Guiding Light Update Friday 12/26/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Jeffrey needs Harley to be willing to do whatever it takes with Green. He gives her a jeweled pin as a Christmas gift. Harley makes nice with Brad Green. She tells him she got his case dropped, and he asks Harley to dinner as Jeffrey listens in. Later, she eats with Jeffrey. Michelle's not sure she likes the political Bill. Blake and Ross revel in their new married status and happen upon Danny, Michelle and Bill. Each group sends the other a bottle of champagne. Everyone makes nice for a moment, but Bill can't let it go. He suggests Ross drop out of the race; Ross counters by saying Danny could drop out. Michelle toasts the group, reminding everyone that no matter what, they are always friends. Blake and Ross head to the honeymoon suite. Eden thinks she's meeting Father Ray, but he's in Rome. Eden turns to leave and runs smack into Tony. They realize they were set up. Eden and Tony encounter The Shadow for the first time. The Shadow wonders what Tony and Eden are willing to do to save Danny and Bill. The Shadow leaves after opening the lines of communication with Eden and Tony. Olivia asks Phillip to please come back. Alan rages at Christopher for letting Olivia visit Phillip. Olivia overhears Christopher defending her and after Alan leaves, she thanks him. Christopher tells Olivia to focus on herself and offers friendship. Later, he takes notes on Phillip's condition, while Phillip remains unresponsive. Christopher is reminded of a prayer his mother used to say.


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