Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/20/04

By Megan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Lisa

Olivia is with Sam and her baby which is very much alive. She is talking about how the baby is so beautiful. Sam asks Olivia how things went with Philip and if she went through with it. Olivia says she asked Philip to marry her and he said yes and she tells the baby everything will be okay.

Sam doesn't seem to like the idea of Olivia wanting to stay in Springfield and raise the baby especially since nothing good has happened to either one of them there and he doesn't want to hear about her and Philip finding each other.

She says she is doing it for Emma (her daughter) and that a child needs two parents. Sam argues that he turned out okay and that it isn't a gift if the parents don't love each other. Olivia explains that there was a time she would have agreed with Sam, but she and Phillip love each other that's never been the problem for them. They've just made some big mistakes, but they can fix things and their baby will help them. Olivia goes on to tell Sam that if this is too difficult for him he can pack and go back to school. He says he won't ditch them but how can he sit back and... Olivia interrupts and says not to be so brutally honest. She says it has been brutal lying to Cassie and Philip about the baby. He says that's good because she is acting like it is too easy, she says he needs to cut her some slack. Sam tells her he would feel better if he knew when Emma and her daddy were going to meet. To which Olivia answers when the time is right then you can return to your life. She explains that in order to win against the Spaulding's you have to out Spaulding them. Olivia goes to leave.

Gus and Jeffery are talking. Jeffery asks Gus: I'm sure you had your share of whack jobs that had their conspiracy theories, right? Gus says sure. Jeffery asks what if the most broad-reaching conspiracy theory of all was actually true? He says what if the heads of industry were in bed with the mob for real. He tells Gus he is there because this all leads back to his father. Gus believes this is just Jeffery having it in for his dad but Jeffery says Gus never bought the story on the car either. Gus says he may have thought the story was not true but that his father is not corrupting the youth of America. That Alan wants to control his family not the world. What would controlling the world get him? Jeffery replies with lots of money, Gus replies that Spaulding is up front with who they are and what they sell. Jeffery asks Gus to ask Alan if he knows Maryanne and get his reaction. Gus agrees.

Buzz is at Company thinking about Maryanne. Alexander arrives and Buzz asks about her lunch with Harley. She says Harley doesn't think they make sense but they have fun together.

She asks Buzz what is wrong. He says no talking lets go. I am assuming they went on a motorcycle ride. Buzz apologizes for her shoe and she says not to worry it was fun. They talk about a SUV that cut them off and how Alex flipped him the bird.

She tells him not to tell Lizzie or Alan and then goes on to say she never felt so safe and that is how she feels with him. She asks what is wrong again and Alan appears and says yea Buzz what is it? They all exchange pleasantries then Alex goes, leaving Alan and Buzz alone.

Alan asks what he is doing. Buzz says he was following orders and get his mind off of Maryanne. Alan says he wants Alex to stay away from Buzz and his hog. Buzz says he doesn't want her to know what happened but he doesn't have a driving record, Alan does. He tells Buzz to walk away from Alexandra or he will....he doesn't get to finish as Alexandra over heard them. Alex thinks Alan is worried she will spill some Spaulding secrets and Alan plays along.

Alan tells her that she has proven over and over again that you can not take a man to bed without taking him into your confidence. Including the most recent, a certain Spaulding executive. She says Brad Greene was a million years ago and Alan says they are still paying for it. Gus arrives and he asks to talk to Alan. He excuses himself from Alex. Alan thinks he wants to discuss Spaulding but this is police business. Gus says the DA doesn't like the family and that he is trying to stay in the loop to help him out. Alan says he doesn't need Gus to run interference for him. Gus says he was looking into it and found a death clip and asks Alan the million dollar question:

Do you know Maryanne Caruthers? He denies it but Gus says that it is a small town and maybe there is a connection. He says he has a feeling this woman is somehow connected to him or Spaulding.

The girls realize they've let Carrie control everything, and decide to pay her a surprise visit. Alan creeps around the museum and hears the girls. Hes frustrated when he just misses them. Marina instructs how to search Carrie's without tipping her off. Alan does a search of his own. Carrie watches Alan with hate in her eyes. She quietly declares that he'll find her in due time. The girls continue their search, unaware Carrie is on her way home. The girls are caught.

Carrie says she's not important to the story, but she would like to tell the girls about Maryanne. Marah discovers that Carrie was Maryanne's aunt. Carrie says Maryanne's memory will live on through them.

Marah and Marina leave, but Michelle stays to congratulate Carrie on her performance. She accuses Carrie of being out for revenge.

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