Guiding Light Update Monday 1/19/04

By Megan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Lisa

Carrie recounts the tale of the museum curator and the mysterious white powder he found in the sarcophagus to Jeffrey. She also spells out the connection to the Spaulding's. Through a series of flashbacks, Carrie tells the story of Maryanne's death to Jeffrey. He realizes that if what she is saying is true, it could tear this town apart. Jeffrey knows that Carrie may want some sort of vengeance, but he warns her to be careful.

After Tony sneaks into the file room, Bill returns and surprises Eden in the office. A nervous Eden tries to persuade Bill to go home. Tony rifles through the stack of files. Bill agrees to leave but hears a noise in the file room. Eden stops him, says not to go in. Tony remains still. Bill suspects Eden is up to something. Eden claims that she's tired and achy from the horseback riding and just wants to go home. Tony’s relieved when he hears the office door close.


Beth is hesitant, but Christopher thinks it may be a good idea for Lizzie and Phillip to see each other. Phillip agrees to marry Olivia.

Olivia says that their marriage will give Phillip something to come back to but she wants to keep it a secret for now. Phillip doesn't react. As usual, there are fireworks when Olivia and Lizzie come face to face outside Phillip's room.

Lizzie visits Phillip, and promises not to let him fall. She says that he's here because of her. Phillip embraces Lizzie, who tells Beth everything is going to be okay.

Olivia arrives on a doorstep, looks around to confirm she's unseen. She asks the man where "she" is, and the man gestures toward another room. It becomes apparent that Olivia's baby is alive.


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