Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Michelle asks Ed to meet with her to work on Danny’s campaign. Though Ed does not want to be a part of the campaign, he comes over. Michelle talks about her work at the hotline and asks Ed to share his experiences with drinking with her; it might help her deal with callers and give better advice if she can get a better idea of what is going on with them. She tells Ed she does not know much about his past and would like to understand what led to him becoming an alcoholic. Ed does not want to discuss it and Michelle asks directly about Maryanne. Ed evades her questions again and again but Michelle continues to push. Ed asks her if she thinks he is lying and Michelle says she does not but wants to know the truth. Ed leaves quickly and Michelle returns to the museum.


Marina tells Buzz she has a history paper she is working on about a person from the seventies and would like him to discuss his life. He tells her he deserted the army, came back to Springfield briefly then left again for over ten years. Marina asks if he saw her dad or anyone else from his family when he came back but Buzz tells her he did not. She is curious to know what he did in town if he did not go to his family. Finally, Marina comes right out and asks about Maryanne and Buzz steers clear of her questions. After he “gets back to work”, Marina leaves and heads back to the museum.


Michelle, Marina and Marah have doubts about continuing on with the mission Carrie set them out on. Carrie overhears them and encourages them to continue. The girls decide to question the men again but not to approach the subject directly.

Josh comes by and Marah tells him she wants to design a line inspired by the seventies and would like his help. Josh tells her he was not really into the clothes so Marah asks about girls. Josh tells her that aside from Reva, he did not date a lot back then. Marah asks directly about Maryanne and Josh once again tells her he did not know her and does not want her to bring up the subject again. He taught her to respect others; she should respect his wishes and not bring up this subject ever again.

Josh leaves and calls Billy. He tells him that no matter how hard they try to keep away from this subject, someone seems to be encouraging the girls to pursue it.

The girls meet afterwards. They all feel terrible about how they went after the men and wonder if they should continue. Carrie comes back and tells them that they should continue because they know that something terrible happened. Michelle says it is none of their business but Carrie thinks it is and that is why they want to back off – because they are afraid of uncovering the truth. They tell her they do not want to hurt anyone but Carrie suggests that learning the truth might help their loved ones to heal. Marina and Marah decide to continue but Michelle wants out.


Buzz goes to the cemetery and finds Ed there. He tells Ed they had a deal. They would only come there once a year – October 17. Ed tells Buzz it is getting harder and harder not come. Buzz convinces Ed to leave with him.


Cassie and Edmund take Tammy to rehearsal and plan on going shopping afterwards. When they get there, they see Joey rehearsing the sword fight and Edmund steps in immediately to give him the help he so desperately needs. Later, Tammy gives Joey a present – a scarf, identical to the one she gave Edmund. Joey does not think the scarf is ‘him’ and does not accept it. Lizzie flirts with Joey when Tammy is rehearsing and Cassie gets angry. Edmund gets her out before she can embarrass herself or Tammy and they go looking for a tree.

Later, Lizzie is made fun of by some of the other children but she tries to stand up to them. Sandy tells her she did a good job and that she should not let the jokes bother her. One day, they won’t matter so much.

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