Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Jeffrey and Marah are still involved in their legal discussion at Company about Marah's clothing line. Jeffrey slips and says "read between the sheets" instead of "read between the lines!" Marah senses that she is making Jeffrey nervous. Marah changes the subject and tells Jeffrey that she thinks the law is a turn on. Jeffrey tries to go back to the legal work. Marah tells him that he is trying to rescue her from danger. Jeffrey claims that you just need to know when to avoid danger.

Sandy and Lizzie discuss the school play at Company. Sandy seems a bit distracted by having seen Marah and Jeffrey together. Lizzie wanted to talk to Sandy about the play and its importance to her. She wants to give her best performance and tells him it is all for her dad. Once Lizzie leaves, Sandy approaches Jeffrey and Marah. He asks to join them, but Marah seems to have a problem with that. Jeffrey insists that he grab a seat. Marah asks to borrow a dollar from Jeffrey. She claims that she used to pay her brother, Shayne, off every time she wanted him to leave her alone. Marah insists that she and Jeffrey finish their meeting at her place. The two of them gather their things and leave together. Shortly after they leave, Olivia arrives. Sandy brings her a cup of coffee and introduces himself as "Jonathan." Olivia is overjoyed to see him. It had been such a long time since she last saw him that she didn't recognize him. Olivia tries to catch up with him. Sandy tells her that he knows about Reva and Richard. When Sandy tells her about the atmosphere at his adoptive parents' home, Olivia gets upset and wants to call her sister. Sandy begs her not to call. He tells her that she should relate to him. She moved to Springfield to make a new life just as he did.

Back at Marah's place, she informs Jeffrey that she has no expectations, she just wants to have a good time. Jeffrey tells her that she is just so young. Marah promises that if he were to give her a chance, she could prove to him that she is mature. Jeffrey begins to read a document which he assumed was related to her business. It turns out to be an agreement that Marah promises to Jeffrey in regards to any relationship that might get started and what she wants from him and what she doesn't expect. Jeffrey tells her that her contract covers just about everything. Marah reaches in for a kiss. Jeffrey pushes her away and tells her this is premature because he hasn't signed anything yet. She reaches in for another kiss. He responds for a few seconds but pushes away again. He tells her that just about every guy would want to be in his position right now, but he has to say no. Marah doesn't back down, she reaches in for another kiss and conquers. Well, momentarily she conquers. Jeffrey turns away again and eventually leaves.

Harley shows up at the Spaulding home to see Alan. She was left in the dark about Phillip having gone to the psychiatric hospital. Harley had thought he had been released with a clean bill of health. Alan told her that he didn't intentionally leave her in the dark. He had assumed that Gus told her. Harley tells Alan that she would like to see Phillip, but Alan tells her that he shouldn't see any visitors. Once Harley returns home, she calls Jeffrey and leaves a message for him to get in contact with "Terrier," her new code name for the case.

At the hospital, Phillip continues screaming at Olivia to go away, telling her that she is not real. He refuses to be tricked by her again. Gus and Dr. Langham overhear Phillip screaming at Olivia from the hallway, and they rush in. Olivia steps out into the hallway while Dr. Langham and Gus try and settle Phillip down. Dr. Langham steps out to talk to Olivia. Dr. Langham questions whether she came there for payback because she lost the baby. Olivia gets upset with him and tells him she only wanted to see Phillip and didn't know he was that bad and reminds the doctor that he doesn't know anything about her. Olivia does agree with the doctor that Phillip isn't ready to hear about the baby. Before Olivia leaves, Dr. Langham questions whether she is seeing anyone professionally in regards to her daughter's death. Inside Phillip's room, Gus tells Phillip that they all saw Olivia because she is really back this time. The doctors must have sedated him, because he seems rather out of it. Barely awake, Phillip begins to question things including his and Olivia's baby girl. He starts talking about his business and worries, and Gus tells him that he won't let him down. After Gus leaves, Phillip spends some time alone with Dr. Langham. Phillip tells Dr. Langham about a dream he had where he had seen his daughter. He started walking toward her, but just before he reaches her, the door closes and she is gone.

Back at Harley's, Gus returns home and tells Harley that Olivia is back. Harley thinks that things will get better now that she and the baby are back in town. Gus informs her that Olivia came back alone, because she lost her baby. Harley tells Gus that this is why she needs to help Phillip. He has three other children that need him. Gus tells her that he is going to help Phillip too, but the way he plans on helping is something that she probably won't like much. Harley doesn't understand what he could mean by this because anything that would help Phillip, she would be okay with. Gus tells her that Alan wants him to take a leave of absence from the police force to come work at Spaulding while Phillip is away. Surprisingly, Harley completely supports Gus in his decision to work at Spaulding Enterprises. Harley continues to express her support but accidentally mentions the word "danger." Gus wonders who said anything about danger. She covers herself by telling Gus that she thinks Phillip is in danger of not recovering without the family supporting him in every way including helping with the family business. Harley questions Gus about whether he would cover anything up if when he got into the company he uncovers something illegal. Gus tells Harley that if Alan had anything to cover up, he would have never invited him into the company.

Dr. Langham goes to the Spaulding home to tell Alan that Phillip had an unexpected visitor tonight. Lizzie overhears the doctor tell Alan that Olivia is back in town, and she had stopped to see Phillip. Dr. Langham tells Alan that he thinks Olivia may be the one person who can reach him now.

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