Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Harley does not send Zach off to school because he says that he is feeling sick. Harley talks to him and tries to figure out what is wrong and realizes that Zach is worried about his daddy. Harley explains to Zach that Philip is tired and a little bit sad but that he is working hard to get better. Zach does not want his daddy to be sad anymore. Harley promises Zach that she will make sure that nothing bad ever happens to him and Zach makes her promise to do the same for Philip.


Marina is working when a deliveryman brings a package for her. She opens it and is surprised to find a dress and a note from Shayne. He tells her that he had Marah make this dress for her for the upcoming dance. He wants her to go to the dance in it and imagine that he is there, holding her in his arms.

Darcy suggests some minor alterations now that they are going to be living together but Frank is rather inflexible. She tries and she tries and finally they are able to compromise on some changes.

Gus stops by and tells Frank he needs to take a leave of absence because he has some family problems to attend to. Frank is skeptical, saying that it is hard to believe that Gus is really related to the Spaulding's. Gus explains to him that because Philip is sick, Alan would like to have someone else around and to show Gus the ropes at Spaulding. Gus feels that it was Alan’s persistence that led them to get to know one another and feels like he owes his father this. Frank recalls the tough times he had with Buzz and remembers that they would still be estranged had it not been for the fact that they both hung in there and tried as hard as they could to make it work. He agrees and gives Gus the time off but assures him that if the crime rate in Springfield starts to rise, it’s back to work for Gus.

On his way out, Gus runs into Harley, who fills him in on the situation with Zach. Gus tells her that Frank gave him the time off and that he is on his way to see Alan now. Jeffery arrives as he is leaving and Gus tells him he is off the force for a while. Harley tries to speak with Jeffery about his offer after Gus leaves, but he pretends that he does not know what she is talking about. She presents a hypothetical problem, telling him about a friend who was offered a job by a sleaze and she is worried she might hurt people she cares about. Jeffery suggests that if this ‘friend’ cannot trust her employer then she should not work for him. He also tells her that things may work out better for her ‘friend’ and the people she cares for if she is involved – at least that way someone who cares will be attending to the problem. Jeffery leaves and Harley thinks on it some more.


Olivia stops by to talk with Alan but he is furious that she went to Philip after he begged her not to go. Olivia admits that she did not believe him and she had to see him. As Olivia defends herself to Alan, she becomes dizzy. Alan asks if she is alright and she tells him she has not been able to eat since she heard about Philip. Alan promises to keep her informed on everything that happens with Philip then leaves to get her something to eat. Shortly afterwards, Lizzie comes in. She is bitter and rude as always with Olivia. When she mentions that Olivia lost weight and that having a baby was a good thing for her, Olivia realizes that Lizzie does not know what happened. She tells Lizzie that her baby died. Lizzie is surprised but she does not seem at all upset. When Alan returns and finds them together, he suggests Lizzie leave but Olivia thinks that maybe they need to talk. Alan leaves and Olivia tells Lizzie to just come right out and tell her why she is so mad at her. Lizzie tells Olivia that she wishes she had never met Philip because then this would never have happened to him. Olivia tells her that she might just get her wish because she may leave town sooner rather than later. Lizzie begs her to stay, saying that Philip loves her and she may be the only one who can help him.

Gus comes by and tells Alan he got a leave of absence but has a few ground rules. 1) He will not, under any circumstances, become the ‘corporate’ dresser; 2) If he feels overwhelmed and needs some time, Alan will have to respect that and give him some space. Alan agrees and seems genuinely pleased that Gus has agreed to do this.


Josh and Remy work with Shayne but caution him that he needs to pace himself. Shayne refuses to stop and tells them to get out if they will not help him. Shayne wants to stand on his own but Josh and Remy cannot stand there and let him try that when they know he is not strong enough yet. Remy is going to get his wheelchair but Shayne will not back down! Sandy comes in and watches the men struggle. Josh lets Shayne go but he falls and Josh and Remy grab him. Josh tells Sandy to bring Shayne’s chair but Shayne tells him that if he does, he is no longer his brother! Josh threatens to walk out and Shayne tells him to go because this is not about him trying to make up for the accident. Sandy cuts them both off telling them that he cannot watch them do this; he argued with his own father like that way too often. Sandy tells Josh that he knows he would never walk out on his son so they both need to figure out a way to work through this situation *together*.

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