Guiding Light Update Friday 12/12/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Spaulding enterprises building, Gus is trying to tie a Windsor knot in his tie because he wants to wear a suit to please Alan. Harley arrives with his breakfast since he left the house so early he didn't eat his breakfast. Gus figures out that Harley is trying to spy on him to find out how his first day is going. Harley helps Gus tie his tie and wishes him good luck and leaves. When Harley steps outside the building she calls Jeffrey to tell him terrier will take the job. Jeffrey tells Harley to meet him at the secret location.

At the gym, after Jeffrey hangs up the phone, Brad Greene arrives and tells Jeffrey he wants to talk to him because his wife shouldn't go to jail for what she did since she did it to get revenge on him (Brad). Jeffrey tells him he doesn't discuss his cases in the gym and Brad should call him later.

At Company, Josh and Reva try to discuss Shayne's medical treatment but they begin to argue again. Reva is worried that Josh will push Shayne too hard just like he did when Shayne was playing baseball. Josh explains that this time is different because he isn't the one pushing Shayne too hard, Shayne is pushing himself because he is determined to walk again for Marina's sake and for his family. Cassie arrives and tries to persuade Josh and Reva to consider acupuncture to help Shayne. Reva is a bit skeptical about the idea and gets even more skeptical when she learns the idea was suggested to Cassie by Jeffrey. Josh explains to Reva that Billy had acupuncture done to treat a knee injury he suffered playing football. Josh tells Reva that Billy says acupuncture is responsible for him being able to walk again. Josh still can't understand how his being Shayne's exercise coach could end up hurting Shayne instead of helping him. Josh explains to Reva that he works Shayne hard while he is in the gym so Shayne will be too tired to work more when he gets home at night. Josh explains that every day he worries Shayne will try to exercise when he is at home by himself and there is no one around to help him and that will cause him further injury.

Outside Company, Rick wants to plan a family dinner but Ed says he has no time to go to a family dinner right now. Ed asks Rick to test the envelope that Carrie gave to Michelle for fingerprints. Ed also tells Rick to keep this low key and only give him (Ed) the results of the tests. Rick asks his father why he wants to keep this a secret. Ed gets defensive and tells Rick it's not a secret but the only person who will care about the results of the test is him (Ed). Rick agrees to run the fingerprint test and leaves. Ed goes inside Company.

At Spaulding, Gus arrives for his meeting with Alan in a suit. Alan explains he started having Casual Friday so that Gus would feel more comfortable on his first day at work. Alan tells Gus that he set up a meeting with all the department heads so they could meet him (Gus). Alan takes Gus on a tour. When they arrive at the conference room Alan is surprised to see Olivia there. Olivia offers to help wherever she is needed until Philip has recovered. Alan turns down the offer and tells her Gus will be stepping in until Philip has recovered.

At the secret location, Jeffrey makes it clear to Harley that he is her boss. Harley demands to know what is going on so she can protect the people she loves. Jeffrey wants Harley to get close to Brad Green so she can find out information about Spaulding enterprises.

At Company, after some more arguing, Josh and Reva agree to have dinner and research acupuncture before they make any decisions about Shayne's treatment.

At Spaulding, Alan tells Gus that he knows Philip spoke to him before he left for the hospital. Alan says he knows Philip wanted Gus to make sure Alan didn't dismantle all the hard work he has done. Gus is surprised that Alan figured out the reason he took the job at the company.

At the secret location, Jeffrey wants Harley to use her sex appeal to get information about Spaulding Enterprises from Brad Green. Harley is offended by Jeffrey suggestion and starts to leave. Jeffrey wants Harley to stay with the job so she can protect Gus and Philip from the danger that is ahead for them. Jeffrey wants Harley to go to the gym wearing a sexy gym outfit and get information out of Brad . Harley will be wearing a microphone so Jeffrey can listen to their conversation.

At Spaulding  Alan explains to Gus how the company works complete with reports, flow charts and statistics. Alan decides to cancel the meeting with the department heads and let Gus learn the ropes on his own. Alan leaves Gus to read a mountain of papers.

At the gym, Harley begins her interview with Brad who can't stop looking at her. Brad tells Harley that talking to her the night he went to her office really helped him. Harley gets Brad to spot her as she lifts weights. Harley tells Brad she will listen if he needs to talk to someone. Brad explains to Harley that his wife shouldn't go to jail for what she did because her actions were his fault. Harley starts to lift weights again. Jeffrey tells Harley to reel Brad in nice and slow.

At Company, Reva admits to Cassie that she is nervous about having dinner with Josh but she feels it is a positive first step to rebuilding their trust in each other. Cassie leaves. Josh asks Ed what his opinion of acupuncture is as a treatment for Shayne. Ed says that acupuncture has been around for years and has helped many people. Josh asks Ed if Billy has been in touch with him. Ed says Billy calls him every day to make sure they all keep their stories straight. Josh walks back to the table to talk to Reva. Reva says she had a very strong image of death while he was walking back to the table. Josh spends a few minutes persuading Reva her vision meant nothing. Josh gets very nervous and tells Reva he can't have dinner with her because he has something important to do. Josh tells Reva he will call her tonight and leaves.

At Spaulding, Gus is a bit overwhelmed by all the paperwork and one of the reports refers him to a very interesting file.

At the gym, Harley begins to ask Brad about work. Jeffrey pleads with Harley to drop the questions before Brad gets suspicious but it is too late. Brad pins Harley under the weights and tells her he knows exactly what she is trying to do.

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