Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the museum, Michelle, Marah and Marina go over the clues in the Marianne Caruthers mystery. Michelle thinks Ed lied to her based on his reaction when she mentioned Marianne's name. Marah and Marina admit to having doubts as to whether Buzz and Josh told them the truth.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Bill talks to someone on the phone who tells him that the Mayor is having a press conference where he will more than likely announce he won't run for reelection. Bill hangs up the phone and shares the news with Danny. Bill encourages Danny to make a decagon about running for Mayor.

At Towers, Edmund gives Cassie a beautiful necklace. Cassie wonders if Edmund gave her the necklace because she told him that she loves him. Cassie says she didn't expect him to give her anything in return. Edmund says okay and starts to take the necklace from Cassie. Cassie stops him and says that doesn't mean she doesn't want the necklace. Cassie apologizes to Edmund for taking so long to admit her feelings for him. Edmund says she did take a long time but she said the words when she felt she was ready to say them. Cassie and Edmund kiss.

At the hospital, Philip is in bed and thinks he hears Olivia outside his room. Philip isn't imagining things this time, Olivia is outside talking to a nurse. The nurse tells Olivia that Doctor Sedgwick is on vacation and she can schedule an appointment for when Doctor Sedgwick returns from her vacation. Olivia tells the nurse she won't be in town that long and leaves. Philip walks out to the hallway shortly after Olivia leaves. Alan and Rick catch Philip and wonder what he is doing out of bed. Philip tells them that he heard Olivia's voice outside his room. Alan and Rick think Philip is hallucinating again and gently push him back in his room and get him back in bed.

At the museum, the ladies search for information on Marianne Caruthers on the internet. The search fails to give them any information because there are too many women with the same name. Danny calls Michelle and tells her the Mayor will not be running for reelection. Danny asks Michelle to come home to help him decide if he should run for Mayor. Michelle smiles and says she will be right home. Michelle tells Marah and Marina that her wish for Danny is coming true. The ladies want more details but Michelle says she will tell them later. Michelle tells them to keep working on the mystery and leaves. Marah tells Marina that she feels like she is blaming Josh for something that he may not have done. Marina admits she feels bad as well for even thinking that Buzz could be hiding a terrible secret. Marah remembers that there may be old boxes full of papers from the museum. The ladies head to the basement.

At the hospital, Philip screams and begs for Alan and Rick to believe that Olivia was in the hospital. Alan pleads with Philip to accept that Olivia and his daughter are gone. Alan asks Philip to concentrate on getting better.

At Towers, Olivia arrives to talk to Cassie. Cassie gives Olivia a hug and tells her she is happy to see her. Cassie asks about the baby. When Cassie sees the look on Olivia's face she wonders if the baby is okay. Olivia tells Cassie she lost the baby. Cassie wonders why Olivia didn't call her to tell her the news. Olivia says she needed to grieve privately. Olivia cries and says she must find Philip to tell him the news. Cassie explains to Olivia that Philip is in the hospital because he had a mental breakdown after she left town. Olivia wonders if her leaving town was the cause of Philip's breakdown. Olivia worries that Philip won't be able to handle the news.

At the hospital, Philip is desperate to get out of the hospital. Philip explains to Rick and Alan that he won't be able to get better at Cedars because it's filled with reminders of Olivia and the baby. Alan suggests to Philip that he go to Ravenswood hospital. Philip agrees and Alan leaves to talk to doctor Langham and make the arrangements. Philip asks Rick if he is being a coward for wanting to run away and go to another hospital. Rick assures Philip he is just doing what he needs to do in order to get well. Philip tells Rick he can't take one more loss in his life.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Bill paces back and forth making plans for the campaign. Danny tells him to slow down because he hasn't made his decision yet. Michelle arrives and Bill goes to the kitchen so Danny and Michelle can talk. Danny tells Michelle he isn't sure being Mayor is his dream. Michelle tells Danny that his dream was to get out of the mob life and make amends for all the hurt that Carmen caused. Michelle tells Danny he has done that for the people of Fifth Street and being Mayor is just an extension of his dream. Michelle and Danny kiss and Danny yells for Bill to come back because he has made his decision. Danny tells Bill that he has decided to run for Mayor.

At the Museum, Marah finds old newspaper clippings which talk about the museum exhibit. In the article a man named Horace Caruthers is quoted as saying that the first responsibility is to the artifacts and the exhibit, not to old curses. Marina finds an invitation to the museum gala which also lists Brandon Spaulding as one of the guests. The ladies are even more puzzled by this mystery and how the clues fit together. Carrie arrives to help the ladies organize their clues. The ladies begin asking Carrie rapid fire questions. Carrie tells the ladies that Marianne Caruthers, the exhibit and their fathers and Grandfathers, are all connected. Carrie asks the ladies what all three of the ladies have in common. Marah and Marina start thinking of this but miss the most obvious thing. Carrie tells them that all three of their names begin with the letter M. Carrie implies that their names begin with M because of Marianne. Marah explains that her name is a combination of both her grandmothers names. Marina says that her parents named her and they didn't know anything about Marianne. Carrie suggests that sometimes adults have ways of doing things that their family doesn't know about at all.

At Towers, Alan sees Olivia and is relived that Philip wasn't imagining things this time. Alan explains Philip's condition to Olivia. Alan says that it will do Philip good to see Olivia and the baby before he goes to Ravenswood. Olivia struggles to find the words to tell Alan she lost the baby. Cassie tells Edmund she can't understand how Olivia can be so strong. Cassie is reminded of the baby she and Richard lost. Cassie wishes her baby boy was alive so that she could have a piece of Richard with her. Edmund again feels guilty for causing Cassie to lose her baby. Cassie explains to Edmund that she is always going to miss her baby. Cassie tells Edmund they have to learn to deal with those feelings together. Alan pleads with Olivia not to tell Philip about the loss of the baby. Alan worries that in Philip's fragile condition it may push him farther over the edge. Olivia says that she will be the one to decide if she will tell Philip about the baby. Alan wants Olivia to wait until Philip is better to tell him the news.

At the hospital. Philip is tormented by voices as he is lying in bed. Philip puts his hands over his ears to try and make the voices stop.

At Danny and Michelle's house. Bill informs Danny that the Mayor won't endorse him. Bill also tells Danny that Reva has agreed to do a live interview from their house. Bill explains that Michelle and the Bauer family will be very important to the campaign. Michelle warns Bill not to dig too deeply in the Bauer family past because they may have some secrets.

At the Museum, Carrie tells the ladies that Horace Caruthers was Marianne's grandfather and the Caruthers family was one of the most respected families in Springfield. Carrie explains that since Marianne died without children the family name disappeared. Carrie implies that the ladies fathers and grandfather wanted Marianne to be forgotten. Carrie encourages the ladies not to let Marianne be forgotten.

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