Guiding Light Update Friday 1/30/04

By Eva
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At Jeffrey's secret office, Jeffrey tells his people that Dr. Langham will be working with a key person in the investigation, Reva Lewis. Jeffrey explains that Reva will be using her psychic ability without her knowledge. Jeffrey tells everyone that Christopher will be Reva's handler and no one is to interfere with his work with Reva. Two of Jeffrey's agents question whether it is wise to trust all these civilians and local police he has working undercover in this investigation. Jeffrey defends the people he has working with him saying that they are good at their jobs and more importantly they know Springfield and are very well connected in town.

At Towers, Billy is happy that Josh changed his mind about telling the police the truth. Josh tells Billy if someone is trying to hurt Marah he has to protect her. Billy and Josh look at a floor plan of the museum and our surprised to find the tunnel system which is connected to the entire town. Josh is determined to search the tunnels to find the person who is threatening the girls. Josh and Billy stop talking and Billy folds up the plans and leaves Josh and Reva alone to talk. Josh apologizes to Reva for the way things ended between them last night. Josh tells Reva saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing he ever did and he never wants to do it again.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley is very angry that Gus didn't tell her he was planning to stay on at Spaulding. Gus apologizes for not telling her about his decision. Gus explains that it was just very hard for him to tell her because he didn't know how she would react to the news. Gus says he was practicing what he would say to her outside in the hall. Harley gets even more angry and tells Gus he could have called her from the office. Harley tells Gus he hasn't got any idea about what is going on at the company. Gus says he knows exactly what he is doing and what is going on at the company. Harley tells Gus that she has known the Spaulding's longer than he has and has a pretty good idea of what snakes there are in the Spaulding family. Gus resents Harley warning him about the Spaulding family again. Gus thinks Harley is worried that he will become like Philip and Alan-Michael. Gus explains that he may be a Spaulding by blood but he is smart, strong and independent and the Spaulding's will not change his personality. Gus explains that he didn't want to stay at Spaulding this long but it is something he needs to do. Harley tells Gus that if he chooses Alan Spaulding over anything in their lives she won't allow him to leave the apartment.

At the museum, Marina is helping Shayne do his exercises and practice walking. Marah arrives and asks him to walk a little bit more because she didn't see him walk. Shayne says he will walk for her if she lets him set her up on a date with another one of his friends. Marah tells Shayne that she would be happy to see him sprint across the room but she won't go on another blind date. Shayne asks Marah what was wrong with Luke. Marah explains to her brother that nothing was wrong with Luke, she just doesn't like blind dates. Marah is worried because she put her doll away and now it is on the chair. Marina tells her not to worry she probably just forgot to put the doll away.

Marah asks Marina if she has spoken to Michelle. Marina says yes and Michelle seems fine. Marah doesn't buy Michelle's story that Carrie saved her life by turning off the gas. Marah doesn't trust Carrie. Marina admits to Marah that she may not trust Carrie but she does trust Michelle.

At Towers, Lizzie and Beth arrive to have shrimp cocktail and chocolate mousse. Billy says hello to Lizzie and Beth. Lizzie informs Billy that Philip has married the wicked witch of the west also known as Olivia. Lizzie tells Billy that her mother is under the mistaken impression that shrimp cocktail and chocolate mousse will make her (Lizzie) feel better. Billy says goodbye to them and Lizzie and Beth grab a table and sit down. Reva tells Josh she never wants to say goodbye to him either. Reva tells Josh that when he said goodbye to her she got the impression he was never coming back. Reva asks Josh to move back home. Josh says he isn't ready to move back home yet because he still has some problems he needs to figure out. Josh explains that once he has finished working out his problems they will be in the past and they can move on with their lives.

At Jeffrey's secret office, Christopher admits to Jeffrey that he isn't sure he can guarantee Reva will continue her work with him. Christopher explains that Reva is still sorting out family problems and he doesn't want to cause her any harm. Jeffrey says that Reva's family problems are on their way to working themselves out. Jeffrey thinks Christopher is underestimating Reva. Jeffrey thinks Christopher could be the one to cause a problem in the case. Jeffrey tells Christopher he doesn't want to cause Reva harm either because she is one of the few people in Springfield that he likes but he wants and needs her help in the investigation. Christopher is worried that Reva won't want to work with him. Jeffrey tells Christopher that it is his job to persuade Reva to work with him. Jeffrey says that if Reva still refuses to work with him he should test Cassie and Marah for any signs of psychic ability. Jeffrey makes it clear that Marah and Cassie will only be used as a last resort.

After Christopher leaves Jeffrey looks at a picture of Marah that he has underneath some papers on his desk.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley gets even more angry at Gus for calling her crazy and irrational. Harley wants Gus to tell her she is wrong about everything she is thinking will happen if he remains at Spaulding. Gus doesn't say a word and Harley assumes that he isn't saying anything because he knows she is right. Gus lets Harley finish speaking then says hi Zach.

Harley turns around to see her son.  Zach wants to know why Gus and Harley are yelling at each other. Gus explains to Zach that grown ups who love each other sometimes do dumb things like yell at each other then they apologize to each other and there isn't anymore yelling. Gus takes Zach back upstairs and puts him to bed.

At Towers, Lizzie says she enjoyed everything especially the chocolate mousse but she just feels like going home. Beth tells her daughter things will get better. Beth decides to stay a little longer and tells Lizzie to tell the driver to come back for her. Billy thinks Jeffrey may be a threat to Marah. Josh doesn't agree with his brother and thinks they should study the plans for the museum because the tunnels are the key to catching the person threatening the girls. Josh decides to go search the tunnels and vows to find the girls. Beth goes to sit down with Jeffrey and tells him she wants to kiss and make up.

At Reva and Josh's place, Reva tells Christopher she is ready to work with him again. Reva explains to Christopher that taking a break allowed her to gain control of her psychic ability. Reva admits that she can get vibes from everyone she loves except Sandy. Christopher asks Reva if Cassie or Marah have ever shown any psychic ability. Reva says she doesn't think so but she will ask them. Christopher asks Reva to find out if Marah and Cassie will be willing to get tested for psychic ability.

At Towers, Beth tells Jeffrey that when they were together she wasn't ready for an open relationship. Beth explains to Jeffrey that she needed for him to need her. Jeffrey tells Beth that the things she wanted in a relationship aren't so bad. Beth tells Jeffrey that in this point in her life she thinks it's healthy to date a different man every month. Jeffrey asks If he will get to sleep with the new Beth. Beth doesn't think Marah would like the thought of Jeffrey sleeping with her. Beth tells Jeffrey that something about Marah gets to him and whatever it is he can't tear himself away from her. Beth tells Jeffrey that she understands exactly how he feels right now. Beth explains to Jeffrey about her relationship with Bill.

At the museum, Marah and Shayne leave and Marah finds the doll she had put away, in the living room again. When Marah tries to pick up the doll from the floor she gets a shock when she touches the doll.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley thanks Gus for being so loving and caring with Zach. Harley apologizes for their fight. Harley admits she is scared for Gus. Gus says he can take care of himself. Harley and Gus promise to trust each other. Gus gives Harley a kiss and they hold each other.

At Towers, Beth offers to give Jeffrey advice on his relationship with Marah.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus gets out of bed and before he leaves the bedroom he says I'm sorry to Harley. Gus goes to the computer to get some information on the drug antimonium also known as delirium.

At Josh and Reva's, Reva looks at a picture of Josh and sees a vision of a woman drowning. Reva drops Josh's picture to the floor and the glass from the frame breaks.

At the museum, Josh brings a flashlight and looks inside the tunnels.


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