Guiding Light Update Friday 1/16/04

By Eva
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At Towers, Harley and Alexandra toast to each other and try to break the tension between them.

At Ravenswood, Alan is grateful that Olivia has been such a good friend to Philip. Alan makes it clear to Olivia that since the baby that she and Philip shared is dead, there is no reason for Olivia to have any further involvement in Philip's life.

Alan suggests to Olivia that she would be much happier living far away from Springfield. Alan generously offers to pay Olivia's moving expenses. Olivia is suspicious of Alan's sudden generosity and thinks that he wants to submit Philip to a competency hearing.

At the Beacon, Danny speaks to a reporter who is doing a story on him. After the reporter leaves Danny thanks Cassie for believing in him and being his silent partner in the Fifth Street project.

Jeffrey is nearby and eavesdrops on their conversation.

Outside Company, Michelle tells Buzz she knows that he has been following her and makes it clear to him she doesn't appreciate the invasion of privacy. Buzz tells Michelle that maybe now she will understand how her father has been feeling lately.

Buzz asks Michelle what her goal is in making the men relive their painful pasts. Michelle tells him that she and the other ladies only want them to tell the truth so they can help them. Buzz screams at Michelle to let this go because when the truth comes out the fall out will be on her head.

At the Beacon, Danny apologizes to Cassie for getting all of the attention lately. Cassie reminds him that was their agreement and she doesn't mind at all. Danny asks Cassie to endorse him in his campaign.

Cassie tells Danny that Ross is also a good friend and she hasn't decided who she will endorse yet. After Danny leaves, Jeffrey compliments Cassie on handling the situation with Danny well.

At Ravenswood, Olivia is offended that Alan offered her money to leave town. Alan offers to buy Olivia's Spaulding stock at a generous price.

Olivia wonders why Alan is so anxious to buy her stock. Olivia tells Alan to contact her lawyer with his offer and she will consider it. Philip listens to Alan and Olivia's conversation.

Philip has a daydream in which he talks to himself about a competency hearing. Philip's other self asks why he abandoned his family. Philip shouts back that he didn't abandon his family. The other self asks Philip why he is hiding from the world. Philip shouts back that he is sick and is trying to get better. Philip's other self asks Philip what he wants in life? When Philip comes out of his daydream he says "all I want is to love and be loved by someone."

Outside Company, Ed arrives and tells Buzz to lay off Michelle. Buzz demands that Michelle tell them the name of the person who told her about the accident. Buzz figures out that all three ladies have to meet with this person or they don't have a meeting. Michelle remembers Carrie's words about the men wanting to harm her (Carrie) if they found out she knew their secret.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey tells Cassie that she is smart to keep quiet about her partnership with Danny. Jeffrey warns Cassie that it could be dangerous for her to be associated with Danny. Jeffrey tells her there are rumors of an impending mob turf war. Cassie is offended that she has done something that Jeffrey thinks is smart.

At Towers, Harley tries to get information about Alexandra's relationship with Brad. Alexandra wonders why Harley has spent their entire lunch trying to find out information about Brad. Alexandra suspects it has something to do with a case.

At Ravenswood, Christopher tells Olivia he thinks Philip is on his way to recovery. Olivia asks Christopher what he might say about Philip's condition in the event he had to testify at a competency hearing. Christopher says that Philip is clinically depressed but he is no longer psychotic and is on his way to recovery. Christopher also says he believes Philip can understand what people tell him and knows the difference between reality and fantasy. Christopher thinks Philip isn't talking because he is protecting himself and giving his body time to heal.

At Marianne's grave, Alan wonders if Marianne is at peace.

At Carrie's place, she goes through photographs she has in a manila envelope.

Outside Company, Michelle is saved by Danny coming and interrupting the conversation. Buzz,  Ed and Michelle all say that the discussion wasn't important and Buzz goes inside.

Danny asks Ed and Michelle to keep any tension between them in the family because it could hurt his campaign. Inside Company, Buzz calls Josh and asks him to meet them at Company with Billy but not to tell Alan about the meeting.

At Towers, Alexandra thinks Harley is interested in Spaulding because she is worried that Gus will want to stay there permanently. Harley assures Alexandra that being a cop is in Gus's blood and he will never give up being a cop.

At Ravenswood, Alan tells Philip that he (Alan) will take care of him. Alan says that he will make sure Olivia doesn't upset him anymore. Christopher tells Olivia that he thinks she understands Philip better then anyone. Olivia vows to take care of Philip and his interests.

At the Beacon, Cassie gets so mad at Jeffrey's comments that when she spots the reporter who is doing a story on Danny she decides to make a statement. Cassie tells the reporter she is Danny's business partner and she thinks he would make a good mayor. Cassie also says she is going to throw Danny a party on Election night. Jeffrey admits to Cassie he goaded her into a fight about Danny so that she would endorse him for mayor.

At Ravenswood, Olivia talks to Philip and is thrilled to realize he understands her words. Olivia tells Philip she is worried about him and wants to help make up for the pain she caused him. Olivia tells Philip she has an idea that could help both of them.

Olivia asks Philip if he will allow her to help him. Philip grabs Olivia's hand.

At Company, the men wonder why the mysterious person used the girls to get to them. Buzz shares his theory that the person wants to take revenge on them for the life they took by taking away their children.

At Ravenswood, Olivia tells Philip if he still wants to marry her the answer is yes. Olivia's asks Philip if he still wants to marry her. Philip nods his head.

At Company, Alan arrives because Billy called him. Alan tells the men they have no other choice but to find this person and get rid of them before the person destroys their lives.

At Carrie's place, Carrie calls someone on the phone and says that they met in Paris and it's time they get acquainted again. Carrie tells the person she has a story to tell them. After Carrie is finished speaking we see that the person Carrie called is Jeffrey.

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