Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Naila
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Cassie cannot believe that Olivia lied about her daughter. Olivia tells her that her life and Emma’s now lie in Cassie’s hands; it is all up to her whether Alan and Alex find out the truth. Cassie asks to see the baby and Olivia brings Emma out for Cassie to hold. She explains to Cassie that Emma will not be safe if the Spaulding's find out about her. If she was not married to Phillip, they would try to claim Emma as their own and she will not, under any circumstance, allow that to happen. Cassie tells Olivia that mothers do not protect children alone. They also protect other mothers. “Welcome to the club.”

Olivia says this is one group she is happy to be a part of. Cassie suggests that learning he has his daughter back may help Phillip but Olivia does not want to set him back at all. She is afraid to drop this bomb on him. Cassie leaves, promising to keep Emma a secret. She tells Olivia to treasure every moment with her daughter.


Edmund, Sandy, Tammy and Joey head out for some dessert after rehearsals. Edmund is distracted with his search for Cassie’s doctor. He gets a phone call from Dax and tells him to keep searching until he finds the doctor. Tammy and Joey discuss the play. She thinks he is not playing the part correctly. Tammy thinks Joey is sucking all the romance and poetry out of Romeo.

The argument becomes heated and suddenly, it is not “Romeo and Juliet” that is the problem. Joey storms off leaving Tammy in tears. Sandy takes off after Joey and Edmund talks with Tammy. She admits that she has been trying to change Joey. She just thinks that he is not being the best Romeo he can be.

Edmund says that perhaps he is not the best Romeo; but he does make a great Joey. Tammy concurs and heads after Joey.

Cassie returns and tells Edmund she had some work to take care of. He suspects that perhaps she was covering for Olivia again and hopes that Olivia appreciates her friendship with Cassie. Cassie leaves with Tammy and Joey and Edmund receives a call from Dax, who has learned that Cassie’s doctor is dead. Once again, Edmund tells him to find out everything he can.


Joey vents to Sandy. He is frustrated with Tammy. He cares about her a lot but feels as though she is pushing him to change. Sandy tells Joey he got the feeling Joey is pushing Tammy for sex. Joey admits that he has been. Sandy suggests that they both stop pushing so hard. Tammy comes out and Sandy leaves. They both apologize for what they’ve been doing and agree to start over.


Carrie tries to defend herself against the accusations that she tried to hurt Michelle. She tells them that they are the ones who have been helping her to keep her niece’s memory alive and she would not want them hurt. But if they really think that she is out to get them, Carrie suggests that they call their fathers and let them know that someone is after them.

Michelle and Marina begin to break and believe that perhaps Carrie really was only trying to help Michelle. Marah will not cave in though. She is tired of standing up against her father and she will not do it anymore. She storms out.


Marah comes home and is surprised to see the door to the tunnel open. She also finds Sandy inside. He tells her he came by to see her and that he wants to make peace. He will not push anymore.

Marah asks him if the door into the tunnel was open when he came in. Sandy says it was and that surprised him because he knows they usually keep it locked. Marah finds a doll – Polly Dolly – on the couch and asks Sandy where he found her – she lost that doll when she was younger and no one ever found it. Sandy’s never seen it before. She tells him to stop playing games. If he found it in her parents’ house then he needs to tell her. Sandy swears that he has never seen Polly before. He offers to stay with her until Remy and Shayne get back but she tells him she will be all right.


Josh goes to Reva and tells her that tomorrow everything may change for him. He wants her to know that he loves her and that, whatever happens after tonight, he will always love her. He does not want Reva to think differently of him but fears that is unavoidable. Josh tells her he wants to stay with her tonight and she tells him they will be together forever. Josh thinks that all they have is tonight.

Reva tries to get him to explain his cryptic statements but Josh avoids her questions.

They make love then Josh, who dreams that his entire family will turn on him once he reveals the truth, tells Reva he has to leave.


On his way out, Josh runs into Billy who tells him someone may have tried to kill Michelle tonight. He tells Josh all about the gas leak. Josh thinks that that is all the more reason why the police should know everything. When Billy asks Josh what he thinks will happen if, while Josh is paying for his crimes in prison, someone tries to hurt Marah. Who is going to help her if not him? Josh is no longer convinced that going to the authorities is the best move.

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