Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/24/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Merry Christmas Eve!

Reva, Harley and Cassie have thought of a way to restore the children's belief in Santa. Josh, Gus and Edmund all arrive dressed as Santa. Alexandra asks Alan to play Santa Claus. Add Danny and Rick to the list of Santa's. Olivia tells Cassie she can't make it to the wedding. She goes to church instead to pray. Father Ray reminds an emotional Olivia that Christmas is about birth and new beginnings. Shayne continues to work out by himself. He struggles to lift his body out of the wheelchair and into a standing position. His hand slips from the bars, and he goes down, falling hard on the mat. Marina rushes to Shayne's side, cradles him in her arms. He tells her he wanted to walk for her. She reassures him. Unbeknownst to them, a large red welt swells on his spine. Back at the Beacon, Santa's Alan, Frank and Buzz arrive, as does Jeffrey. All Marah wants for Christmas is for Jeffrey to tell her one personal detail about himself. Later, Jeffrey confides in Marah he was afraid of thunder as a child. Josh, Alan and Buzz worry about the sunken car. Reva asks Sandy to spend the night at the house. Holly refuses to let Ross see Blake before the ceremony. Ross asks Ed to help him see Blake. Ed volunteers to walk Blake down the aisle. But first there is someplace he wants to take her. Ed delivers Blake to Ross; they confirm their undying love. Blake and Ross say their vows. Alan surprises everyone when he begins to sing. Blake and Ross exchange rings. Jeffrey pronounces Rose and Blake husband and wife. Josh agrees to spend Christmas at the house. The "real" Santa hands out gifts to the kids. After everybody leaves, Blake and Ross dance beneath the Christmas tree.

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