Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Naila
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Lisa


Reva and Sandy wait for Shayne to return from having tests done. Reva thanks him for the support that he gives to Shayne and lets him know that Shayne truly is happy to have another brother. They go to Shayne’s room and find Marina watching a tape of Shayne’s All-Star game from last summer. Marina tells them that she wants Shayne to be that guy again. Just then, Shayne comes back and is thrilled because he can feel his legs move. Everyone is really excited but when Shayne tries to show them, he is upset to realize that his condition has not improved at all. Rick advises him to be patient. Reva and Marina are also disappointed. They go outside to talk while Sandy sits with Shayne. Sandy tells his big brother that he needs to put himself first through all this and let other people learn to deal with things on their own. Shayne, however, cannot do that and asks Marina to prepare herself; things may not improve for him. Marina tells him he is not a quitter and she is not going to help him give up.


Buzz calls Ed, Josh, Billy and Alan over to discuss the letter he received from Marina and is not too surprised to see that they all received identical letters. While Buzz, Ed and Josh feel the pressure from their daughters and are convinced that they need to tell the truth, Billy and Alan are adamant that they stick to the story. Josh, Billy and Ed are worried about the fact that somehow, the girls are being dragged into this mess and they have no idea how. They all part after [reluctantly] deciding to follow the girls and figure out who it is who is giving them all this information. When they find out, they will have to put a stop to the threats… somehow.

Buzz considers leaving town. Ed does not want to go to the hospital but is forced to when they call him in. Josh needs to be alone. Billy contemplates taking a drink.


Josh returns to his room and closes the drapes. He calls down to the front desk and asks that they hold all his calls until further notice. He lies down and drowns himself in his thoughts. He is surprised when “room service” knocks. He opens the door and is even more surprised to find Reva standing there with a basket full of goodies.


Olivia and Cassie have a meeting scheduled. Before Cassie arrives, a lady from Olivia’s Lamaze class arrives and congratulates her on her little girl. She asks about the baby and Olivia is at a loss for words. Cassie overhears and comes to Olivia’s rescue. When the lady learns of Olivia’s loss, she is apologetic and sympathetic. After she leaves, Cassie comforts Olivia. She tells her that the pain will never go away. To this day she feels that there is a void in her life where her baby would have filled. Edmund overhears them and realizes that Cassie is still very much in pain.

Later, Olivia runs into Christopher and thanks him for dinner. She asks him if he could please warn her if he thinks Lizzie might be tempted to come after her at all. He asks if things have changed and Olivia tells him about New Year’s Eve. She knows that Lizzie needs her now to help Philip but when he is better, she is worried that Lizzie may turn on her again.


Cassie is alone, crying, when Edmund knocks. He thinks it is time that they *really* discuss the past but Cassie does not want to. He encourages her to open up and she finally admits that she is afraid to confront those feelings because once she does she cannot take it back.

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