitchen, contemplating his bottle of pills. The phone rings but Ed simply ignores it. Michelle comes in and rushes to the phone but the caller has already hung up. She asks him why he’s shutting everyone out but he responds by telling her he is no longer on call at the hospital so there is no need to rush for the phone. Michelle tells Ed she never intended for this to happen. She thinks if he could just face the truth about what happened with Maryanne, he would be able to move on. Ed tells her that he has high-points and low-points; this is one of his low-points. She tries to make other suggestions but Ed tells her that one thing that would really help him is if he could spend some time with Robbie. He would like Robbie to spend the night with him and then maybe he can take Robbie to a ballgame tomorrow. As difficult as it is, Michelle cannot leave Ed alone with Robbie until he can face his demons.

Together, Josh, Ed, Buzz, Billy and Alan talk about heading back into the tunnels and finding the person who has been manipulating the girls. Alan cannot and will not go. Neither will Ed. Billy and Josh push ahead, trying to persuade Ed to help them. Billy is forceful and Josh tells him he needs to calm down. Ed does not want to have anything to do with their plan and he leaves.

Alan takes Buzz aside and tells him he needs Buzz to represent him down in the tunnels. Alan believes that Billy is too close to falling off the wagon, Josh is too close to confessing and Ed is too close to losing it. He believes that Buzz is the only one who can do whatever is necessary once they get down into the tunnels. Buzz refuses to be Alan’s mercenary but Alan advises him to keep a close watch on Billy and Josh.


Marah is furious with Carrie and accuses her of putting the razor blade in her doll. Carrie tells Marah she knows her and knows that she would never try to hurt any of them. Marah believes that Carrie does not like anyone to doubt her; she did not like it when they asked questions about Michelle’s accident and she decided to teach Marah a lesson. Carrie is adamant that she had nothing to do with placing the razor blade in the doll.

Later, Marah realizes that Shayne is the one who has been moving the doll. She asks if he put the blade in there but Shayne says no. He admits to playing a few harmless pranks with the doll but he had nothing to do with the razor blade that cut her.


Cassie tells Edmund she knows exactly what he is up to. She knows he is looking into the death of her baby and she wants him to stop. Edmund tries to make her understand that he is only doing it because he wants to give her the best possible gift and that clearly, some things about that night do not add up. Cassie tells him that she does not want to live in the past. As difficult as it was, she was able to grieve for her child and move on. She was able to find herself again and she cannot be pulled back into the past. She needs Edmund to move forward, to look towards the future, with her. Cassie then asks Edmund if he found anything. Edmund tells her that he looked but had not yet found anything. He apologizes for lying to her. Edmund wants to spend some alone time with Cassie but she has to go and meet with Michelle. When she leaves, Edmund presses ahead in his search for Baby Winslow.


Cassie meets Michelle at the Hotline for orientation. Michelle tells her that a lot of the teenaged callers have become involved with a new drug – a drug called Delirium a.k.a. “D”.

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