Guiding Light Update Friday 12/19/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Marah and Marina arrive at the museum and are talking about how great it is that Shayne is having his first acupuncture meeting tonight. They stop when they see Michelle pacing in their living room, she says she hopes they don't mind she let herself in. Marina makes a comment saying isn't your living room big enough to pace in. She says she needs to talk. She says when she left earlier she was done with the whole Maryanne mystery. Marah and Marah agree with her. Michelle goes on to say that this mystery was dumped in their laps and was getting too....Marah finishes for her with the word hard. Michelle say yes, at first she found the whole thing to be really interesting and Carrie really pulled her in. But now, sneaking around behind her dad's back, trying to prove that he was part of something that, if anything at all... it's just too much. Marah asks if she doesn't think Ed is involved, to which Michelle says she doesn't want to believe he was, they don't want to believe Buzz or Josh were involved. She goes on to say that it seems as though they are being disloyal and wants Marah and Marina to tell her she is wrong. She tells them to go on and convince her to stick with the whole Carrie thing. The only answer Marah and Marina come up with is that they want to help their loved ones.

Michelle points out that maybe the reason they shut down when Maryanne is mentioned is because they don't want their help. Marah says that Carrie appeared with this Nancy Drew mystery for them to solve. Marina points out the obvious, saying they haven't done that yet and Marah says they are piecing it together and she isn't going to stop. Michelle asks if it is because she is so sure Josh needs her help? Marah points out that there must be something there if her dad won't even acknowledge Maryanne's existence to which Marina and Michelle say the same for their loved ones. Marah says that what it says to her is that he doesn't know what to do with whatever happened and she is staying with it. Michelle says she wants to find out what happened but how does that help her dad. Marah says it might fill in some blanks, help ease his mind. Marah also says that maybe this Maryanne thing is causing tension between her parents, especially with all that has happened with Shayne. Michelle asks Marah if she is trying to help her whole family to which Marah says yea if she can. Marina says she'd like to help Buzz but is afraid he'll leave if pushed to hard. She explains that running is what Buzz use to do when things got too hard and maybe Maryanne is the reason he stayed gone for so long. Michelle says so those are your reasons? Marah replies yea, you in or out? She explains about the photo shoot at the hotline earlier and says that she and Danny were talking and something he said struck a chord. She said Danny made her realize that there is no point in hiding the past it will just come out anyway. She goes on to say secrets don't die just because you want them to. What if she walks away from this secret that has been eating at her dad? She says yea, Buzz leaves and Josh fights more with Reva, but her dad could start drinking again and that could kill him and if something happened to him she would never forgive herself, so she is in. Carrie appears saying the past-- unexplored territory, but not for long. Marah says that they need concrete evidence this happened not just her word. Carrie says that is why she is here and suggests a trip to Cutter's Bridge. At Cutters Bridge we see a car to which Marina asks, is that the car Maryanne died in? Carries says yes tonight everything changes.

At the hospital, Ed says that it is hard to know what to do in a situation like this. Dr. Yuan replies and Jeffery translates that many doctors are skeptical of acupuncture. Ed says it isn't because there is danger involved, it  just might not work as they hope. Josh says he has an open mind but has some concerns. He asks how acupuncture will help Shayne. To which the doctor replies, to restore the free flow energy to Shayne's body. Reva and Shayne arrive and introduce themselves to the doctor. Dr. Yuan says he like to give Shayne his first acupuncture right now rather than talk. Josh wants to make a family decision first and he and Reva step off to the side. Shayne says he is a part of the family and he wants to do this NOW! Jeffery says this isn't going to instantly cure him, he needs to see him often. Shayne's asks what he should do during the treatment and Jeffery tells him to relax and breathe. Reva thanks Josh for agreeing to this and he says it was Shayne's call. We come to find they will need to use seven or eight needles. To which we learn Shayne's fear of needles. Away from this Rick is pressing Ed as to why he changed his schedule to avoid Michelle. Ed says not now and Rick backs off. While Shayne is arguing about leaving, the doctor inserts a needle and Jeffery asks Shayne if that hurt. Shayne is confused then notices the needle and says bring it on. Josh goes to get Ed because he is sure he wants to witness this. Josh tells Ed he overheard the conversation between him and Rick. He says he knows it is extreme but it is better than dealing with Maryanne questions. Josh tells him Marah won't let the Maryanne thing go either. Ed says he doesn't understand what is going on. Back inside Rev asks Shayne if it hurts and he says no. Josh and Ed have returned and Josh asks Ed what is happing. He explains it medically, to which Josh breaks it down to 'it helps the body heal itself'. The doctor says he is going to leave them in for twenty minutes and Shayne says to leave them in for thirty.

Harley arrives at Olivia's bar and says finally a place I can work. Bill then arrives and joins her saying he can guess what she has in that folder there. Harley says she would bet he is wrong. Bill says it is a romance novel, the kind they used to find under her bed when they were little. She says she wishes he was right but it is work in the folder. Bill tells her about the photo shoot at the hotline and Harley asks if that is weird. He has no clue and talks about what a great mayor Danny would make. Harley says she means on a more personal aspect. Bill has no idea what she means and Harley says you know how he took your woman. He says he is happy with Eden and she is happy with Danny. Harley say right if you say so. Bill asks what that is supposed to mean. Harley thinks it is interesting how he went from Michelle to Eden. He says he and Michelle wouldn't have grown together, then jokes with Harley about all the fun family dinners they will get to share together. Bill gets serious and says he is lucky because Eden is the first person to challenge him to try new things and set higher goals. He says he loves what he is doing now, the campaign and Lewis, and it is all thanks to Eden. Harley says that he should thank his parents for the 'I can do whatever I set my mind to' gene. Danny says how about some money to the Danny for Mayor campaign? She says he is bad but he says he is good.

At the mental hospital: Philip keeps saying he killed his little girl. Olivia keeps replying you didn't kill her and it's not true. She tells Christopher to help him. Christopher says he is sorry Olivia gave him such bad news and takes Olivia out of the room. In the hall Christopher says he knows that was painful but Philip will get through it. She says she shouldn't have come but Christopher disagrees. He goes in and tells Philip the worst is behind him now, they can move forward with the truth. Christopher says he wants to get Olivia out of there but she is worried about Philip but Christopher says he is fine, he is worried about Olivia. Outside Company, Olivia and Christopher debate about whether or not she is fine. Cassie comes out and finds out she told Philip but goes off to give Christopher and Olivia some time. As they go in, he says she should eat, she is unsteady on her feet. She says maybe it has to do with what she just told Philip, she hopes he is happy now that Philip knows the truth. He says that this could help bring Philip back to reality. She says she just wants him to get better and Christopher says that is what they all want. Christopher asks her about her choice of words at the hospital and asks if she meant the baby's not dead when she said it isn't true. Olivia goes off on him saying she wished she could have lied and spared Philip all that pain. Christopher says it was a mistake to bring her here, she belongs home in bed. Cassie talks Olivia into some food and Christopher asks if Olivia needs a sedative to sleep. She says to take her out from under his microscope. He gets the picture and goes back inside to call and check on Philip. She says all right she is going to sit there and wait for Cassie. Cassie asks how Olivia is and Christopher explains. He says she is used to being in control and there is no telling how a person will react when that is taken away. Christopher says she is outside waiting and that her car is outback. He thanks Cassie for her help and then says she knows what Olivia is going through.

At the hospital Philip talks to "his daughter". He says that she died and his daughter says yea and that she is sorry. She says he was afraid to fail her and she ended up failing him by not being there now and that she has to go for good. He says he wants them to be together and know each other. She says that they won't have that chance and she knows he loved her from all the talk they had. She says he would have been a really great dad and she would have loved him a lot. She says no one can change what happened and she has to go but for him to rest. He keeps saying don't go, don't go.


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