Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/22/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Sandy's place, Cassie knocks on the door when she hears Richard's voice coming out of Sandy's room. When Sandy doesn't answer the door Cassie twists the door knob and opens the door. Cassie is startled to find Sandy watching a tape of one of Richard's speeches.

Outside the Lewis construction site, Eden arrives, Tony tells her that he has gone over the Lewis construction crew list and identified the men who are working for the mob. Tony tells Eden to leave while he talks to the men.

At the Beacon, Marah and Marina wait for Shayne to arrive with a blind date for Marah. Marah is not thrilled with the prospect of a blind date and almost leaves before her date arrives. Marina encourages her to stay by telling her that her date is a friend of Shayne's from the minor league. Marina also tells her that Luke's father owns a car dealership. Marah tries to pretend she is happy when Shayne arrives with her date.

At Towers, Harley arrives to meet with Brad at the Spaulding suite. Brad pours Harley a drink. Harley quickly gulps down the drink to try and calm her nerves. Harley tries to fend off Brad's advances but doesn't have much success. Harley is saved when Brad gets a call from Alexandra. Harley uses the time to send an urgent call for help to Jeffrey demanding that he find a way out of this situation. Harley looks through the papers in Brad's briefcase and sees some papers which she believes are written in Russian. When Brad comes back Brad gives Harley a kiss.

At Company, a worried Gus runs into Eden and tells her he isn't in the mood to talk. Eden decides to leave. Gus asks Buzz for coffee when Buzz arrives with the coffee he asks Gus if he is having trouble at home. Gus is annoyed that Buzz is asking him so many questions. Gus finally admits to Buzz that he is upset that Alan lied to him regarding his (Alan's) car which was found at the bottom of the river.

At the Beacon, Edmund is upset because his people in San Cristobel have been unable to find out any information about Cassie and Richard's baby. Edmund is determined to find the answers Cassie is searching for about her baby.

At Sandy's place,  Sandy senses a presence in the room. He turns around and notices Cassie standing in the back of the room. When Sandy sees tears running down her cheek he immediately offers to turn the tape off. Cassie tells him to leave the tape on and they watch it together. Cassie is surprised that Sandy can imitate Richard's voice and gestures so well. Sandy explains to Cassie that he bought the tape on the internet in order to have some sort of connection with Richard. Cassie apologizes to Sandy for avoiding him lately. Cassie admits to Sandy that she has felt hatred towards him for being alive while her son -  Richard - is dead.

At the Beacon, Marah is noticeably bored and uninterested in her date while she tries very hard to make conversation. Marah is happy to see Jeffrey arrive for dinner.

Outside the Lewis construction site, Tony meets with the men he thinks are involved in the mob. Tony asks them a few questions and determines they are working for someone in the mob. Tony tells the men to quit their jobs and leave tonight. The men deny they have any involvement with the mob. Tony doesn't believe them and tells them to tell their boss goodbye.

At the Beacon, Marah tells her date she has to go to the restroom. Marah heads to Jeffrey's table and begs him to save her from a blind date. Jeffrey advises Marah to go back to her table and try to have a good time because he also has a date.

At Company, Buzz advises Gus to let sleeping dogs lie if he loves Alan. Buzz also tells Gus to ask himself if saving this case is worth hurting Alan.

At Towers, Brad kisses Harley again. Harley is saved by a call on her cell phone. Harley rushes to the phone but Brad grabs it first and Harley's cover is almost blown when the device she uses to communicate with Jeffrey and his people falls to the floor. Harley yells wait to stop Brad . When Brad is about to pick up the device that fell he gets another phone call. While Brad is taking his call Harley looks at the caller id on her phone and sees that Gus was calling her. When Brad comes back Harley asks him for another drink. Harley tells Brad she wants to take things slowly. Harley and Brad continue to kiss and head towards the bed. When things start to get too close for Harley's comfort someone from the hotel knocks on the door and continues knocking until Brad is forced to go answer the door. A woman from the hotel tells Brad that the credit card he used to reserve the room was declined. The woman also informs Brad that she left a message for him on his answering machine at home telling him he needed another card. Brad goes into the room and tells Harley that he must go home and erase the message on the answering machine before his wife gets home. After Brad leaves the woman from the hotel (who works for Jeffrey) tells Harley that she will inform Jeffrey that things worked out fine.

At Sandy's place, Sandy tells Cassie that he feels more comfortable talking with her rather then Reva because he feels like Reva is always trying to read his mind. Sandy admits to Cassie that he is afraid Reva will discover his true feelings about his bad childhood and feel guilty that she left him with his adoptive parents. Sandy tells Cassie he wants to spare Reva any feelings of guilt over his childhood. Cassie tells Sandy that he is acting selfless just like Richard. Before Cassie leaves Sandy asks her if they can talk about Richard again sometime. Cassie gives Sandy a hug and tells him he can talk to her about Richard anytime.

At the Beacon, Marah doesn't believe Jeffrey really has a date, she thinks he is lying so she will leave him alone. Marah is surprised when Jeffrey's date Miko arrives. Jeffrey introduces the ladies to each other. Marah gets up from the table to leave when Luke arrives to take her back to the table. Marah introduces the gentleman to each other then leaves to go back to her table with Luke.

Outside the Lewis construction site, Eden arrives and Tony tells her they were right about Lewis construction being connected to the mob. Tony tells Eden they need to find out if the mob was invited into the company or placed inside the company. Tony tells Eden the mob should be getting in touch with him soon. Tony gets a call from Angelo Brutsi. Tony asks Brutsi to meet with him in Springfield.

At the Beacon, Marah tells everyone she has a headache and needs to go home. Marah gets up to leave and Luke walks out with her. Shayne admits to Marina that he is worried that his ability to walk will just go away. Shayne tells Marina that he still has a lot of work to do. Marina is confident that he will be able to do the work he needs to do. Marina gives Shayne a kiss. Luke wishes Marah good luck with the person in her life and leaves. Miko puts her hand on Jeffrey's leg and Jeffrey politely turns down her advances. Jeffrey tells Miko he isn't in the mood tonight and he might never be in the mood again. Miko wonders about the woman who has caused such a change in Jeffrey. Cassie tells Edmund Sandy's gestures and attitude remind her of Richard. Cassie tells Edmund she wants to concentrate on the future not dwell on the past. Cassie gives Edmund a hug.

At Sandy's place, Sandy keeps hitting the rewind button on the tape of Richard because he is trying to imitate Richard's voice and gestures.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus gives a sleeping Harley a kiss on the cheek. Harley awakens and Gus tells her he is worried about work. Harley also admits she is worried about a case. Harley asks Gus to teach her how to use the camera phone he bought for her. Gus tells Harley using the phone is easy. Gus starts to get out of bed to get undressed and Harley sops him. Harley and Gus kiss and hold each other.

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