Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Eden arrives at Spaulding, she is supposed to have a dinner meeting with Alexandra and some ad executives to discuss "Bad Girl". When she arrives, Alexandra tells her the meeting was cancelled due to lack of funding. Eden tells Alexandra she is the head of the department and to get more money. Alexandra says it is not that easy and also informs Eden of Gus' position in the company, this surprises Eden. Alexandra tells her if she wants more money then she is going to have to win over the man with the power to give them more funding, Brad Greene. Alexandra calls Brad to her offices then leaves. Alone Eden and Brad both discuss his use of her old call girl service and then the money needed for "Bad Girl". Eden says that girls 18-25 need a gimmick and a name. They need to create Bad Girl jeans, shoes, and clothing. Brad says no and Eden says to give her a week and she will make Bad Girl the new trend. He says if she can do this then he will increase their funding. He asks what she will need to do this and she replies a bikini and the company jet.

Michelle stops by to see Danny and drop off his wallet. He tells Michelle how the meeting with the political guys and Ross went. He wants to celebrate and starts trying to make love to her in his office. She doesn't let him though saying she has to go have a talk with Marah. She uses the excuse that Marah is still in love with Tony and doesn't know what to do. When Danny tries to tag along and help she says it is a girl thing. At this point Nico and Bill arrive and Michelle leaves. Nico informs Danny that he is leaving town. He says he wants to start a career and see the world. Danny wants Nico to stay and shows him some plans. The plans are of a park that is in memory of Nico's parents. Bill goes to leave the two alone and Danny says he doesn't want this leaked to the press. Nico makes a few changes to the plans and adds a stage for outdoor concerts. Danny says he had a great act to play there but he is leaving town. Nico agrees to stay.

Frank and Darci arrive at Company and are talking about their first Christmas together but Buzz's bad mood brings their good time down. He tries to say it is just the holiday blues. They continue their talk about Christmas. Alexandra arrives and Buzz gets her some wine to take away her work troubles. She doesn't pick up that he is trying to console himself over the whole Maryanne Caruthers situation.

Marah and Michelle are in the graveyard waiting on Michelle when they hear someone. It is the groundskeeper who remembers Marah from when she and Shayne played there as kids. He asks what they are doing there. Marah asks if he knows her mom's TV show. He says the one when she talks to dead people. Marah nods and says she is looking to go on location and what better location than this, she says she and Marina are interns and they are scouting for the perfect location for Reva's primetime show. He believes her ands says they can look around but to be careful. After he leaves Marina says she is impressed with Marah's story and they begin to search the graveyard completely passing Maryanne's grave. They arrive back at the spot and Marah comments that they walked in a circle and she broke her shoe. Michelle arrives and explains why she is late and the story she told Danny. She and Marah begin to argue over why she chose that lie as Marina finds the grave. She yells at them and tells them to get over here. They are upset to find out that what Carrie has been telling them is true but are curious as to how their loved ones are involved. Marah points out that her dad hadn't moved to Springfield yet.

Bill is on the phone at the museum when Eden struts up to him telling him to hang up which he does. She explains to him why her dinner meeting was cancelled and tells him she is flying to Barbados tomorrow.

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