Guiding Light Update Monday 12/22/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Josh is on the phone with Rusty. They are talking about how Dr. Yuan got Shayne to feel something in his legs then they hang up. Billy appears with a paper with the headline being about the car being raised from the lake. Billy says someone is out to get them and they might do it. Billy tells Josh that is the car. Josh says Billy you haven't seen that car in thirty years. Billy responds with that is the car how did they know where to find it? Josh says maybe a construction was going on around there and they came across it, they do stuff like that all the time. Billy asks if he is covering for Marah, but Josh says Marah doesn't know anything. Billy asks about the other two detectives and Ed and Buzz. Josh swears that no one talked. Then he remembered a premonition Reva had. It was right after Josh had been talking to Ed about... Maryanne Caruthers. Reva said she saw a graveyard. Billy says he has to stay away from Reva because if she figures it out they are in big trouble. Billy leaves.

We see Marah and Reva making cookies with RJ, Robbie and Zach. Reva asks if she can turn the music down and Marah says yes but not off, that she and Shayne have listened to this song since they were kids, that is a tradition. Zach asks what tradition is, and Marah explains it as it is making ornaments out of dough. She points out that most of the ornaments she has made are on her Christmas tree. Reva tells the boys now they will have ornaments to hang on their trees. Marah and Reva go to get the cookie cutters and Reva tells her she is a natural for motherhood. Marah says to wait until she finds the right guy. Reva responds with as long as there is not a D.A. on the end of his name. Marah says it is Christmas and to be nice. Reva backs off and says it is nice to be doing this with her. Marah says traditions stand the test of time even if they don't agree on anything else. The boys start shouting COOKIES!! Zach is making a star for his sick daddy. Reva says she is sure it will make him fill a whole lot better and they go to bake it. They put hooks in the cookies and put them in the oven to paint late so they will have ornaments to use for years and years. Reva tells the boys she forgot the sprinkles and asks them to go get them - they run off. Reva says it is easy to hold on to memories when everyone is healthy and happy it is just a little different this year. Marah asks if it is because of Shayne. Her mom says yes and because your dad isn't in the house. Marah says that they don't have to be apart for the holidays and that her dad needs a little prodding to open up, especially about his past. Marah asks what her dad was like before her and Shayne were in the picture. She says he is like he his is now just a little more contained now. Marah asks if he was ever bad or got into trouble. Reva says Josh was usually bailing others out of trouble. She says that her Uncle Billy use to get Josh caught up in all his messes. The cookies are ready and they all admire them. Reva sends the boys to get the paints while the cookies cool. Marah tells her mom to try harder with her dad because he wants to be with her. Reva says that sometimes the closeness is there but there is so much that hasn't been said and the more time that passes the harder it gets. Marah says that she should just say it.  What could happen they are already leaving apart. Reva takes her advice and goes to find Josh. Billy arrives at the museum to see Marah. He asks what happened to her place and she says that three little elves are hard at work and asks if he wants to say hi. He says after they take care of business. Billy gives her a Christmas present. It is a tradition because he doesn't want his gift overlooked in the Christmas morning madness. It is a lighthouse charm for her bracelet. Billy has given her charms for as long as she can remember. He says for her to remember to follow the light and it will set you free. She says she hopes her parents can do that, but first they need to set themselves free of the blame, guilt and secrecy. Marah then asks Billy about the Maryanne Caruthers situation. He says he doesn't know any Maryanne and he doesn't remember one in Josh's life either. Marah says she has one more question but Billy says he needs to go and leaves.

Reva comes up to Josh and asks if he has a minute, he says he doesn't. She asks if he remembers her premonition from the other day, she said she figured out what it means. Josh says he thought they decided it meant nothing. She says she was wrong. That they have to talk this out. They can't let it slide or pretend that it didn't happen, because his future and hers depend on it.

She says that it is killing them and that he is carrying guilt for what happened to Shayne. He says he is to blame. She says she is to blame for pushing him away and it is time they forgave each other and themselves. He says he can't forgive himself because his son might be crippled the rest of his life because of him. Reva says Shayne forgave him and so has she, but he needs to forgive himself. Reva says to let it go for the holidays but Josh hears Billy's warning. He said the holidays is why she is doing this. She says that is part of it. He says that is all of it and if they are not careful they will make a huge mistake. He says if she can say the same things after the holidays then maybe they will have a place to start from. She asks why he is doing this. He says this is how it has to be and he is sorry.

Harley and Cassie are on the phone with Dr. Langham. There, she listens in as Christopher tries to get through to Phillip by telling him about his own experience with grief. Olivia gets a surprise when Christopher tells her not to leave town, and to stay and help Phillip recover. She agrees.

Langham is trying to locate Olivia. She has been missing all night and Cassie wants Langham to tell Harley everything that happened with Olivia last night. Before he can, Olivia walks in. Olivia says she should have called and she was driving around all night. She says she lost track of time and the driving helped. Harley sees right through it and calls Olivia on it. She finally says she was outside of Ravenswood all night to be close to Philip. A phone rings and it is Dr. Langham. They tell Olivia he has been worried about her and he is calling from Ravenswood. Olivia says she should talk to him. They suggest she go upstairs and call him. She refuses and goes to Ravenswood to see if he has news on Philip. At Ravenswood, Christopher is talking to Philip. He tells Philip that he is not to blame for the baby's death, that even Olivia told him that and he needs to believe it. Olivia arrives.

Blake can see that Ross is conflicted about the mayoral race and figures out why: he wants to run. She encourages him to do it if he feels strongly enough about it. But there is one thing they should tie up before he tosses his hat in the ring -- they should get remarried. Later, Blake shares the good news with Cassie and Harley. Cassie has a great idea for them to marry at the Beacon at the Christmas party and Blake agrees to it.

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