Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/1/04

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Happy New Year!

happy new year

hey everyone happy new year

Marah awakes in Jeffery's arms and he points out that it is morning. Marah tells him they should pretend to be in California because it is two hours earlier there. She tells him to imagine the waves crashing and we hear him say oh damn. Marah fell back asleep and reawakes. She says since it is morning she guesses it is time to go and get back to their normal lives. He agrees saying they gave a gift to each other. They both ask the other if they regret it but neither do. Marah says he did everything he said he would last night, he made her feel cherished, special and beautiful. He says that is because she is like that all the time. Marah asks if Jeffery slept with her out of pity? He says of course not and is insulted she would ask. He says she felt cherished and special last night because she is to him. Marah asks why they can't make another exception and make love again. He says he can't but he will always enjoy the memory. He goes on to say that this wont turn into anything, but it is a new year, weird stuff has happened and he might even get out from under.... She asks out from under what? but he changes the subject; when she brings it up again he says he can't tell her. Eventually Marah drops it and they go back to talking about them. She asks if it is special for someone to know you for you. He says he never thought of that. She says she likes the man he was last night, he was more than she hoped for; he jokes and says no extra charge. She asks him to open up and he says it won't happen and not to go looking for the man he was last night, because she won't see him again. Marah says she won't forget last night except the last part but it was a gift and she shouldn't be greedy. He says it was a gift for both of them and goes on to say "And there's nothing wrong with being greedy. Be greedy with life, Marah. You know, just go for it. Just take out a big chunk of it and go for it. That's what it's for. You're young.  So be young. Be crazy. Dance every dance. Never sit out a song. Do you understand? Just live. You're young, you're beautiful and you're vibrant. So live like that." Then tells her goodbye. She leaves the room crying. Marah goes downstairs and the desk clerk tells her about Shayne and she rushes to the hospital.

Eden is on the phone when hear her say Mr. machine is saying Danny and Bill are looking for trouble and she doesn't like it. She hangs up when she sees Bill. She says she was talking to Tony about a Bad Girl shoot at the ranch. She says Bill should come but he is swamped with Lewis and the campaign. She wants to talk to him about something and he wants to talk to her about Tony. She asks if he has gotten any threatening emails or phone calls, he says no. He tells Eden that Tony isn't good for the campaign and if she keeps him tied up with Bad Girl he will have less time to help Danny. Josh arrives and everyone wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Eden leaves and Josh sits down. Josh tells Bill he doesn't want any new projects started at Lewis without his approval because he feels Bill is spreading himself too thin. Bill says that Josh needs to trust him to make the best decision for the company but says he will keep Josh upto date and eventually Josh agrees.

Joey arrives at the Beacon to pick Tammy up. He exchanges pleasantries with Cassie and then Edmund arrives. They talk about New Years. Tammy comes down and Joey says he can't do this and walks away. Tammy doesn't understand but he backs away from the subject. Tammy goes to get her purse and Edmund goes to talk to Joey. Joey tells Edmund he wants to give Tammy his baseball ring but doesn't know how. Edmund helps by tying the ring up with his handkerchief and some flowers. Edmund also helps Joey on what he might say. At Company Joey gives the ring to the very excited Tammy. Tammy learns from the way it was presented that Edmund helped Joey. Later, back at the Beacon, a very happy Tammy shows Edmund her ring and thanks him, she then goes upstairs.

Earlier at the hospital Josh, Reva and Marina all awake to find no change in Shayne. Reva suggest Josh go to Company for some food, at first Josh is hesitant but later agrees after Reva promises to call if there is a change. Marina goes to call her dad and let him know where she is. She and Josh leave. Christopher arrives and asks Reva how she is and says he is glad that she and Josh are getting along better. She says that all her feelings just came flooding back. Later, Marah arrives and asks about Shayne and Reva and Cassie (she arrived after hearing about Shayne) explain the situation while eyeing her clothing. Josh arrives back at the hospital and is talking to Ed. He is wondering if Michelle picked up on the connection between the car and Maryanne, Ed says she hasn't yet. Shayne wakes up and Marina is there and is so happy he is awake.


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