Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Sarah
Proofread by Lisa 

Reva gets a call about Shayne pushing himself. Cassie asks her what's wrong. Reva doesn't want to talk about it, but finally tells Cassie that Shayne's pushing himself and isn't going to get better that way.

Sandy and Tammy are talking about the play. Sandy shows her some notes that he made at yesterday's rehearsal. He tells her to take the scene in one direction, but Tammy tells him that Edmund had recommended that she go in the opposite. Sandy doesn't understand where Edmund became involved. Tammy explains that he's sort of her coach. Sandy tells her that he doesn't want Edmund anywhere near this production. Tammy tells him that she already invited him to work with them today.

Josh and Frank are talking over coffee. Josh apologizes for being so down, but he assumes that Marina has already filled him in on everything. Frank says that he doesn't get to see much of Marina these days.

The M girls are sitting around talking about the big mystery. Marah & Marina tell Michelle everything they found out in the basement - mostly about the Egyptian curse and the sarcophagus. They are trying to figure out how the Spaulding's and the Caruther's are connected and how Maryanne died when Carrie shows up. They start asking her questions, and she tells them that instant gratification isn't all that great. Michelle thinks that she's stumbled onto something with the white powder. Carrie tells them that she's hit the nail on the head. She tells them that before the artifacts ever came to Springfield there was a warning from the contacts in Egypt to NEVER open the sarcophagus. The girls want to know what that has to do with Maryanne since she wasn't even born yet. Carrie tells them that after the death of the curator (Maryanne's grandfather) someone else was very interested in the sarcophagus - Maryanne's father, the curator's son. He snuck into the museum past the guards, and as he suspected, there was plenty of white powder. There was also something else, 4 rings - the ones that Carrie gave the girls. She tells them to not be afraid and to put them on and she'll continue the story.

Tammy admits that she was trying to get Edmund and Sandy together so that they'd get to know one another. Edmund tells her that she should've warned Sandy. She begs him not to go and says she'll talk to Sandy. Edmund agrees to wait outside for her. Sandy tells her that he doesn't want Edmund around. She tells him that this is just like the play with families keeping old hatreds and conflicts alive. He tells her that the families aren't at war. She tells him that he and Edmund aren't getting along, and that he'd be so much better off if he let that go. She tells him that he's not the only one who's had it rough because of Edmund.

Reva and Cassie are at the gym. Reva is still upset about Shayne pushing too hard. She tells Cassie about Shayne collapsing yesterday during his workout, and how she wanted to stop them, but she couldn't. She says that she's tired of fighting with Josh over everything. Cassie asks if there's some kind of different therapy that Shayne could do, but Reva tells her that she's searched the internet and found nothing. Cassie tells her that her phone is always on, and that she's there for Reva if she needs her for anything - even another ranting session. Jeffrey has overheard most of their conversation, and he stops Cassie as she's leaving. He tells her that he knows about something that could help Shayne. Cassie accuses him of eavesdropping, but he tells her that they were being loud. He tells her to get in the car. She wants to know where they are going. He asks if she's this suspicious all the time.

Frank and Josh are still talking about the kids. Josh tells Frank that Shayne is just now getting to the point of letting Josh help him again. Frank tells Josh that Shayne's going to be back on his feet and back to normal again in no time.

Tammy tells Sandy that when Richard died she really had it out for Edmund and that she did everything in her power to keep him out of the family. She thinks that Richard's death changed him, and he's such a different person now. She also tells him that he's a jerk if he doesn't at least try to see that family is the most important thing to Edmund and that he'd do anything to make things better with Sandy and that he's the biggest jerk if he misses out on this chance.

Marah thinks that the key to the Egyptians could be inside the rings, but Michelle points out that her ring has only brought good things to her. Carrie tells them to be careful what they wish for. Marina wants to know what the scientist did with the powder and the rings. Carrie tells them that he was only interested in the powder. He found out it was a potentially lethal substance that had the power to destroy a man's mind forever. He discovered that the powder created dream like hallucinations where the taker felt no pain. He knew it was "gold" if he could find a way to make it safe since it would induce a state beyond pain. Michelle says that it sounds like some kind of early anesthetic. Carrie agrees and says that it could create euphoria or madness and that the key was the balance. Everything depended on how it was developed. Carrie tells them that the Spaulding's and the Caruther's joined forces to research this. Marina figures it out that Brandon Spaulding was the one that paid for everything. Michelle deduces that it wasn't just Brandon, but it was Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Carrie agrees. She says that this changed both families for generations to come. The drug created was called antemonium, and it was wildly popular worldwide when it was first introduced. Michelle assumes that it must have made megabucks for the Spaulding's. Carrie says that the Caruthers benefited too. The Spaulding's and the Caruthers were the richest, most prominent families in Springfield. She said that the widowed scientist doted on his only daughter, Maryanne. Marah asked what happened to her. Carrie tells them that she got mixed up in the wrong crowd.

Sandy goes outside to talk to Edmund. He tells him that this is all Tammy's doings. Edmund tells him that if he wants to go back in and tell her that he was unreasonable, he'll go along with it for Sandy. Sandy tells Edmund that she'd never buy it. Sandy suggests they try to cut the tension between them. Edmund agrees that would be good.

Cassie wants to know why Jeffrey didn't just tell Reva about this alternative therapy. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he didn't think that Reva was ready to hear about it. He tells her that it's acupuncture. She is very hesitant and thinks that the specialists would've mentioned it if they thought it would help. He tells her that most western docs don't even know about it. They meet the doc who only speaks Chinese. Jeffrey has to translate for him. Before Cassie can ask a question, the doc tells her to open her mouth. Cassie asks if he's a dentist now. Jeffrey says that the doc says that Cassie has a headache from not eating and one too many lattes. She's stunned that he could figure this out. He tells her to get on the table so that he can help her with the headache.

Josh and Reva are talking about Shayne's recovery. She asks how he is after what happened yesterday. He asks her why she didn't just come over and check on them since she was watching. She tells him that she didn't want to interrupt all the progress that Josh and Shayne had made getting closer to each other after the accident. She says that she didn't want to start harping on Josh again for running Shayne's life. Josh gets on the defensive and asks if she meant to say ruining his life. Reva tells him that she wasn't attacking him. Josh apologizes for getting defensive. Reva says they have a long way to go. Josh agrees, but says they can't make this about them. Reva just asks him to promise not to push Shayne too hard. Josh asks her to just tell him what's really wrong. She tells him that she will soon.

Cassie is enjoying her acupuncture and is the most relaxed she's been in weeks. The doc has completely cured her headache. She's still not sure this is the right thing for Shayne. She makes a comment on this guy not being a quack. The doc says that's a huge relief. Cassie is shocked that he speaks English and thinks that Jeffrey was tricking her. He says that he never said that, but that he only said that he would translate since the doc prefers to speak in his native language. Cassie tries to tell him that she never thought about his practice as a "quack" place. Cassie still isn't convinced that it's right for Shayne. The doc asks her to tell him about her nephew. She tells him and asks for something to take to show Reva & Josh. He says that acupuncture could help Shayne, and that he will get some literature for her to take.

Edmund and Sandy are talking about Richard. Reva interrupts them, and they invite her to join them. She tells them that she was just looking for Jeffrey and asks if they've seen him. They both say "Fortunately no" at the same time, and Edmund says that's at least one thing they have in common.

The three M's tell Carrie that she can't leave them like this. She tells them it's complicated, but she's sure they'll connect the dots. Michelle asks if their fathers and Marina's grandfather were part of the wrong crowd that MA got mixed up with. She tells them to connect the dots. They tell her they are trying, but none of the men will even admit they knew her. Carrie tells them it's because of the memories they have of a terrible night when a young woman got in the wrong car with the wrong people. That was the last those men ever saw of her, the night the car lost control and plunged off the bridge and into the river. The girls ask what bridge, what river, was it in Springfield? Carrie says that's the next chapter - find it!

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