Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon: a delivery man is looking for Olivia, she isn't there but Cassie says she'll take the package. He asks Cassie to take down the instructions that go with the medication. He tells her three drops twice a day after feeding or formula. He leaves as Cassie repeats feeding or formula. Olivia arrives and Cassie gives her the package. Olivia claims it is for an ear infection saying she gets them all the time. Cassie tells Olivia they have to talk but Olivia says she has to go. She tells Cassie she has to go back to Ravenswood because she forgot to tell Philip something and then leaves.

Olivia ends up at her home which Cassie followed her to. A baby cries and Olivia tells Cassie that her baby is alive. Cassie says that she is sick for lying about this. Olivia says that her baby might still be in danger. She says Lizzie is insane and hates her. She said she was going to steer clear of Springfield but she had to tie up loose ends. She had to organize her finances. She had to make sure that she could raise Emma someplace safe, you know? She never intended to stay this long. She said she came back to help Philip but Cassie tells her she isn't buying it. Olivia tells Cassie she and Philip married tonight. She says marrying Philip will ensure Emma is protected from the Spaulding's. She then asks Cassie not to tell anyone about this.

At the Santos': the gas repairman says that everything is okay. Danny tells him to check everything that he wants to make sure this was an accident. The repairman says all is okay and that nothing should have happened unless the system was tampered with.

While this is going on Michelle goes to get the door, it is Ed. He has come to check on her and make sure that she is truly ok. He asks how it happened and Michelle tells him. He says so it was an accident and she responds with why do you ask. Michelle tells Ed that if she is in danger it is because he wasn't honest with her. He is shocked she would think he would allow something like this to happen and tells her he is trying to protect her. She says that is funny she is trying to protect him. She says she has kept his secret, defended him, and threatened but stops. He asks who she threatened but she tries to send him away but he persists and asks again. Danny checks on Michelle and says he is going to cancel his meeting with the Mayor but Michelle tells him to go, she'll be fine. Danny leaves and Michelle and Ed talk about how much Ed cares for her and doesn't want anything to happen to her. She tells him he still won't admit to his part in what happened and he isn't worried about her but himself then tells him to LEAVE!

Michelle has called Marah and Marina and they have arrived. She tells them about what happened tonight. Marah asks if she thinks Carrie was trying to kill her and Michelle says she doesn't know - ,maybe. Michelle tells them how she went back and told Carrie to reveal herself to the others or she would.

Marina asks if she flipped out but Carrie appears and says no then asks Michelle if she is afraid of her now.

At Reva's: she and Marah are enjoying some Chinese. They start to talk about Josh. Reva says that things are better between the two of them but you know, he's still dealing with something that he's not quite ready to share with me. I mean, you must have noticed how distant he's been.

Marah says he has been like a stranger. Reva says it will be over soon that Josh told her he was going to make things right. Reva says maybe the whole thing is about Shayne's accident, maybe he still feels guilty and that is why he won't move back in. She goes on to say that Josh is a good, decent, honest man who hates to make mistakes. And that's why we love him so much. Not to mention the fact that he's so hyper-responsible. She tells Reva about a show and tell in first grade and says she loves her dad and he doesn't have to be perfect just good and honest. Marah receives a call from Michelle telling her to pick up Marina and get over there and to be careful. Michelle leaves and later Josh shows up and asks if Reva is busy.

Josh and Billy meet and Josh tells Billy he is ending it. Billy says that they have been over this but Josh tells him that the time is up for keeping this secret and he is going to the police. Billy tells him to keep his mouth shut but Josh says he has reached his limit.

Josh says there is nothing Billy can do, he has already made up his mind. Billy says he is throwing his own flesh and blood to the wolves. Josh says it isn't going to be easy but he has to do it. Billy asks about the oath and Josh says that the oath means this -- I can be sitting at my desk, I can be driving along in my car, going to some meeting or something, and suddenly I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I remember that I was part of covering up the death of a person who shouldn't have died in the first place. Josh says they should go to the police together and that Billy doesn't get to call the shots in Josh's life just because he is older.

Billy has heard enough and decks Josh. They have the same argument as always. Billy goes on to say he has been to prison and doesn't want to go back. Josh says he wont have to because he is taking the rap - just him. Billy doesn't think it will work but Josh says he will tell them that he was at the fair, by himself, and he was following this woman around who was older than he was, so she wasn't giving him the time of day. He was drinking, and was trying to come on to her, but she wasn't having anything to do with him. But eventually he talked Alan into loaning him his car, and then he talked the girl into going for a ride with him. The car went into the river, it was freezing cold, the current was strong. He tried to find her, but he couldn’t. Billy says that the girls and the mysterious person knows there was five of them. Josh says that if they do this his way it will all be over and everyone can be at peace. Billy asks how he will feel having everything come out and possibly going to prison and saying goodbye to his family. Josh says that is a risk he will have to take. Josh calls Frank and asks him to meet him tomorrow at the police station.

At Towers: Ross and Blake come across the Mayor. He informs the Mayor that he knows he is supposed to meet with Danny but since Danny isn't there he has some time for Ross. He goes on to say that he knows the Mayor is planning to endorse someone and since he is having a meeting with Danny he is thinking his support is going to him. The Mayor tells him he likes to keep an open mind until a commitment is made.

Ross responds to this with I would like to express my deep concerns for this city that we all love. I'm sure that you have heard the rumors about a power struggle between the Salerno and the Bruzi Crime Syndicates. Now, if we don't act decisively and wisely, Springfield is going to find itself in the middle of a mob war. And I don't have to tell you the havoc that would cause. The Mayor asks what he means? He says he likes Danny but thinks he is the wrong man for the job. Ross makes this speech to the Mayor: Mr. Mayor, let's say that you endorse Danny Santos, and he's elected. What happens if all hell breaks loose and Danny resorts to doing what some people think he does best -- threats, intimidation, violence? Or worse yet, what if he cuts some deal with the crime family? That would be a disaster, and it would take years to repair. And you would forever be known as The Man Who Handed Springfield Over To the Criminals. Now, that is not the legacy you want, is it, Mr. Mayor? Ross is back at a table with Blake and they are discussing his conversation with the mayor. She asks if the Mayor gave him his endorsement and Ross goes on to say he didn't go over for that but to warn him about endorsing Danny. Blake tells Ross about Tony's knife wound and says the bartender heard some nurses talking about it. They talk about how it won't hit the papers because Danny and Bill wouldn't let it. Danny has arrived to meet with the Mayor. The Mayor asks Danny about an organized crime turf war in Springfield and what he knows about it. Danny says he knows as much as the Mayor because he is not a part of that world anymore.

The Mayor tells Danny that he can't endorse him because of this new information and he will be back Ross. The Mayor leaves and Danny approaches Ross and Blake. Danny tells Ross that his impromptu meeting with the Mayor went well since he snagged his endorsement. Ross is surprised and tells Danny he went over there to express his concern that the next mayor be the best man for the job. They discuss neither one of them being clean that they all have done things they aren't proud of but Danny says not to worry he isn't running a smear campaign. Ross asks if he wants to iron out the details of the debate as long as he is there but Danny says he can't but he'll have his people call Ross' people.

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