Guiding Light Update Monday 2/2/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Ravenswood: Philip awakes from a nap and Olivia says she is glad he is up because she needs his help. He asks how, and she says it is just a signature. Philip wants Ross or Gus to come look at the papers but Olivia says there is no need it is standard stuff. He says he has to protect but Olivia cuts him off saying she understands and that she is trying to protect everyone as well. Philip signs and Olivia's cell rings: She leaves the room to answer it. It is Cassie warning her to watch her back from Lizzie.

Beth and Alexandra arrive to visit Philip but Olivia blocks their entrance saying she is going to see if he is up for a visit. She goes in and Philip is asleep. She comes out and says Philip asked for them not to be let in. They leave and Beth agrees with Alexandra that Olivia is dangerous.

Beacon: Cassie arrives in Tammy's room and says she heard Tammy was looking for her. Where is the emergency? Her mom says a fashion emergency. Tammy says an emergency that it is time for a new her. Her mom says she is great how she is and they start to talk about Joey. Tammy says Joey is puppy love and she wants butterflies and Shakespeare. Cassie says she'll have that one day but Tammy says she won't unless she makes an extreme makeover. Cassie isn't too pleased that Tammy wants to change her image to attract guys. She tells Tammy that she gets more and more beautiful every day, and that she's smart, and talented. Cassie says she wants to be Tammy when she grows up. She asks what is really going on and if it has to do with Joey. Tammy responds that it has a little to do with Joey. She compares him to a old sweatshirt - comfy and warm but he is no cashmere sweater. Cassie doesn't understand but Tammy says she wouldn't, she has Edmund. Cassie says she needs to stay true to herself to find the perfect guy for her. Lizzie arrives and interrupts the mother/daughter moment. Tammy explains about her wardrobe change and Lizzie says oh to have your problems. Cassie asks Lizzie what is wrong. Lizzie tells her about Olivia and Phillip's marriage and how she feels Olivia took advantage of her dad. She says Olivia took advantage of her grandfather, she's ruined the chance of her parents getting back together and she's tried putting her away. And now this? Why did she even come back? What is she going to do with our family now? Why couldn't she have just stayed the hell away? Cassie says she thought Lizzie was working on her problems with Olivia. Cassie says she is going to have to except it and maybe this is helping Philip. She says she is just shocked and is trying to get her emotions in check but it is hard. Cassie says she understands then quickly leaves. Lizzie tells Tammy that paper doesn't make Olivia family and she doesn't trust her. She tells Tammy she has to act like she excepts it or she'll get thrown in the loony bin with her dad. She asks Tammy if she thinks what Olivia did was ok and Tammy says no but Lizzie can't make trouble. Lizzie says she won't, her grandpa will. Lizzie leaves after Tammy doesn't really care about her problems. She runs into Cassie in the halls and when Cassie asks her what is wrong she says she can only count on herself and that her daughter doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. Cassie is shocked and says that doesn't sound like Tammy to which Lizzie says she isn't dressed like Tammy either go see for yourself.

Tammy is wearing a beautiful, tight, high slit gown and Cassie looks shocked.

Museum: We see Marah's hand bleeding from the razor cut and she asks who would do this to her. Marah calls Jeffery. Jeffery arrives and tells Marah that if she is worried about a stalker to lock her door. He asks what is going on and when she first thought she was being stalked. She tells Jeffery to forget the whole thing it's nothing but Jeffery says he knows better and wants to know what is scaring her. She tells him it is Polly Doll that has a razor stuck in it and that's what cut her. He asks if she thinks someone put it in there and she says she had this doll since she was three years old, and she thought that she lost it in a fire years ago, but she just... she keeps showing up. Okay, but every time she moves her and tries to put her in a different place, she ends up somewhere else. And she was in there in the sewing box, and that's when she got the cut. And she did not put her in the sewing box. Jeffery believes her and helps clean up her hand.

Jeffery asks how she went from accident to stalker and she tells him about Michelle and that the two are connected. He suggests that she get Harley's Angels help in the matter and she says sure and that she is sorry to have wasted his time but he says he is glad she called. Marah thanks him for making her feel understood and sane. He says she is trusting her instincts and he won't let anything happen to her. Marah invites him to stay for a cup of coffee and he agrees. When she goes to make the coffee he calls Carrie's and gets her voicemail. He leaves the following message: Yes, pursuant to our conversation and our agreement, I have a reminder. The three girls are to remain untouched throughout this process. If I find this is not the case, the deal's off, and there will be hell to pay. I hope we're clear on this. We see Carrie at her home listening to this.

Towers: Jeffery and Beth are talking. Beth says it wouldn't have lasted forever - the disposable relationship. Jeffery isn't following and asks what she is talking about. Beth goes on to say that Jeffery has spent his lifetime perfecting the art of the no string affair.

Beth says she should know she was a willing student. There are real people, real emotions involved. Eventually something had to give. Jeffery asks if she is accusing him of being human. She says she won't tell a soul as Jeffery's cell phone rings. Jeffery answers his phone and it is Marah. She tells Jeffery not to think she is crazy but she thinks she is being stalked. He asks her to repeat that but she says never mind it is her problem. He asks where she is she responds with at home but not to worry she is fine; they end their call. Beth asks what he is waiting for, go to her and Jeffery does. Alexandra arrives and joins Beth. They talk about Philip and Beth thinks they should leave the situation be. Alexandra convinces Beth to go with her to Ravenswood to find out for sure about the wedding and the reasons behind it.

Rick and Frank meet up outside Company. They catch up and talk about Bauer refrigerator raids. Rick turns serious and wonders why Mel married into his family. He tells him nothing is wrong with Mel, the baby or Michelle, so Frank assumes it has to do with Danny running for Mayor and that is causing underlining tension in the family. Rick says for once it has nothing to do with Danny it is his Dad. Franks says he is sorry to hear about the tension between Michelle and Ed, that there is always tension between father and son but father and daughter? Rick says he thought things would be get better having Ed home and it hasn't. He says his dad hasn't mellowed with age he has gotten worse. Frank says it took him and Buzz a while to get where they are and he is sure Ed and Rick will too. Rick says he hopes so but he has to go and thanks Frank then leaves.

At the hospital: The nurse tells Ed he has a patient in exam three; his patient is Mel. She is feeling queasy and off balance and she knew the baby would be safe in his hands. They talk about her condition but Ed says family can't treat family.

Mel wants to waive the rule if that is okay with him. He says he does and the rule is there for a reason but she tells Ed she can't wait. She says she needs some blood taken and maybe rehydrated, he says an intern can do that. Mel is insistent and wants him. He agrees and they talk a bit about names and finding out the sex which Mel doesn't want to do. Ed is about to inject her with the needle but says he can't. Ed makes up an excuse that he is tired and he is going to get Dr. Sedgwick and Rick. Ed tells the nurse he is off duty till further notice.

Ed leaves as Rick arrives. She says they did the right thing getting him to leave on his own.

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