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Michelle confronts Carrie. She is disgusted that Carrie has used her, Marina and Marah in order to hurt the men. Carrie insists that all she wants is justice but Michelle does not buy it. Carrie tells her she does not understand what it is like to lose someone you love. Michelle tells Carrie that she lost her mother suddenly and it was painful but she found a way to move on with her life.

It is clear, seeing Carrie’s shrine to Maryanne, that she did not move on. She is obsessed with Maryanne’s memory. Carrie tells her that if she really wanted revenge, she could have done it a long time ago; she’s been watching them all for years. Michelle tells Carrie the games are over. She and the others will not take any more risks; they may have already ruined their relationships with their fathers. Cassie tells her she is not going away. Maryanne is dead because of those men. Michelle agrees that something needs to be done. But she and the others will not do it. Either Carrie confronts the men herself, or she will tell all.


Reva and Josh run into each other; he is looking for Ed and she is dealing with Shayne’s paperwork. Reva can see that something is weighing on Josh but he tells her he’s just tired. Reva knows it is more than that; Josh looks like he did in her dream, the dream where he was drowning. He would like to help her interpret that but it does not mean anything to him. She can see that he is struggling and she wants to help him before things get worse. Josh tells her he’ll manage.

Reva asks that he at least let her know where they stand because she is confused because he is holding back sometimes. Josh tells her he’s dealing with a lot of pressure but that he does want to come back home to her. But he needs to make things right. He knows Marah and Shayne need him to be strong, they need him to be a good father; but he needs to work through some things first. Reva knows deep down that he is a decent man and she believes that they can work through anything. Josh leaves to go find Ed.


Josh tracks Ed down. He wants to discuss what happened at the last meeting. Josh thinks that he and Ed would have similar values and that Ed would also be against “getting rid of” the person who was there that night. Josh admits that he didn’t think about Maryanne very much after that night. He moved on with his life and he is ashamed. But he knows in his heart that they did not murder Maryanne. If they go along with Alan now, that may change soon. Ed says their daughters could be in danger and this may be the only solution. Josh thinks the best thing to do is to go to the police and tell them everything.

Ed tells Josh that if Alan learned what he was planning he would be furious but Josh does not care. Ed thinks that the girls are in danger and it would be best to lie low. He understands they are taking a risk by staying quiet but he thinks they really do need to sit tight. Josh tries to persuade him to change his mind. He tells him things have already started to fall apart thanks to the sixth person on the bridge and they need to come forward first. Ed will not do it; there is too much to lose. As Josh continues to put on the pressure, Ed becomes more and more frazzled. Finally he leaves, telling Josh he needs to lie down.

Rick goes to see Charles and is surprised to see Ed leaving his office. When Ed realizes that Rick is on his way to a meeting with Charles, he is angry. Charles tells Rick that Ed came to him and told him what happened and it will not be reflected on his record nor will it affect his status at the hospital.

Charles believes Ed is fatigued and overworked and a break might be just what he needs. He told Ed to take a weekend off and come back refreshed. Rick leaves the office and runs into Ed and Michelle in the hallway. He fills Michelle in then tells Ed he thinks he needs more than a couple of days off. Ed will not leave for longer than that. If he does, he knows people will start to talk and wonder what is wrong with the doctor. Rick has enough and he walks away. Alone with Ed, Michelle tries to tell him what happened but he tells her his head is hurting and he walks away. Ed goes into a bathroom and starts popping pills.


Michelle tells Rick that Ed has a lot on his mind but Rick is worried; one mistake and Ed’s career could be over. Michelle asks Rick what he would do if, hypothetically, Ed had a secret that surfaced and they found out about it. What would he do? Would he protect Ed and cover up? Rick tells her that if it happened a long time ago, and it would help Ed, he would keep it in the family.



Cassie is worried because Olivia has missed another meeting. Olivia apologizes and tells her she had to go see Phillip. Olivia leaves to get back to work and Cassie tells Edmund she is worried about Olivia; she keeps disappearing. She knows Olivia was not at Ravenswood because visiting hours are over. Edmund suggests that perhaps it is still too painful for Olivia to be around other people.

Later, Edmund asks Cassie to continue the discussion they were having about her baby. Cassie does not want to but she does. She tells Edmund that she was embarrassed to ask; she wants to know if he saw her little boy. Edmund tells her he did not and Cassie tells him she did. She saw him briefly but the doctors did not want her to stay; it would be too painful for her.

Edmund realizes that Cassie wonders if her little boy might still be alive… that maybe the baby she saw was someone else’s and it was all a ploy to remove Richard’s heir. Edmund tells her that he knew if her child was still alive, all her pain would go away and he wishes he could make that happen. He is happy that Cassie told him all this. They even talk about her other options – adoption, surrogate motherhood – but Cassie thinks that maybe three is enough.

Later, Edmund asks Olivia if she could use some of her connections to help him. He wants to find out “if a baby everybody thought was dead wasn't dead at all”. Olivia is worried then realizes that he is talking about Cassie and her baby. Does he really think that baby could be alive? Edmund thinks it is unlikely but not impossible. He wants to find out all he can before he tells Cassie anything.

Olivia realizes he is doing this behind Cassie’s back and tries to warn him off. She tells him to drop it because this is something Cassie needs to decide. “When it comes to children, only a mother knows best”. Edmund decides to check into things anyway.

Later, Olivia calls someone and tells them she wants to move quickly. She wants Phillip out of Ravenswood as soon as possible and tomorrow night is good because Dr. Langham will be out of town. She makes arrangements to meet this person in Phillips room. Unbeknownst to Olivia, Lizzie has overheard her entire conversation.


Reva tells Cassie that Josh was close to opening up about what was bothering him but he pulled away. Cassie tells her to hang in there; Josh will talk about what is bothering him eventually. Cassie tells her she has been holding a lot inside and has recently begun to open up. Reva cannot believe that Cassie could open up to Edmund about anything that had to do with her baby but Cassie tells her that it is not all black and white.

She does not blame Edmund anymore. She realizes that Edmund did not want to hurt them. It was she, Cassie who was driving the car. And it was Edmund who risked his own life to save theirs. Reva admits that Edmund did risk his own life for theirs. Cassie tells her, that thanks to Edmund, she can let go of her son and stop pushing Sandy away. She admits that she has been keeping Sandy at arms length because, as Richard’s son, he was a reminder of all she lost. Reva thinks that Sandy understands.


Josh comes by and tells Reva that she is right; in a way, he is drowning. Reva can see that something is frightening him and she wants to help. She has helped him; over the years she has always showed that it is important to stand up for those you love no matter who is against it. He wishes he could be more like that; she thinks he is but he does not. Reva reminds him that, no matter what, he is not alone. He has her and he has the children. Josh promises that, no matter what the cost, he will make things right.


Cassie goes to see Sandy. She finds his apartment, and as she stands outside the door, she is startled to hear Richard’s voice.


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