Guiding Light Update Friday 1/2/04

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

AT RAVENWOOD: Harley goes to visit Philip. She tells him she got the okay from Dr. Langham and she will do whatever he wants her to do but this is a one time offer. She tells him she brought him something from Zach, it is a picture. Philip says the people in the picture look happy. She says that the picture is of Philip and Zach the day Philip is well. (Aw how sweet) She goes and hangs the picture up and tells Philip not to worry about Zach he just wants his daddy to get better just like everyone else but Philip doesn't seem to think it can happen. She says she just wants to help and he says she is by taking care of Zach. She then tries to bring up Spaulding and Philip says he is too tired to talk about work. She says that Gus is taking care of everything and if something is bothering him she could tell Gus and he would handle it. He thinks that Dr Langham is trying to test his memory. She says she just wants to help and give Gus a better chance at dealing with the key players. She wants Philips input on them. She runs through a list of names: Harrison in marketing. Lancaster in bonds. Saunders in law. Greene in pharmaceuticals. Now, there's a guy, you know, he's got a huge ego, that guy. What do you think about him, Phillip? Philip says he can't because he is tired. She allows him to go to sleep and then says she is trying to keep him safe and she will let Zach know his daddy loves him. Harley exits.

OUTSIDE COMPANY: Gus and Alan are together and Buzz arrives, he says hi to Gus and then he and Alan trade rude remarks. Gus tries to get them to stop by bringing up holiday spirit. But Buzz says he never got the spirit and has been in a bad mood since October, and he heads inside. Alan asks Gus why he invited him here. Gus says he needs help on a police report. It has to do with Maryanne's car being pulled from the lake. Gus ran the plates and the car belonged to Alan. Gus asks why his car was down there and Alan says he can't tell him. Alan claims the car was stolen and Alan asks if there was a body. Gus says no there was not a body and asks why Alan didn't fill out a police report. Alan says he didn't deal with the police until Gus. He says he probably told his lackey but never followed up on it because he had so many cars. Gus says he is working on his fourth, in an attempt to change the subject,he offers Gus a company car. He says he doesn't want a car he just wants to find out what happened to this car. Alan says he doesn't know how it got there and that they probably never will. He then asks Gus why he is dealing with this when he is on the Spaulding clock. He says not to forget he is a cop first and was hoping Alan could help him out with the case in the past. Alan apologizes for not being more helpful, then leaves claiming he has a meeting to go to.

AT THE MUSEUM: Josh and Billy arrive with groceries. Josh calls out Marah's name to see if she is there. Bill tells him to relax, she is still at the hospital. Josh says he needs to get back there but Billy tells him to slow down and relax. Josh says he is worried. Shayne is back in the hospital so Marah won't be taking care of herself, so he bought the food in hopes that she will see it and at least eat. (What a sweet dad) Billy asks if Marah is as concerned about Josh. Josh asks what that was suppose to mean. Billy replies that Marah might have stopped asking him about Maryanne but now she is asking Billy. Josh asks how could she know that...but Billy cuts him off saying if you were wrong about her stopping, maybe you were wrong about other things. Billy seems to think Marah and her friends are the reason that car was found. He says that it isn't a coincidence that right when the girls start asking questions the car is found after thirty years of silence. Josh says the girls don't know because his daughter wouldn't be able to look him in the eye if she did know. Billy says they should leave because the museum gives him the creeps. Carrie appears and says as it should.

AT CEDARS: Ed has a flashback of Michelle asking him about Maryanne when he sees her with Marina and Marah. Michelle goes to talk to Ed and he loses it with her. He tells her to stop it and asks if she is bringing reinforcements. Michelle says they were just here to check on Shayne. Ed apologizes saying he is tired after being up all night. Michelle says it sounds like he was accusing her of something but he covers and says he thought she was still upset that he switched shifts. Marina asks how Shayne is and Ed says that the post-op time is very critical but Shayne is stable. Marina asks if she can see him but he says Shayne needs to rest and she should go get whatever she needs. He goes to leave but Michelle says they aren't finished. He replies" yea we are" while walking off. We see Michelle working and she asks if that is all, the nurse says yes, except Shayne who Ed is handling. Michelle looks and sees her dad took the wrong medicine. She stops him from giving it to Shayne. Ed feels bad and says he shouldn't have taken a double shift. Michelle asks if that is it and then says dad are you... Ed cuts her off saying my every mistake doesn't come out of a bottle, Michelle. He says maybe his pressure is from something else. She asks if it comes from her? He says he needs to go and leaves. Michelle tells the nurse to give Shayne his medicine then goes to leave as well.

AT COMPANY: Josh, Billy and Buzz are at Company when a quickly unraveling Ed arrives. Buzz shoos his last customers out and closes his diner. Ed is in the throes of a breakdown and tells the rest of the men that he intends to spill the truth about Maryanne. Billy works hard to talk him out of it, but Ed remains unmoved. Billy then summons Alan to Company, and once there, Alan also warns Ed to keep his mouth shut and to deal with his guilt better. Billy appeals to Ed to think of all of their children and what the truth would do to them. However, Ed's mind is set and he proceeds to walk out when Billy physically confronts him.

IN JEFFERY'S ROOM: Harley vows to keep him and Gus safe and goes to meet Jeffrey at his hotel room to update him on her investigation. During her update, she figures out that Alexandra might be the important link to Brad Green, something that Jeffrey already has figured out. He and Harley discuss the follies of small town life and the family ties that the investigation will touch (Harley's link to Phillip and Gus, Buzz's link to Alexandra, etc.) He cautions her to keep her emotions in check for the duration of the investigation.

AT THE MUSEUM: Michelle goes to the museum where she meets up with Marah and Marina. Michelle makes it clear that she's tired of being jerked around by Carrie, and that her father's spirit is being broken because of Carrie's meddling via Michelle. Michelle runs around the museum, calling to Carrie and demanding that she come out to tell them the truth about Maryanne. Carrie appears and snippily agrees to tell them everything.


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