Guiding Light Update Friday 1/9/04

By Eva
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At the hospital, Shayne has a daydream about his wedding with Marina. Shayne dreams of dancing with Marina at their wedding reception. Josh arrives and snaps him out of his daydream by asking Shayne if he is ready to go home.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey talks to one of his operatives about monitoring Harley's date with Brad Green. Jeffrey tells the woman he has some things to do but he will be there shortly to monitor terrier personally. Marah arrives just as Jeffrey is finishing his conversation. Jeffrey asks Marah how she is doing. Marah thinks he is concerned because of the night they spent together. Marah tells him she is fine with what happened and she doesn't intend to push the situation. Jeffrey explains that he wasn't thinking about what happened between them he was wondering how she is handling Shayne being in the hospital. Jeffrey figures out by the look on Marah's face that she feels guilty because she was making love to him while Shayne was in surgery.

At Harley and Gus's place, Harley tests the surveillance equipment while she finishes getting ready for her meeting with Brad Green. Gus arrives and thinks Harley planned a surprise date for the two of them. Harley explains she is meeting a client at Olivia's bar. Gus is surprised Harley would put on a sexy dress for a client.

At Eden's place, Eden sits in the bath tub full of bubbles trying to relax after a hard photo shoot at Tony's ranch. Someone arrives, Eden assumes it is Bill but when she calls his name several times he doesn't answer her. Eden nervously grabs a hair dryer to use for self defense. When the person comes near the bathroom door she points the hair dryer. Tony tells her to relax and that he is glad the hair dryer isn't loaded. Tony tells Eden he just dropped by to give her the proofs from the photo shoot because he was told she needed them right away. Eden tells Tony to leave the proofs on the chair and leave.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus tells Harley he has something important to tell her. Harley walks over to the stereo and turns it up so that their surveillance people don't hear the conversation. Gus signals for her to turn down the stereo. Gus says he has been worried about Alan because he has been acting strangely. Gus tells Harley he is also worried about her because she has also been acting strangely.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey is impressed that Marah is taking their night together with no strings attached so well. Jeffrey thinks Marah is a strong, brave young women who knows how to take life as it comes. Marah tells Jeffrey she wishes she could go back in time and change certain things in her life.

At the hospital, Josh and Reva encourage Shayne not to resign himself to the fact that he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Shayne tries to get his parents to accept that he may never walk again. Shayne explains to his parents that he is worried that if he doesn't walk again he won't be their golden boy anymore. Josh tells his son that he will always be their golden boy. Reva chokes back tears and goes outside in the hall to get some air. Josh goes after her, after some encouragement from Shayne. After Josh leaves Shayne looks at pictures of Marina and his family and says "stop making me feel like I need to do this for you."

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus worries that something is bothering Alan.. Gus thinks it has something to do with Alan's old car the police found at the bottom of the river. Harley downplays the situation saying that a businessman like Alan always has some reason to worry. Harley stops the conversation, gives Gus a kiss on the cheek, and leaves for her meeting.

At Company, Marina is distracted and obviously upset because she can't concentrate on clearing the tables. Marina leaves and Buzz sends Nico to talk to her. After Nico leaves Buzz calls to buy a ticket to Greece. Marina tells Nico she fears Shayne is giving up hope of ever walking again. Nico advises Marina not to let Shayne give up hope. Marina gets a call from Reva informing her that Shayne will be getting out of the hospital. Marina tells Reva she will be there as soon as possible.

When Marina shares the news with Nico he offers to go with her to the hospital. Marina jokes that he doesn't need to walk her across the street. When Marina sees the hurt look on Nico's face she tells him she was only kidding. Marina gives Nico a kiss on the cheek and tells him to wait on her while she gets her jacket.

At Eden's place, Tony refuses to leave and gets in the tub with Eden and offers to scrub her back. Eden asks Tony to hand her a robe. Tony holds it just out of her reach and tells her to come and get the robe. Tony scrubs Eden's back. Eden wants to know why Tony came back to town. Tony tells her that he was tired of running so he decided to come back and face his problems. Tony says he finally realized that Eden is the right woman for him. Eden thinks Tony just wants to use her to get over Marah. Tony tells Eden his relationship with Marah is over. Eden says no matter how many times he tells her that she will never believe he has stopped loving Marah.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey tries to explain to Marah that when two people make love the heart is always involved but then the next day life goes back to normal. Marina saves Jeffrey from any further conversation with Marah when she arrives and tells Marah that Shayne is getting out of the hospital. Marina and Marah head for the hospital.

Also at the Beacon, Brad tells Harley that his wife is even more suspicious of him. Harley tells him there are times she wishes she had her freedom. Brad puts his hand on Harley's knee. Harley gently takes Brad's hand off her knee. Brad brags to Harley that Spaulding would be nothing without him. Brad lets it slip that he and Alexandra are working on a special project.

At Company, Gus eats dinner alone. Buzz tells Gus that he is good for Harley and he (Buzz) is glad that Harley is happy. Buzz tells Gus that he (Gus) and Harley will have a fine family. Gus is suspicious of Buzz's strange behavior.

At the hospital, Reva and Josh have memories of when he was paralyzed and felt like giving up hope. Marina, Marah and Remy arrive to take Shayne home. Marina and Remy leave to get Shayne's duffle bag to pack his clothes. Marah apologizes for not being there when he had surgery. Shayne accepts her apology and says he is happy one of them is having a normal life.

Shayne says he is worried that the family won't be able to accept it if he ends up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Shayne is also very worried Marina will leave him. Marah tells her brother that Marina loves him and she would never leave him.

At Company, Buzz toasts to family with Gus. Gus tells Buzz he wants to take his food home because he is worried about the kids. After Buzz leaves to put Gus's food in a box, Gus calls the baby-sitter to find out if she can stay with the kids a little longer. Gus hangs up the phone and tells himself he has to find Harley.

At the hospital, Shayne wants to try to stand up with his friends and family around him for support.

At Eden's place, Tony tells Eden that sooner or later she will come to her senses and be with him. Eden stands up to get out of the tub. Eden tells Tony to take a good look because she will never belong to him.

At the hospital, Josh and Rick help Shayne stand up. Shayne lets go of them and tries to take a step

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