Guiding Light Update Monday 12/15/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Marah and Michelle are still talking about the holes in the Maryanne mystery. They decide to check the Web using what they know about her death. In the middle of this Carrie arrives. Carrie suggest the zoom in on the three bridges that they have possible linked to Maryanne's death. They found one of the bridges wasn't built at the time of Maryanne's accident. The second bridge's rails would have been too thick to crash through; leaving the third one. Now that they know her name and the accident site they wonder how to get the police report. They decide to involve Marina because her father is the Chief of Police. Marina goes to the police station claiming to need to go through the records for a school project. The officer is hesitant but agrees after she says to call her dad, that he said it would be okay. Marah and Michelle go in with her as Marina tells the officer they are in a study group. The three of them go over every accident report for the last decade but find nothing. They begin to wonder why everyone is trying to cover up Maryanne's accident. Since they are unable to find the record they decide to visit the graveyard to find her headstone later on that evening.

Tony, Bill and Danny discuss volunteering the information on Danny's past rather than ignoring it. Eden bursts in and say they need to clean up. Eden says that two political figures, named Jim and George, will be there in 10 minutes. Moments later they arrive with their attorney, Ross Marker. After Danny offers cigars, they begin a political discussion. Danny hopes that they will back him in the race. George and Jim want to be assured his past is over and want some concrete evidence to support it. They want Danny to turn his back on Tony. Danny assures them that Tony left the lifestyle along time ago. They bring up some recent behavior problems Tony has had. Tony says he will step down, but Danny says no that if this is the only way that George and Jim can trust him then he doesn't want them backing him. Ross and Bill try to work out this problem. They continue their discussion and leave on a good note. Danny feels comfortable with Jim and George but isn't too sure about Ross' support.

At the gym, Brad Greene, thinking Harley is pumping him for information, holds the weight to her throat. He tells Harley he is suspicions and says if she isn't involved she knows who is. Harley acts like she has no idea what he is talking about. Brad says he thinks that Gus and Alan are behind all of this. He says Alan has completely trusted him since he took company money to pay off his blackmailer. Brad says he took an hour off to hit the gym as to not have a stress related heart attack. Harley tells Brad she would never work for Alan no matter what. The conversations changes for the better. Harleys says she is glad that he forgave his wife. Brad says Jeffery is pushing for him to testify against her. Harley says legally he doesn't have to and maybe she could pull some strings and get the charges dropped. Brad says he would be forever grateful if she could accomplish that. Later, Jeffery and Harley discuss her meeting with Brad Greene and Jeffery tells her to follow his rules for their next meeting. Jeffery says he has always planned to drop the case against Brad's wife and he didn't tell her so she could be convincing. He says he couldn't have prosecuted without Brad's testimony.

Gus remembers his conversation with Harley in regards to finding company information while he is holding a confidential company file. Before he can open it he is interrupted by Alan. Gus tells Alan he didn't open it because his name wasn't on it. Alan says he can open it, he has nothing to hide. Soon after, Alexandra enters and demands that Gus hand her the file. Gus says that Philip is counting on him to look after his interests. Soon Brad Greene arrives to be informed of Gus' position at Spaulding. Gus assures him that he is going to find out everything he can about Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Brad is concerned that Gus has access to all the files but mostly the one in his hands. Alan says Gus can look at whichever files he wants. Brad tells Gus about his workout with Harley.

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