Guiding Light Update Monday 12/8/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Jeffrey gets Harley's attention with his information that someone she loves may be in danger. He wants to know if she would get involved to save the father of her child. Harley narrows it down to Phillip, and says of course she would help him: which is not the same thing as helping Jeffrey. She tries to get answers to her many questions as to the extent of the danger, for whom she might be working for and why. Jeffrey tells her everything is on a need to know basis. His need for Harley is revealed in the nugget that the key to the investigation is Brad Greene, who trusts Harley. Harley can't decide if she'd be helping Phillip or hurting him by working with Jeffrey, who gives her a code name "Terrier" and the means to contact him by a secret phone. She is released from the warehouse, and is startled on her return to discover that Phillip's cell phone has been disconnected.

Olivia goes to Beth seeking the truth about Phillip's problems. Beth admits that Phillip is indeed mentally ill. The two women unite in their concern for the same man, owning up to their own parts to his condition, having asked too much strength from him. Olivia announces her intention to stay until she sees him, while Beth begs her to wait and not upset Phillip in his current condition. But Olivia, with an inner certainty that her return to town can bring Phillip back to reality, steals Beth's visitors' pass and sneaks into the hospital. The agitated Phillip, however, believes she is a figment of his imagination, and when she doesn't leave when he orders her to, he roughly shoves her against the wall.

Nico continues to speak out to the reporter, but soon voices his deep gratitude for Danny and Michelle's intervention in his life. Bill is content, feeling he struck PR gold, and ushers everyone off to the campaign kick-off party at Company. There, Michelle and Ed's tensions boil over again as he asks her never to bring up the name Maryanne again. Buzz observes and intervenes smoothly. Meanwhile, Tony asks Marah if they could try to be friends, but Marah expresses hurt over his recent treatment of her, and says she doesn't think they can ever be friends. Tony later tells Danny of his hopes that one day Marah will find a guy in a suit to make her happy. At the same time, Marah is glad for the chance to talk to Jeffrey about some of her business contracts, when he stops by to congratulate Danny. Meanwhile, Michelle thinks her wish on the ring for Danny's success is indeed rapidly coming true.

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