Guiding Light Update Monday 1/26/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

Beth and Lizzie arrive at Ravenswood to find Olivia and Phillip have just been married. Lizzie accuses Olivia of taking advantage of her father's current mental state, but Phillip says it was his choice. Upset with the news, Lizzie calls Alan. When they arrive, Phillip defends his new wife to his father and Alexandra. When alone, Phillip's imaginary lawyer-self asks him if he really loves Olivia or if she manipulated him into this marriage.

Phillip explains this is the only way to get his little girl back - he and Olivia can have another baby and everything will be fine. Olivia refuses Alan's payoff and urges him to take her to court - her marriage is perfectly legal so she'll win. Sam wants Olivia to tell Phillip that his daughter is alive, but she says it's not time yet.

At home, Lizzie blames her mother for letting Olivia manipulate Phillip. All she wants is for her parents to be back together again. Beth says maybe Olivia could help Phillip heal; she can't.

At Towers, Bruzi threatens to harm Eden if Tony doesn't join forces with him. Tony wins a fist fight with Bruzi's man as Eden turns the knife on Bruzi. Tony again refuses his offer and orders him to leave town. Tony catches Bruzi pulling a gun and reminds him that Danny's friends would not be happy if Tony and Eden were killed. In fact, Bruzi would find himself dead. Eden takes a bleeding Tony to Cedars.

After the press conference, Danny is eager to get home to Michelle for their date night. O'Neill arrives with rumors from the Marler camp - that Danny has Lewis Construction workers "in his hip pocket." He suggests making their books open to the public to dispel such rumors. Bill doesn't agree.

At the Santos house, Carrie stands over Michelle who begs her to turn off the gas just before she collapses, unable to breathe. Danny and Bill come home to find Michelle passed out on the floor. They smell gas but the fireplace gas valve is closed.

Bill heads to the basement to turn off the gas at the source as Michelle wakes. She can't remember turning off the gas. When Danny leaves the room Carrie expects a thank you from Michelle for saving her life. (She was about to call 911 when Danny's car pulled up). Michelle is angry and accuses Carrie of trying to kill her.

At the hospital, Ed doesn't believe Tony's knife wound story (he did it at the ranch with a Bowie knife) and wants to report it to the police. Bill hurries in to tell Ed about Michelle's accident, but is surprised to see Eden there with Tony. Bill doesn't believe Tony's story either and accuses Tony of bringing Danny down. He may cost him the election. Eden almost lets is slip that Tony was trying to help Danny when he was stabbed but Tony covers by promising to stay out of trouble. Tony ignores his nurse and leaves the hospital in pain.

Ed calls his daughter who refuses medical treatment. Danny promises his father-in-law that he is having a professional come to the house to check out the pipes. Ed says you can never be too careful.

Later, Danny gains some perspective, realizing that Michelle and Robbie should be his number one priority, not the campaign he's been so caught up in. He offers to help ease the tension between Ed and his wife and Ed and Rick, but Michelle changes the subject, suggesting they go on as planned with their date night.

Gus meets O'Neill to tell him Alan denies knowing a Maryanne Caruthers. He thinks he's lying. Gus wants more info on Maryanne so O'Neill explains that the Caruthers family developed Antimonious, a drug manufactured by Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. A similar drug, Delirium, is on the black market in Europe, but it can be fatal and causes brain damage in 1 out of 20 users.

O'Neill wants to stop the drug from getting to the US but needs Gus to help him find out who at Spaulding may be behind it. He even suggests that Phillip has been drugged with it in order to get him out of the company. Gus is sick of O'Neill's conspiracy theories so hesitates when O'Neill asks "Are you in?"

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