Guiding Light Update Friday 12/5/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Michelle and Danny's house, Reva fights with her producer about whether or not to bring up Danny's mob past.  Reva tells the producer she will be fair about his past but she won't concentrate on it.  Bill asks Reva not to bring up Danny's past at all.  Reva tells Bill that because he is her nephew he is entitled to give her a kiss on the cheek but she won't be used as a shill for the Santos campaign.  Reva tells Bill above all she is a journalist and she has a responsibility to be fair.  Tony talks to Eden and is skeptical that his cousin - a former mob boss - can run for Mayor of Springfield.  Eden says that Danny has changed his life and is trying to do something good for the city.  Eden tells Tony that Danny has done something good out of his life and challenges Tony to do the same.  Marah tells Michelle what Carrie told her and Marina after Michelle had left. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan meets with Gus, Beth and Dr. Langham to tell them that Olivia lost the baby.  Alan tells them he doesn't want Philip to know the news until his condition improves.  Alan, Beth and Dr. Langham agree while Gus thinks it would be better to tell Philip so he can grieve for his little girl.  Alan also tells them that Olivia wants to speak to Philip and it would be best to get Philip out of town before Olivia can speak to him. 

At the Harley's Angels office, Harley goes on a coffee run for Mel and Blake.  Mel also has some food cravings so Harley also agrees to pick up some food for her.  When Harley steps outside two men ask her to come with them.  When she refuses the two men grab her arms and take her away. 

At Michelle and Danny's house, Marah informs Michelle about the letter M connection and Michelle is puzzled and wonders what secret Ed is hiding.  Bill asks Ed to stick around after the interview so he can say good things about Danny.  Shortly after Bill leaves to talk to someone else, Ed tells Michelle that he wants to go watch the interview with Buzz at Company.  Eden tells Bill that she is turned on by watching him take control of the campaign.  Michelle and Danny kiss and share one last private moment before their lives become public. 

At Company, Ross notices how tired Ed looks when he arrives.  Ross leaves to make a phone call.  Ed tells Buzz he has been having nightmares about their secret.  Buzz admits he has also been having nightmares. Buzz wonders how Alan, who also shares their secret, can sleep at night. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan tells Beth and Gus about Ravenswood.  Gus is annoyed that Philip is being sent to a nut house.  Alan explains Ravenswood is the best place for Philip to concentrate on getting well.  Beth walks out with Christopher who wants to check on the arrangements at the hospital.  Beth tells Christopher she needs to speak to him.  Gus explains to Alan he appreciates being included in this meeting but he doesn't feel that Philip's care is any of his business.  Alan tells Gus that anything that concerns the Spaulding family is his business.  Alan wants to talk to Gus about helping him run the company. 

Harley is taken to a place that only has one light and a chair.  Harley is told that 'he' will be down shortly.  The 'he' turns out to be Jeffrey.  Jeffrey confirms that he had her office bugged.  Jeffrey tells Harley she won't be there long if she listens to what he has to say to her. 

At the Harley's Angel's office, Mel and Blake worry because Harley is taking too long.

Jeffrey tells Harley he has some confidential matters to discuss with her.  Jeffrey also tells Harley that if she doesn't cooperate she could face some serious legal problems. 

At Company, Beth asks Christopher what Lizzie should be told about Philip's condition.  Christopher tells Beth it won't do Lizzie any good to keep the truth from her.  Beth tries to talk to Marah about Jeffrey but Marah refuses to discuss Jeffrey with her. 

At Michelle and Danny's house, Danny decides to address the viewing audience. 

Harley demands to know who Jeffrey really works for and his true identity. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan wants Gus to be his right-hand-man at Spaulding until Philip is well enough to run the company again. 

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny asks the audience to believe he has changed because of Michelle's love.  Danny tells everyone that he wants to change Springfield just like he changed Fifth Street.  Danny announces he intends to run for Mayor.  Tony asks Eden to go out with him but she refuses the invitation yet again.  Tony reminds Eden of her past and implies she won't be able to change her life. 

At Company, the crowd cheers and claps after Danny's speech.  Ross tells Blake that he fears Danny will divide the town.  Ross also thinks that Springfield shouldn't have a mobster for its Mayor.  Ed worries that the reporters will come after him and discover his secret.  Beth tells Marah that Jeffrey isn't the man she (Marah) thinks he is.  Beth says Jeffrey will only hurt her.  Marah says that she is happy with whatever Jeffrey can give her and nothing else matters to her. 

Jeffrey tells Harley he is very highly connected.  Jeffrey tells Harley that something significant is going to happen in Springfield.  Jeffrey wants to hire Harley for a special job.  Harley wants to know the real reason Jeffrey wants to recruit her. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan asks Gus to make a decision about the job offer. 

At Michelle and Danny's house, A reporter tries to get some dirt on Danny by talking to Nico and recording the conversation without his knowledge.  The reporter gets Nico angry with her constant questions.  Nico almost slips and tells her that Carmen killed his parents. but he stops himself.  The reporter continues to push Nico to finish what he was going to say.  Nico is so confused and angry at the reporter he screams that Danny not Carmen killed his parents.  All the reporters stop and they all ask Nico his name. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Gus agrees to work at Spaulding until Philip is well again. 

Jeffrey tells Harley he likes to work with women because they can focus and push their ego aside.  Harley demands more information but Jeffrey refuses to give her any. Harley starts to leave.  Jeffrey tells Harley he is offering her the opportunity to receive the thanks of a grateful nation and save someone she cares about very much. 

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