Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

The Mole goes on the air and announces that there's no Santa Claus and says Christmas is a commercial holiday. Hearing this causes heartache throughout the families of Springfield as young children react everywhere.

At the agency: Blake (on the phone) deals with Clarissa's being upset by talking up the wedding, her birthday, and saying there is a Santa and he is bringing her lots of gifts. Harley consoles the troubled Zach and wishes she could hurt the Grinch that is responsible for this. Michelle announces she gave Danny a special assignment to deal with the crisis and also wishes Ross and Blake luck in the mayoral race. Ross leaves soon after to ask Ed to be his best man. Blake, Michelle and Harley go through Marah's designs and find a dress appropriate for a Christmas bride. After deciding on one, the excited, but nervous Blake, can't believe she's really going to get married. Michelle leaves to set things up at the Beacon. She is told no one else is to know.

At the Beacon: Cassie begs Edmund to help RJ feel better as he is very upset about Santa. Meanwhile, there's a tree to decorate. Marah arrives as the Christmas General, giving orders regarding the decorations of the tree, we have a Victorian theme this year. RJ is now hiding under the table as Cassie tries to get him out. Jeffery arrives and decides to help. Cassie indulges Marah, much to Jeffrey's amusement. Reva, who has confronted Sandy, brings Sandy to work at getting some Christmas spirit. Marah is merciless and shows him how upset their young cousin is. He pitches in and tries to help, painfully aware of her connection with Jeffrey. When RJ finally appears, he falls asleep in Jeffrey's arms. Later, Michelle startles Ed when she tells him she's in on his secret, meaning the wedding, but he thinks of Maryanne. Marah leads them all in a beautiful caroling circle.

At the hospital: Ed tells Shayne his resting pulse is elevated and to stop the exhausting workouts. Marina tries to distract him with caroling, but Shayne won't go. An argument ensues over his increasing isolation. They seemingly make up, but after Marina leaves, Shayne calls a nurse to take him to the gym to work out.

At the Church: Alan takes Gus to the chapel to see Lucia, which starts off awkwardly on all sides. Lucia and Alan start to banter and debate like the old days, giving Gus insight into what they once had together. Lucia asks Alan to sing but he declines: that part of his past is closed now. Gus gives Lucia a goodbye kiss, which moves her beyond words.


The mothers of Springfield have each come up with a plan to restore their kids' faith in St. Nick.

Jeffrey reveals a personal secret to Marah.


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