Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

The press shows up at Harley's Angels and begins to photograph a surprised Michelle at work. She is in the middle of a telephone call from a girl who is coming off drugs and is having trouble with it. Michelle transfers her to some doctors, but she is upset with the distraction. It seems as though Bill set up the photo shoot on purpose to help Danny's campaign. Soon after, Danny comes in and the photographers ask for photos of the couple together. Danny explains this isn't for the press, that he is proud of her work. Danny and Michelle kiss for one last picture. After the press leaves, Danny senses that Michelle isn't too happy with the way things went down today and he promises to handle things better next time. Shortly after, Rick arrives. Rick came by to talk to Michelle about Ed. Rick tells Michelle that he is worried about him, he seems distant, quiet, and secretive. Rick also says that their dad asked him to do something for him but didn't want him to tell anyone. Michelle begins to question Rick about their dad's behavior in the 70's. She wonders whether that was when he was drinking heavily.

Tony is at the gym beating a punching bag. Eden arrives, but once she sees Tony she decides that a run would be a better workout. Tony tells her that she shouldn't go. He says that he knows that he has been hard on her since he has been back and tells Eden that he saw the look in her eyes when she looked at Bill the other day and finally agrees to back off. Eden decides to stay and begins her workout. During her workout, she begins to discuss her business ideas and the money conditions Brad Greene has placed on the "Bad Girl" line. She expresses her need for a location on a low budget. Tony says to use his ranch "free of charge". Eden wonders if there is a catch and Tony tells her there isn't one. He just thinks she is on to something, and he wants to see it succeed. Eden leaves, and Jeffrey shows up and he and Tony discuss Danny's run for Mayor. Tony is a bit surprised that Jeffrey would back Danny.

Ed and Buzz discuss their daughter and granddaughter and how they always bring up Maryanne Caruthers. Buzz tells Ed not to let Michelle know how bothered he is by this. Ed tells him that it is too late and continues to explain that he even rearranged his schedule at the hospital to avoid Michelle. Just as he mentions this, Rick walks by and overhears his dad. Rick begins to question him, but Ed tells him to mind his own business. Ed tells her that he just doesn't think he should work with his daughter because others may think that she is getting special treatment. Rick gives him back the envelope with the note inside that Michelle gave him asking Ed about Maryanne Caruthers. Rick informs him that only his and Michelle's fingerprints were on it. Rick wants to know what it was about. Ed tells him to never mind and then leaves.

Harley receives a call from Jeffrey. He wants to know if she is ready for her next assignment. Harley wants to know if it is Brad Greene again. Jeffrey informs her that it comes a little closer to home this time, that it's Gus. Harley tells him that Gus doesn't know anything. Jeffrey tells her that he may be sitting on a gold mine with a lot of information that might be valuable to them. Harley wants more information as to who this information might be valuable to. Jeffrey refuses to give much information about that, but he seems to know a lot about her and Gus and their whereabouts right now. He knows that Gus is at the office and Harley is standing outside Company. Harley begins looking around wondering where he is calling from. When she asks how he knows that, he tells her to never mind that and advises her to go back inside Company to get Gus something to eat so that she can take it over to him at Spaulding. Harley tells Jeffrey that she didn't sign up for this. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to protect her investment and at the same time, protect Gus. She reminds Jeffrey that Gus doesn't need protecting. But eventually goes ahead with Jeffery's plan.

At Spaulding, Olivia runs into Gus. Olivia seems to hate the idea that Gus is filling in for Phillip. She tells him that she is watching him and that he shouldn't get too comfortable. Gus tells her that if he wanted the CEO title, there isn't anything she can do about it. As Olivia is heading out, she runs into Harley. Olivia wonders whether she is working at Spaulding as well. Harley tells her she is just delivering food to Gus. Once Harley brings the food in to Gus, she begins to question how the other suits are accepting his arrival. He tells her that Alexandra seems to be the only person gunning for him. He continues to tell her that he ran into her workout partner and wonders why she got so cozy with him today. She tells Gus that she was just doing Mel a favor because she is representing Marie Green. Gus tells Harley that she really turned Brad on today, and he couldn't stop talking about her. Harley tells him that he just spotted her while she was weight lifting. Gus wonders whether she got the information she needed. Harley tells him that it was a start and asks if he is jealous. Gus tells her that Brad is a womanizer. Harley informs him that Brad still cares about what happens to his wife. Soon, they begin to eat, but Harley forgot the drinks. Gus leaves Harley alone in his office as he goes to get some drinks. She begins to look around but questions what she is doing as she is holding a folder in her hands. She debates upon looking inside but finally decides against it, and when Gus comes back in she quickly exits.

At the psychiatric hospital, Dr. Langham tells Phillip that he really wasn't hallucinating that Olivia is back for real this time. Later in the day, Olivia shows up to talk to Phillip. Dr. Langham allows her into the room and tells Phillip that it is okay, she is real. Phillip begins to stare at her from his bed. He gets out of bed, walks closer and tells her she had the baby - a little girl. Olivia begins to cry, and Phillip questions the tears. Phillip learns that she lost the baby, and he begins to fall apart.


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