Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Naila
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Lisa


Eden wakes up before Bill and snoops through his things. She finds his keys just as Tony calls, checking to see if she did it. She is reluctant to do it but Tony tells her that they need to find out whether or not the stranger is right and Bill is dirty. Eden still believes in Bill but goes ahead and makes the copy.

Bill wakes up and, while he is in the shower, Eden has the key copied. When Bill is done, he is tempted to skip his day and stay in bed with Eden. She manages to get him out the door just before Tony comes barging in. Eden gives him the key but she is clearly upset that she has betrayed Bill. Tony tells her he admires that about her – she does what needs to be done. Eden thanks him for implying that she does not give a damn about what is right and wrong. He tries to apologize and explain himself but she tells him to forget it. She asks him what happens if he learns that Bill is clean but Danny is not. Tony is certain that Danny is clean.


Tony asks Danny how things are working out with Bill. Danny is very pleased with Bill but admits that he would prefer it if Tony were the one running his campaign. Tony tells Danny he has no interest in politics but he will always have his back.

Danny and Tony part ways because Danny has to get to a meeting.

Later, Danny is not at all surprised when Vinnie Salerno arrives at his door.


Rick bumps into Michelle and is surprised to see her; he thought she would not be working today. She can tell that he has something on his mind and presses him.

Rick admits that he is going to ask Ed to take a leave from the hospital. Michelle wonders if it is necessary and he tells her about the incident with the woman who nearly drowned. Michelle realizes that Ed’s past is in fact having a serious impact on his work performance and she tells Rick to do whatever he feels is necessary.

Rick meets with Ed and he shows him a bunch of brochures and suggests that he take a break; he is long overdue for one. Ed knows Rick is trying to get him out of the hospital but tells him that he does have to send him all the way to another country. Ed then tells Rick that it is not necessary.

He made a couple of mistakes but nothing more will happen. Rick reminds him that damage to one patient could put an end to his entire career. He knows Ed is going through something and thinks he should take the time to deal with it. When Ed is still not willing, Rick reminds him that what happens at home with family can be kept between family. But when he sees a problem at work he needs to and WILL do something about it. Ed realizes that Rick is willing to go to the board if he does not leave. He angrily tells Rick to know that he does not forgive easily. Rick tells him he is less and less like the father who raised him. Rick leaves and Ed pops a couple of pills.


Shayne hears Marina and Marah gushing to Reva about his breakthrough. They want him to show Reva but he is tired and does not want to push himself.

When Marina presses, Shayne lashes out at her, telling her that he does not perform on command. He leaves and Marina and Reva follow.


Sandy drops by to see Shayne but runs into Marah. He tells her he saw her leaving Jeffery O’Neil’s room on New Year’s and warns her to be careful.

She assures him that, although she did want Jeffery, he was a gentleman and let her spend the night there but all he did was hold her. Sandy is relieved to hear this. They join the others in Shayne’s room.

There, Marina reads to Shayne a newspaper article from the previous year. Shayne is not sure he can become the guy everyone thought he would become.


Jeffery stops by to give Shayne some magazines and Marah invites him in. He did not know that she would be there; her car was not there. Marah tells him her car is in the shop. She would like him to go up and see Shayne but he asks her to just give Shayne the magazines. Jeffery cannot stay.

Sandy witnesses their encounter and goes after Jeffery.


Reva is alone with Shayne and she tells him how proud she and Josh have been of him these past few months. He has shown so much strength and determination. But these past few days she has seen another side of him; she’s seen the quitter in him.


Ed and Frank talk over a cup of coffee. Frank admits that he thinks Danny is making a mistake and that he will not become mayor. Ed says that he once thought the same thing.


Cassie and Harley meet up for some girl talk. Cassie tells all about her recent past but Harley remains tight-lipped, giving vague answers about everything.

Cassie does not really notice though.

Sandy catches up to Jeffery and warns him to stay away from his family. Sandy notices that Jeffery is always managing to insinuate himself into his family in some way and he does not like it. He warns Jeffery not to hurt Marah.

Jeffery has enough of Sandy’s empty threats and gives him some tips on acting too quickly. He tells Sandy that all he has managed to do is prove that he wants Marah and it is killing him that he cannot have her. Jeffery admits to himself that he is in the same situation.

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