Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Megan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Lisa

The Shadow vanishes after telling Tony and Eden to follow the crumbs. A cop stumbles across them and Tony pulls Eden into a kiss.

Eden wants to ask Bill point-blank if he's involved with the mob. Tony thinks Eden should check out the paper trail at Lewis Construction and that she'll have to get her hands on the keys.

After, Eden feels guilty as she watches Bill put the keys on the dresser.

Alan implies to Alexandra that Gus will replace Phillip as CEO. Bill sings Gus's praises to Alan and Alexandra; Alan reacts with fatherly pride.

Alexandra notes that something's been bothering Buzz for weeks now. When Gus mentions Alan's car being found in the river, Alan becomes upset and leaves.

Jeffrey asks Gus what's eating at dear old dad.


Carrie is upset that Michelle isn't with Marina and Marah. After all, she summoned all of them. Michelle lies to her father about a busy night and sneaks out of the hospital, but a suspicious Ed follows her. Carrie wants to know how the men reacted to the letters.

Things get tense between Carrie and Michelle.

A distressed Ed wants to call it quits, but Buzz and Alan force him to take them to where he last saw Michelle. At the museum, Buzz says that Michelle must've realized she was being followed, because the women have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Carrie leads the women into her secret room. From now on to be safe, this is where they'll meet.


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