Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Megan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Lisa

Ed is haunted by the pact and it’s obvious that Alan is scared like the rest of the men. Billy worries that a guilty Josh will blow it for all of them. Gus speculates about Alan's car, and says he'll find out what he can. Frank notes that modern forensic science might be able to shed light on what happened. Meanwhile, the girls decide to confront the men. Marah, Marina and Michelle hold out pink envelopes to Josh and Billy, Buzz and Ed, respectively. Ed doesn't take it. Marah says she wants to think her dad and uncle are perfect but she knows they're not. Now she wants them to be honest with her. Marina says even the best people make mistakes. Michelle needs the truth. Ed slaps his daughter hard across the face. Michelle says that what Ed does with his letter is his business, but someone else was at Cutter's Bridge that night. Ed rips the letter in two, but can't take his eyes from the torn envelope. Buzz thinks someone is taking advantage of Marina's huge, wonderful heart. An angry Billy insists for the last time, they don't know anyone named Maryanne Caruthers. Josh looks like he may crack. Billy asks Marah to leave. She says it's not over; Josh should know that. Gus finds the pink envelope for Alan. Marina hands Buzz his envelope. Marah gives Billy and Josh their envelopes. Michelle splashes water and touches her face where Ed slapped it, crying. Marah and Marina, tears flowing, hold each other. The men all open and read their envelopes, feeling ill. Alan drains his glass.


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