Guiding Light Update Friday 1/23/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle helps Danny get ready for his big night. Danny is getting an endorsement from Lewis construction. Danny notices that Michelle looks tired and tells her she can stay home and he will go with Robbie. Michele accepts Danny's offer and decides to stay home and read some books on Springfield history she checked out of the library.

At Ravenswood, Olivia arrives to take Philip to do their little secret but is startled to find Philip is asleep. Olivia starts to freak out when she is unable to awaken Philip.

At Company, Alan and Beth worry when Lizzie is distracted and doesn't want to eat anything. After a few minutes of coaxing from Alan and Beth, Lizzie finally decides to tell them what is bothering her. Lizzie tells them that she thinks Olivia is planning to kidnap Philip. Lizzie admits that she eavesdropped on one of Olivia's phone conversations. Beth asks Lizzie what Olivia's exact words were to the person she was speaking to on the phone. Lizzie admits that Olivia didn't say the word kidnap but she knows Olivia is planning to do something to Philip. Lizzie fears that Olivia will do something to take Philip away from them. Lizzie is upset that Alan and Beth think she is crying wolf. Alan tries to reassure Lizzie that Olivia won't interfere in Philip's life anymore. Alan tells Beth and Lizzie that he has made a generous offer to buy Olivia's Spaulding stock. Lizzie says that buying Olivia's stock won't stop her from taking Philip away from them.

At the Lewis construction office, Tony tells Eden that he has a meeting with Angelo Brutsi at Towers to find out the extent of his involvement with Lewis construction. Eden is worried that Tony is going to the meeting alone. Tony is happy that Eden is beginning to care about him. Billy talks to Rick and wonders why Ed isn't there to support Danny. Rick tells Billy that his father has a lot of work at the hospital. Billy encourages Rick to lighten Ed's load so he won't get burned out. Billy has an argument with Josh because he hired Frank to handle security. Billy fears that Josh plans to confess the truth to the police. Billy tells Josh that he will do anything he has to do to stop Josh from telling Frank the truth. Tony tells Eden to cover for him with Danny and then he leaves for his meeting. Eden asks Billy to tell Bill that she had to run some errands. Billy has a flashback of Marianne and she tells Josh that Eden reminds him of her.

At Ravenswood, a nurse tells Olivia that Philip was given a sedative. Olivia makes a phone call to Sam and tells him the situation. Olivia asks Sam to get there soon.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny and Robbie leave for Danny's big night. Michelle calls Marah and tells her that she checked out books on Springfield history to try and find out more information on Marianne and her family. Michelle also tells Marah that she will tell their fathers and Buzz Marianne's identity if she doesn't reveal herself to them soon.

At Ravenswood, Olivia throws drops of water on Philip in an effort to awaken him. Philip wakes up but is very drowsy. Olivia tries to remind him of their important plans but Philip falls back to sleep.

At Company, Beth decides to go to Ravenswood with Lizzie so she can prove to Lizzie that Philip is fine. Alan decides to stay behind and meet them at the house later. After Beth and Lizzie leave Alan has a talk with Buzz. Alan tells Buzz that now Gus is asking him about Marianne Caruthers. Buzz jokes that he should kill Gus too just like he plans to kill the mysterious person.

At Towers, Angelo Brutsi offers Tony a job in his organization.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle hears a noise but thinks she is just hearing things because she is alone. Michelle continues to read the books on Springfield history. The fire in the fireplace goes out.

At Towers, Tony pretends to consider Brutsi's offer so he can find out some information. Eden arrives and eavesdrops on their conversation.

At Ravenswood, Olivia remembers when Philip asked her to marry him. Olivia tells herself that she and Philip both want to marry each other.

At Company, Buzz thinks Alan is scared to follow through with his plan now that Gus is involved in the mystery. Alan tells Buzz that once they discover the identity of the person threatening them there will be no holds barred in order to stop them.

At Michelle and Danny's place, Michelle falls asleep on the couch with the library books open on her lap.

At Ravenswood, Olivia offers a still drowsy Philip some coffee but he refuses to drink it. Olivia helps Philip walk around the room. Sam arrives with a justice of the peace. Philip wonders who the man is but then he remembers and says I do.

At the Lewis construction office, Rick and Frank share their worries about their fathers. They discover that Buzz and Ed have been displaying the same strange behavior. Buzz arrives and fills in Josh and Billy on his conversation with Alan. Josh tries to persuade the men to tell the truth but Buzz and Billy remain determined to keep their secret. Bill and Danny wonder why Tony and Eden are missing from the press conference. Josh announces to the press that Lewis construction plans to build a sports and recreation complex for people with disabilities. Josh also announces that Lewis construction is proud to endorse Danny for mayor. Danny makes a speech saying that he is happy about the endorsement and when he is elected mayor he will support worthwhile building projects such as the sports and recreation complex. Danny also lets the reports take pictures of him with Robbie.

At Towers, Tony warns Brutsi not to mess with Danny's campaign or Lewis construction. Tony advises Brutsi that it would be best for him and his people to leave town or they will have to deal with him. Brutsi tells Tony that he has made a big mistake that could hurt him and the ones he loves. One of the mob goons - who caught Eden eavesdropping - brings her into the room.

At Ravenswood, Lizzie apologizes to Beth for flipping out about Philip and making her bring her (Lizzie) to the hospital to see Philip. Beth tells Lizzie that a visitor will be good for Philip. Beth and Lizzie walk into Philip's room. Beth wonders what is going on in the room. Lizzie thinks she was right and they have kept Olivia from kidnapping Philip. Olivia tells them that she never intended to kidnap Philip all they did was get married.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle gets up from the couch and falls to the floor. Carrie stands over her drinking a cup of coffee. Michelle begs Carrie to help her.

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