Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Eva
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At Towers, Christopher sits down to catch up with Reva on how she is doing with her life. Reva says things have settled down and things are fine. Christopher says he is aware of how well things are going in her life because he has been keeping tabs on her. Christopher asks Reva to work with him again on the study of her psychic ability.

At Jeffrey's secret office, Gus agrees to stay on at Spaulding and work undercover for Jeffrey. Gus tells Jeffrey the only reason he agreed to work for him is to prove that Alan isn't involved in the distribution of illegal drugs. Jeffrey shows Gus a copy of the translated version of the papers Harley found in Brad's briefcase. Gus notices that the papers are associated with the Pharmaceutical division which is run by Alexandra. Jeffrey wants Gus to become friends with his Aunt Alexandra to get information from her. Gus is less than thrilled at the prospect and tells Jeffrey that he (Jeffrey) will owe him. (Gus)

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan talks to Buzz on the phone and tells him he isn't worried about Gus getting involved in the Marianne Caruthers situation because Gus will be going back to the force and will be too busy with his other cases to worry about anything else. After Alan hangs up the phone Alexandra arrives demanding that Alan find a way to annul Philip's marriage to Olivia.

At Danny's office, Ross denies Danny's accusation that he leaked the story about Tony's fight to the press. Ross tells Danny if the story is true he should be angry with Tony not him. (Ross) Danny tells Ross he isn't sure if the story is true or not because he wasn't there. Ross admits to Danny that he is worried that if Danny became Mayor and he faced a tough problem while in office he would resort to the mob's way to fix the problem. Danny is hurt that Ross thinks that if he became Mayor of Springfield he would cause the townspeople harm. Danny tells Ross he will prove him wrong. Danny also gives Ross a friendly warning that he can also play hardball.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra thinks Alan should bribe Olivia to get her out of Philip's life. Alan Informs her he already tried that twice and it didn't work. Alexandra suggests getting Philip declared incompetent. Alan informs her that Dr. Langham is willing to testify for Olivia that Philip is no longer psychotic. Alan also tells Alexandra that his lawyers have informed him that if he decides to try and get Philip declared incompetent it will be a very long court battle. Alexandra is surprised Alan is giving up on this so easily. Alan tells her he is just choosing his battles. Alexandra continues to push Alan to do something about Olivia until he just can't take it anymore. Alan yells at Alexandra that he will take care of things like he has always done.

At Jeffrey's secret office, Gus wants to know more about the investigation and who will be his partner. Jeffrey refuses to give him any information except that he will be working with the best people.

At Towers, Eden asks Tony how he is feeling and thanks him for saving her life. Tony tells Eden that he didn't do anything special and he couldn't have done it without her help.

At Harley's place, Blake arrives to ask Harley why she hasn't been to the office in such a long time. Harley makes up a story that Zach hasn't wanted to go to school because he is having a hard time understanding Philip's illness. Blake also suspects that Harley has been avoiding her and Mel. Harley makes up another story and tells Blake she has been avoiding them because of the possible tension between Blake and Mel caused by the campaign. Blake asks Harley who she will vote for in the election. Harley tells her she hasn't made a decision yet. Blake gives Harley a long explanation of how Ross stands on the issues.

At Towers, Eden thinks Tony is hurt that Bill accused him of being back in the mob when Bill came to the hospital. Tony makes it clear to Eden that he has never cared what people thought about him. Reva tells Christopher she doesn't think she has time to work with him. Reva explains she is still trying to repair her relationship with Sandy. Reva tells Christopher that Sandy still can't forgive her for abandoning him. Christopher advises Reva to give Sandy some time. Christopher tells Reva to concentrate on other things. Reva tells Christopher about the visions she is having about Josh drowning. Reva tells Christopher that she feels Josh needs her now.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia arrives to get a key to Philip's office so she can take some of his personal things to Ravenswood. Alan informs her that Philip's things were put in storage because Gus is now using Philip's office. Olivia is angry that Alan could replace one son with another so easily. Alan tells Olivia that Philip asked Gus to take his place at the company until he had recovered. Gus arrives and tells Alan he will be working at the company a little longer. Alan isn't at all happy but he pretends to be happy that Gus will be working at the company.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley gets a call from Jeffrey. Harley informs Jeffrey she will call him back later because she can't talk right now. Blake wonders who the person was on the phone. Harley tells her it was the mother of one of Zach's friends. Blake doesn't buy the story and tells Harley she has two choices, she can either tell her who was on the phone or tell her who she will be voting for in the election.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus is informed by Alexandra that Philip and Olivia are married. Olivia is about to leave for the storage when Gus congratulates her on her marriage. Olivia thanks Gus and leaves. Alexandra follows her to make sure she doesn't steal anything. Alan warns Gus that Olivia may try and cause trouble for him at the company because she wants to replace Philip while he is ill. After Alan leaves Gus wonders why he didn't seem happy that he (Gus) had decided to stay at Spaulding.

At Towers, Danny arrives and shows Tony the newspaper headline. Tony refuses to say anything about the fight except that two men jumped him. Danny is worried because Tony has changed so much. Danny thinks that Tony's fight and the gas leak that almost killed Michelle may be a warning from the mob. Tony offers to check things out so that Danny can stay clean. Danny refuses Tony's help and Tony gets angry and tells Danny that he tried to do something nice for him and this is how he (Danny) pays him back. An angry Tony leaves and Danny is confused by Tony's strange behavior.

At Gus and Harley's place, Olivia arrives and tells Harley she and Philip are married. Harley is stunned and wonders why Olivia married Philip now. Olivia says that she wants to make up for all the pain she caused Philip. Harley wonders if Olivia married Philip out of pity or guilt. Olivia assures Harley she loves Philip. Olivia informs Harley that Gus is staying on at Spaulding . Olivia is surprised that Harley wasn't aware of the news. After Olivia leaves, Harley has a discussion with herself and is angry that Gus didn't discuss this decision with her. Harley also worries that this will effect her undercover work. Outside the apartment Gus has discussion with himself about how he should break the news to Harley. When Gus finally goes in the apartment Harley pushes him out the door and slams the door shut.

At Jeffrey's secret office. Jeffrey meets with some of his people to coordinate different aspects of the investigation.

Jeffrey introduces them to a new operative in the investigation - Christopher Langham.

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