Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Towers: Danny and Tony are together. Danny asks Tony to keep an eye out to see if someone is targeting his family because the gas valve didn't magically open itself. Bill arrives and asks to talk to Danny for a second. Danny says sure and Tony gives Bill his seat and goes to talk to Eden.

She asks how he is feeling. He says he is fine but she needs to watch out for herself. She asks why, what is going on? Tony says he isn't sure yet. He is sure someone is not out for Danny's best interests and until they find out who it is everyone is a target. Bill is talking to Danny about his meetings but Danny tells him to cut to the chase and tell him what he really wants to talk to him about. Bill says since the incident with Tony hit the papers Danny's numbers have been down. He asks how down and Bill replies real down. Danny says he knows Tony might be a liability but he is family and Danny needs him to do something for him now. Eden and Tony are discussing the gas leak as well. Tony says he will find who caused it and protect his family. Eden tells Tony that Danny is such a hypocrite. He freaks out when your bruises make the headlines, but when push comes to shove, he has no problem sending you in to do the pushing and shoving. If Danny only knew you got hurt because you were protecting him and Bill... Tony cut her off saying he never will know and leaves, then Danny arrives and asks if everything is ok. Danny asks Eden what happened the night Tony got hurt. Eden says people like her and Tony will do anything to protect their loved ones but Danny doesn't appreciate it, then Bill arrives. Bill asks what is going on and Danny responds that Eden was telling him how far she'd go for you. Danny has left, leaving Bill and Eden. They talk about Danny but Bill wants to talk about them. He gives her a gift, a pen with no ink. He says he is giving her that as a token of his appreciation. Because that is the very same pen that she used to help him plot out his crews at Lewis. Eden, you stayed up till all hours helping me plan what I needed to do. I mean, we spent so much time scribbling in and crossing out that...the pen ran out of ink.  He says everything good in his life is because she made him believe he could be someone important. He tells Eden she taught him how to manipulate a situation to his advantage. Eden remembers the conversation with the shadow. She said she wanted Bill to be successful but not to lose him moral compass. They talk some more Eden tells Bill she loves him and they are about to kiss but Bill gets a call, he goes to take it. A waiter arrives and tells Eden he has a message for her. The waiter says Mr. Santos wants to meet her in the lobby and that it is about the other night. Eden goes to meet Tony but finds Danny who didn't leave sent the message. She asks Danny what he wants and he says he wants to know what is going on.

Danny pushes Eden until she blurts out that the other night she and Tony did what they did to protect him and Bill. She tells him about the Shadow and that Tony took care of it. Danny asks if it had to do with the other families, Eden tells him to ask Tony. Danny pushes for her to tell him and she does. She tells him about some of Bill's crew members having ties to the families. She tells him that Tony cleared the guys from the crew and it is over.

At Olivia's: Cassie and Olivia are there with the baby. She and Olivia discuss how Cassie is there for her and the baby.

Olivia is grateful but doesn't want to take advantage. Olivia is out of the room feeding the baby when Sam arrives. He and Cassie exchange pleasantries then talk. Cassie asks if Olivia has been overprotective of Emma lately. Sam says yea she has but he thinks that the lying is getting the best off her and he thanks Cassie for being her friend. Cassie says she doesn't mind helping but doesn't like keeping secrets.

Sam agrees and says he'll never let Olivia hear the end of it. Cassie decides to change the subject and asks if Olivia told him his nephew is here. He is surprised that Sandy is here and wants to know what he is up to because Sam hasn't seen him since Sandy was a kid. Cassie says he is trying to find his place in the family and Reva is helping him adjust. He asks how Shayne and Marah are taking it and Cassie says Shayne has warmed up to it but Marah hasn't. Cassie says it might help Sandy to see him, and Sam says that he will go see Sandy. Olivia comes back into the room and Cassie and Sam tell her they were talking about Sandy. I guess Sam has left (didn't see the show due to news break). Cassie offers to watch Emma while Olivia naps but Olivia refuses. Olivia says she hopes this isn't too hard on Cassie. Cassie says she offered to help. Olivia says she watched Cassie with Emma and thinks Cassie isn't over the loss of her baby. Cassie says she has gotten through it and she is lucky to have three amazing children and she is happy.

Olivia apologizes and says she got the impression she wasn't over it. Cassie asks where she got the idea and Olivia replies Edmund. Cassie asks what Edmund said. Olivia says he asked questions about the baby due to her connection with San Cristobel. Cassie doesn't understand why he is doing this but Olivia says it is for her. Olivia reveals that he brought up the possibility that the baby could be alive. Olivia says he's grasping at straws, you know? He's looking for answers or proof or something. Cassie replies: No, if he is investigating the death of my child, it's for him. It's not for me. And I'm going to put a stop to this.

The Beacon: Edmund is meeting with a Nurse Chickering from San Cristobel. She asks why she was brought here. He says that it is his understanding that she worked with the doctor that delivered the Winslow baby, the child that didn't survive.

She says yes then goes to change the subject, she asks what one has to do to get a menu around here. The nurse is telling Edmund about how she made a sling from dental floss and paperclips. Edmund asks if they can discuss the Winslow baby. She says she remembers that day well and then says the audacity of some people. Edmund asks what people. She tells him the doctor ushered her out while he comforted the child. Edmund asks if she saw the child alive and she says yes. The nurse says the baby could have died after she left, after all it was premature. Edmund asks if she was ever told to leave the room before. She says one other time and that baby died too.

Edmund asks if she ever asked the doctor why he wanted to be alone with the babies. She replies no. I know all too well what becomes of those who toss around conspiracy theories, something is always going on in San Cristobel. It's dreadfully close to the Bermuda Triangle. He says the place where things magically disappear and she says it is the scotch talking she has already said too much and they might find her so she has to go. Edmund asks if she will allow him a few more questions.

The Museum: Marah is filling Marina in on the blade incident from last night. She tells Marina she keeps thinking about what would have happened if she grabbed it a little harder. Marina says she keeps sharp stuff in her sewing basket and that it was probably a mistake. Marah doesn't buy it, she says that the gas leak wasn't a mistake and neither is this. She says the doll kept popping up even after she put it away. It was a warning she should have excepted this. Marina doesn't think Carrie would do this. Marah points out though that Michelle gave her an ultimatum, and a few hours later she's sucking in poisonous gas. That same night Marah walked out on Carrie, and then this happens. Carrie is all smiles and magic rings when we do what she wants. But the second we challenge her, Carrie lashes out. She tells Marina that Michelle is the only one to know about this she is going to hide it from everyone else. Marina says she thought Marah was sick of keeping Carrie's secrets. Marah says she is but her dad is getting close. Marina asks to confessing. Marah says her parents are spending time together and maybe her dad will open up and be able to deal with his part in Maryanne's death. Marah says they need to support them if this were to come out any other way... but is cut off by Shayne and Sandy's arrival.

We find out Shayne and Sandy were out snowmobiling. Marah is very worried that something could have happened but Shayne insists he is fine. Shayne tells Marah that Sandy is part of the family and she needs to except that, then announces a field trip to Reva's for family bonding.

Reva's: Shayne, Sandy, Marina and a not too happy Marah, arrive at Reva's. Shayne says they came to see her because they don't spend too much time together as a family. Reva says well, it's nice to see you. Actually maybe it's fate that brought you all here, because I'm in a bit of a psychic rut, and I've had a feeling about the family, and I can't seem to put my finger on it, so maybe having you all here together will help. Sandy asks if that is how it works but Reva says she is trying to figure it out herself still. Marah says that they came to hang out with Reva and she is sure no one wants their minds read. Reva says she isn't into reading anyone's mind today then tells Sandy she has something he can take a look at upstairs, he and Shayne head upstairs.

Reva asks what happened to Marah's hand and Marah lies and says she did it slicing a bagel. Reva picks up on the lie and Marah tells her the truth. She tells Reva she could have used one of her psychic visions to stay away from the box. Reva says it is funny that you mentioned that because I'm working with Christopher again, and he mentioned that these abilities that I have can get passed on to family members, like a mother could pass it to her daughter. I mean, my mama had the gift. Reva says Christopher wants to run some tests but Marah isn't interested. Sandy comes down and says you did all that for me, Marah asks what did she do and Sandy tells her to check it out. Reva has given Sandy a room. She found antique microphones and radios. They talk but Sandy says he can't accept the room. Reva says she understands but he always has a place in her home in every sense of the word. Everyone compliments on the room. Marah doesn't though and says she has work to do at home and leaves. Apparently Sandy follows Marah out and Marah tells Sandy not to hurt Reva.

He says he would never hurt Reva; Marah says good then leaves. Back inside Marina tells Shayne he doesn't have to live his whole life in this one minute. Sandy, Marina and Shayne all decide to leave and say goodbye to Reva.

Museum: Carrie appears and says playing with dolls Marah, how charming. She tells Carrie if she wants to come after her to bring it on.


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