Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/30/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

A depressed Marah arrives with Sandy at the dance, but finds she can't enter the ballroom. Instead, she heads for the bar, where she finds an equally lonely Jeffrey. She also finds the whole Beth date thing was a lie. He sees her vulnerability and tries to make her see what he sees in her. But she's feeling only another rejection coming. Wanting her to start the year feeling special and wanted, Jeffrey takes her out of the bar and up to his room where, as the clock strikes midnight, he makes love to her.

Shayne is about to go in for surgery to remove the seroma from his spine. Reva and Josh are very scared, but Shayne is ready to face the risks and the outcome, whatever it is. Josh tells him everything will be fine and Reva gives him a kiss. After Shayne is wheeled away, Josh and Reva lean on each other for support. It's as close as they've been in a while. When Shayne emerges from surgery, Josh places a call to Marina, filling her in. Marina rushes to the hospital, desperate to keep her promise to kiss Shayne at midnight. Later at midnight, both Josh and Reva and Marina and Shayne share a kiss.

Earlier in the day, Marina and Nico feel like outsiders at the dance. In the end, they have fun together and share a dance. Marina leaves to be with Shayne before she hears Sandy play the dedication to her. Nico is left without knowing where his date went. Meanwhile at the dance, Edmund and Cassie play a fun romantic game where they pretend to be starry-eyed college kids. Olivia crosses with Lizzie, who appears to be as dangerous as ever.


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