Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/26/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Alan tries to track Gus down after hearing about Eden but no one can reach him. When Gus and Harley arrive, Alan offers his condolences. He never had a chance to get to know Eden well but he knew how much she meant to Gus and, as a man who values family, he can appreciate Gus’ pain. Gus appreciates Alan’s words and thanks him. He tells Alan he cannot help but wonder, given Eden’s past, whether this explosion was in fact an accident. Alan does not understand why Gus would think that his sister was murdered - who would want to kill Eden? Alex comes in and she too offers Gus a few kind words. Gus tells Alex they were just discussing Eden and whether or not anyone would have a reason to kill her. Alex says she didn’t know much about Eden’s personal life but she did know that Eden was working hard to leave her past behind. When Harley mentions an Alex’ association with Eden in Paris, Alex says their paths may have crossed but only briefly; she really does not know anything about Eden. Besides, Alex thinks Gus ought to keep away from these morbid questions and focus on putting his sister to rest. Alan offers to take care of the details for the funeral and Gus accepts.

Gus and Harley leave and Alex downs a big drink. Alan sees his sister and wonders what has her troubled. When Alex gets up to leave, Alan wants to know where she is going. She tells him she needs to see Brad Greene; with their “bad girl” gone they need to put out a press release and try to salvage the campaign.


Bill takes out HB’s gun and prepares to go after Salerno, certain that it is he who got rid of Eden. Olivia hears about Eden and seeks out Bill. She finds him with the gun in his hand and she tries to reason with him. She knows he is in pain but she cannot allow him to do something that he will soon regret. Bill tells her he needs to get justice for Eden. Olivia tries to make him see that the person he is angry at is Eden. Bill thinks that that is ludicrous. He had a lifetime planned with Eden but now she’s dead and he cannot blame her for that; but he can blame the people she was afraid of. Bill tells Olivia that Eden had asked him to elope a few days ago but he talked her out of it. He knew how important the wedding and all the old traditions would be to her and he wasn’t going to let her miss any of that. Now he wishes he had just taken her away and married her.

Tony walks in as Olivia and Bill are talking and Bill points to gun at him. Tony tells him not to make this mistake. He suggests that Bill accept the truth: that Eden’s death was an accident. Bill is certain that Tony is lying and wonders if Tony is there representing his Santos family or Salerno’s family. Tony tells Bill he is there as a friend, as Eden’s friend. Bill does not believe him but Tony explains himself. When Eden tried to get out of the life he, Tony, made fun of her. He did not think she could do it. In time he came to respect that, unlike him, Eden was the one brave enough to try and get out. He takes some small comfort in knowing that Eden is free now. Tony wants to apologize to Bill for doubting Eden. Bill tells him that if he truly was Eden’s friend and he would want justice for her death. Bill wants Tony to tell him who killed Eden. Tony tells Bill that if he truly wants to make Eden happy then he needs to be the man she loved. He needs to put the gun away and say goodbye to Eden. Bill puts the gun away and apologizes to Tony.

When Tony leaves, Bill thanks Olivia for being there to stop him. She helps him pick out clothes for the funeral but Bill does not want the basic-black suit she has chosen. He tells her that Eden wouldn’t people all in black; she would want bright colours and champagne. Olivia finds him a bright tie then promises to wear something colourful to the funeral. Before she leaves, Bill asks her to help him pick out Eden’s clothes.


Eden tells Gus and Harley that she wants to be able to see her life one last time and say goodbye to it. She wants to go to her funeral. They won’t hear of it. The reason she is playing dead is because people want her dead. Besides, Jeffrey would never allow it.

When Jeffrey arrives, he has new identity papers for Eden. She is now “Alison”, a young woman who moves to a small town out West after her boyfriend dies. Eden asks if she has any say in where she ends up but Jeffrey tells her that she does not. Gus and Harley tell them that Alan and Alex’s reactions were suspicious and Jeffrey wants them to stay on top of the Spaulding’s. Eden wonders if Gus will be able to turn in all the guilty parties even if it turns out that Alan is one of them. Gus wants to focus on the funeral now but he promises them that he will bring down everyone who ever had anything to do with this drug ring.


While Michelle is in surgery, Buzz, Frank, Marina and Shayne come to offer their support to Danny and the family. Mel rushes in after hearing the news. She is trying to reach Ed but she cannot get through. He has been quarantined but she still wants to let him know what is going on. She eventually gets through and fills Ed in on Michelle’s situation.

Buzz thinks that the explosion was set on purpose but Frank will not divulge any information. All he tells him is that there is an ongoing investigation. He does tell Buzz that he finds it very suspicious that Tony was at the warehouse and that he will get to the bottom of this case.

Meanwhile, Tony is furious with Danny. He understands that Danny never intended for Michelle to get hurt but he cannot forgive him. Tony warned Danny what it would cost him to return to the mob but he didn’t listen and now they may lose Michelle.

Jeffrey comes to Cedars after receiving the news that Michelle was injured. Danny holds Jeffrey responsible and will make him pay if Michelle does not survive. Jeffrey tells Danny to stop playing the victim. He was instructed not to tell Michelle anything but he didn’t do it. And it was he who was fool enough to remain in the mob after claiming that he had gotten out. Danny tells Jeffrey that he is more than determined to bring down the mob now but he will do it for Michelle, and he will do it his way and Jeffrey will just have to deal with that.

Rick comes out and tells them that the operation was successful. Michelle did sustain head injuries and she is in a coma. He asks them all to sit with Michelle and talk with her; hearing the voices of those she love may help bring her back to them.

Danny goes in and apologizes to Michelle. He begs her to come back to him and Robbie. Danny sees Tony looking in and goes to talk with him. He thanks Tony for saving Michelle but Tony does not want any thanks. Danny asks him to sit with Michelle while he calls Robbie. Robbie asks for his mama and Danny tells him that she is sleeping. He promises to tell Michelle that Robbie asked for her.

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