Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/8/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Reva arrives at Josh's room with wine and some DVD's and asks him not to say no because she needs to spend some time with him.

At the hospital, Rick notices Michelle's bruise and asks who hit her. Michelle makes up a story and says that she brought in a homeless man from the crisis center, who was high on drugs and he hit her. Rick doesn't believe her story because Michelle keeps biting her lower lip, something she has always done when she is lying. Rick assumes that Danny hit Michelle. Michelle is offended by Rick's assumption but still doesn't want to tell Rick the truth. Rick keeps pushing Michelle until she can't take it anymore and admits that Ed hit her.

At the Beacon, Cassie worries that if she lets her feelings out about the loss of her baby she will say something that might damage her relationship with Edmund. Edmund tries to persuade Cassie to confront her feelings about the part he played in the loss of her baby. Edmund thinks that although Cassie loves him she hates him as well for what he did and those feelings will eventually destroy their relationship.

At the hospital, Rick is confused and asks Michelle to explain why Ed would hit her. Michelle explains to Rick that Ed has been under a lot of pressure and she asked him about some very personal and painful things from his past until Ed couldn't take it anymore and hit her. Michelle feels she provoked her father until he hit her. Rick explains that even if she provoked Ed that didn't give him the right to hit her. Michelle asks Rick to promise not to tell Danny about the incident. Rick is not sure he can make Michelle that promise.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Bill and Danny watch Ross on television as he announces he is running for Mayor. Danny is upset to see Daggert and Hobbs, the two political columnists are supporting Ross, not him, as they had promised to do. Danny offers Bill the chance to back out of the campaign.

At the Beacon, Reva tells Josh what happened with Shayne at the hospital. Reva shares her sadness and pain when she saw the look of discouragement and disappointment on Shayne's face. Josh explains that he is tired and doesn't feel like he can be of any support to her right now. Reva admits to Josh that she is worried because she doesn't know exactly what he is thinking anymore. Reva feels like they have lost their connection to each other. Reva asks Josh if they can just eat popcorn, drink wine, watch movies and hold each other. Josh is hesitant but finally sits on the bed. After a few minutes Josh gives in and Reva and Josh lie in bed holding each other.

Also at the Beacon, Edmund recounts the events that led to the loss of Cassie's baby. Cassie sits on the bed, tears streaming down her face, as the audience sees the events in a flashback. Cassie admits to Edmund that she was scared of what he was capable of doing to her and Reva. Cassie tells Edmund she felt like she needed to get away from him. Cassie screams that Edmund didn't care that she was pregnant, he just hunted her down as if she was an animal. A sad Edmund admits that Cassie is right.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Bill refuses to quit the campaign because he thinks Danny will make a good Mayor. Bill figures out that Danny is testing him. Danny tells Bill that he was committed to the campaign because they can't turn back now. The two men shake hands.

At the hospital, Rick promises Michelle that he won't tell Danny about the incident. Rick tells Michelle he will talk to Ed and find out what is troubling him. Michelle tells Rick that Ed has been so distracted that he almost gave Shayne the wrong medicine. Rick becomes even more worried and fears that Ed has started drinking again. Ed stands frozen as he has flashbacks of Maryanne, when a young woman who almost drowned is brought into the ER.

At the Beacon, Reva tells Josh about the vision she had about him drowning. Reva thinks that Josh feels like he is drowning because he is so worried about Shayne. Josh gets even more worried and nervous even though Reva has no idea about the real meaning of her vision.

Also at the Beacon, Edmund continues to push Cassie's memories to the surface. Edmund explains that he intended to bring her back to the palace. Edmund says he never intended to cause her any harm. Edmund tells Cassie he didn't know she was that scared of him. Cassie wonders why she got behind the wheel of the car instead of letting Reva drive the car. Cassie admits she is also partially to blame for the accident. Cassie cries and blames herself for not stopping the car. Edmund begs Cassie to accept that he is the one to blame for the accident not her. Edmund and Cassie hold each other.

At the hospital, Rick arrives in time to help the young woman. Rick is puzzled as to why his father is just standing there not helping her. Rick confronts Ed and demands to know what is going on with him.

At the Beacon, Reva tells Josh she knows something is bothering him. Reva offers to be Josh's lifeline if he needs her to be that for him. Josh worries that he will drag Reva down with him. Reva tells him that at least they will be together always. Reva and Josh kiss.

At Company, Michelle tells Danny and Bill that a homeless guy that she brought into the hospital went crazy and hit her. Bill gets a call and goes to another part of the room to take it. A worried Danny gives Michelle a gentle kiss on the cheek. Danny tells Michelle that this guy should be put in jail. Michelle says that this was a poor guy who was on drugs and went crazy. Michelle tells Danny that she realizes that families are important and nobody's family is perfect. Michelle says that her family means everything to her.

At the hospital, Ed admits he had no right to hit Michelle but he doesn't owe anyone an explanation for his actions. Rick asks Ed if he is drinking again. Ed denies the accusation and is angry that Rick doesn't believe him. Ed offers to take a blood test to prove he hasn't been drinking. Rick asks Ed to tell him what is wrong but an angry Ed tells Rick that the conversation is over and leaves.

At the Beacon, Josh and Reva begin to make love but Josh stops himself and tells Reva it isn't the right time. Josh asks Reva to leave.

At Company, Michelle tells Danny that the only thing that matters to her is her family. Danny and Michelle decide to go home and spend some time with Robbie.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Edmund she needs to share some of the responsibility for the accident. Cassie admits to Edmund that she is jealous of Reva for getting her son (Sandy) back when she will never get her son back. Edmund admits that he still feels guilty for not accepting Richard's offer of a truce before he died in the accident. Cassie and Edmund hold each other.

Also at the Beacon, Reva asks Josh to talk to her about his problems. Reva tells Josh she is worried about him. Reva says he can call her anytime he needs to talk about anything at all. Josh starts to go after Reva a few minutes after she leaves but then he stops himself and closes the door to his room.

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