Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Jeffrey and Harley's secret meeting place, Harley calls Jeffrey's name out a few times and when he doesn't arrive right away she starts to snoop. Jeffrey catches her snooping and Harley admits that if he would give her more information she wouldn't need to snoop.

Harley wonders how Jeffrey knows what she is doing when he isn't listening to her on the surveillance equipment. Jeffrey says he has his ways of keeping tabs on her.

At the museum, an angry Shayne argues with his mother because he is hurt she called him a quitter. Shayne demands that Reva take back the hurtful words. Reva explains to Shayne that she thinks he feels overwhelmed at the prospect of walking again. Reva thinks Shayne is afraid to walk again.

At first Shayne denies the accusation and says there is no way he is afraid of something he has wanted to happen for such a long time. After a few minutes Shayne admits he is scared of walking again.

At Towers, Ross looks over a report given to him by a campaign consultant. Blake arrives and Ross explains the contents of the report to her. The report states that he should concentrate on Danny's past with the mob.

Blake is annoyed that Ross is considering running a smear campaign. Blake encourages Ross to take the high ground and win the campaign based on the issues. Ross tells Blake he lost his chance at an office once and he is determined not to lose his second chance to hold an office.

Ross wants Blake to be his campaign manager but she turns down the job because of her work with Harley's Angels.


At Danny's office, Danny wonders why Salerno asked to meet with him. Salerno tells Danny that it's time that Springfield realized he is the best candidate for Mayor. Salerno wants Danny to help him settle a mob territory war with one of the mob families. Salerno hands Danny a big check. Danny screams that he isn't for sale and Ross overhears Danny arguing with Salerno and waits a bit before he knocks on the door. Ross is glad to hear that Danny turns down the mob boss. Ross arrives and shakes Salerno's hand just as he is leaving Danny's office. The two make small talk until Salerno leaves.

Danny worries that Ross will run to the media with the information that he (Danny) was meeting with Salerno. Ross tells Danny he has no intention of running a smear campaign against him. Ross tells Danny he wanted to invite him to have a debate. Danny is happy about the idea and accepts the invitation. Just as Danny is telling Ross to contact Bill about the details Bill arrives. Danny informs Bill about the debate. Bill informs Ross that he has found out that he (Ross), or someone on his staff, has purchased a lot of media commercial time. Bill accuses Ross of breaking several laws.


At the secret meeting place, Harley tells Jeffrey that Brad is intrigued by the risk of dating her. Jeffrey tells Harley to shake it, get Brad interested in her, and after that she knows what she has to do. Harley worries about what might happen if she gets too close to Brad. Harley tells Jeffrey that Brad Green is now on her leash.


At Company, Alexandra asks Buzz if he has any idea why Harley is asking Brad Green questions about her. Buzz thinks that Harley is just curious about the woman in her father's life.

At the Museum, Shayne admits to his parents that he is afraid to let them down. Josh tells Shayne that he has learned his lesson and he will support whatever Shayne chooses to do with his life. Shayne also admits he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. Reva tells her son that he doesn't have to make a choice about his life right away.

Josh advises his son to listen to his heart and cultivate the person he is and that will help him make the right choices in life. Josh explains that he had a tough choice to make once and he regrets letting someone make the choice for him. Josh gets a call from Billy who is at Towers ready to take a drink. Josh says he is on his way to meet him.

Reva stops Josh on his way out and asks if that call has anything to do with what has been bothering him lately. Josh tells her he hasn't got time to talk and he must leave.


At the secret meeting place, Harley explains to Jeffrey that Alexandra and Brad had an intimate relationship once and Brad thinks that Alexandra is jealous of Harley. Jeffrey and Buzz, who are talking to Alexandra at Company, both have the same idea. Jeffrey advises Harley to invite Alexandra to lunch to pump her for information.

At Company, Buzz advises Alexandra to invite Harley to lunch and get the answers she seeks. Both women say they would rather eat glass. Jeffrey reminds Harley of the risk to Philip and Gus if she refuses to cooperate in the undercover operation.

Alexandra calls Harley and interrupts the meeting to invite Harley to lunch at Towers. Harley accepts the invitation. Harley warns Jeffrey that if anything happens to Philip or Gus because he isn't telling her important information she will never forgive him.

At the Museum, Reva tells Shayne about a friend of hers who had a terminal disease. Reva explains that her friend made all the preparations for her death but her friend ended up going into remission. Reva says her friend told her that she spent so much time waiting to die she forgot how to live. Reva explains that Shayne has been given the rare chance to start his life over and not many people get that chance.


At Towers, Josh works hard to keep his brother from taking a drink. Billy fears that he lost touch with the man he was meant to be when he made a mistake 30 years ago. Billy apologizes for letting Josh down as a brother and letting him make a mistake that could ruin the life he has now.

At Danny's office, Ross makes a phone call and is informed that someone on his campaign staff did purchase a lot of commercial air time.

Danny wonders how Ross could knowingly break the law. Bill explains that Ross hasn't broken the law because campaign finance law has a loophole that allows Ross to use any left over money from his past senate campaign.

At Towers, Josh and Billy leave and go for a walk. Alexandra and Harley arrive for lunch. Both ladies are tense and nervous. They struggle to make small talk.

When the waiter arrives they are both anxious to order a drink.

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