Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/3/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Michelle, Marina and Marah cannot decide whether or not to follow Carrie's instructions and ask the men in their lives about Maryanne Caruthers. Michelle is the first to decide not to, as they are still unclear as to what Carrie wants. Marah tells them that she already called Josh over; Michelle tells her to make something up when Josh comes. Shortly after that, Josh knocked and Marina and Michelle take off.

Despite their joint agreement, neither girl can stop herself from asking the men about Maryanne. All three men – Ed, Buzz and Josh – are visibly shaken but they try to cover. They all say that they have never heard the name and never knew this woman. When they are pressed, they can’t help but panic.

Ed goes on the defensive and Michelle tells him he is acting like he would if someone mentioned his drinking. He tells her he does not like to discuss bad memories and she should not open old wounds. Michelle is sure now that he was lying before but he insists that he wasn’t. Ed takes the envelope [from Carrie] and leaves.

Buzz asks Marina why she would just ask him something because some stranger told her too. She says she didn’t think it would be such a big deal. Buzz is sure that someone is messing with Marina and he takes the envelope away and leaves.

Josh does the best job of covering. He tells Marah he does not recognize the name but maybe he could have run into her at one point in life. He ‘remembers’ he has something to do and leaves, taking the envelope with him “by accident”.

The girls meet again and are very uncomfortable with the situation. Carrie comes and asks about Ed, Buzz and Josh and learns that all three men denied knowing MC. Carrie tells them that they are lying. Michelle has had enough and tells Carrie that they need to know what is going on if she wants them to help her right this wrong that occurred long ago. Carrie reveals that MC is dead, and then she takes off.


Josh calls Billy and they meet Ed and Buzz to discuss what just happened. Billy tells them all that they should not panic because they, and Alan, are the only ones who know the truth. Someone is bluffing because they *think* they might know something. All men agree, but they are still worried.


Philip is waiting for Alan so they can have their meeting when Alan walks in along with Gus, Rick and Christopher. Philip realizes that Alan set him up and tells him he has no right to do that. Alan tells Philip he just wants to help. Rick and Gus both try to talk with Philip and tell him they want to help him. All Philip needs is to make sure his children are alright. When they try to assure him that his children are fine, Philip explodes, saying that Lizzie isn’t because right now she is with Olivia! Alan stops Philip and tells him again that Olivia left months ago. Philip realizes that something is wrong with him. They decide that he needs to return to the hospital. Philip tells them that he just needs a few minutes. As the four of them discuss his condition, Phillip slips out. When Gus realizes, they chase after him, fearing he is going to find Lizzie.


Philip arrives and sees Lizzie talking with Beth and Lillian. He is about to go to her when he realizes he might scare her. He hides behind a curtain, where Alan and Gus find him. Philip asks his dad to take him to the hospital; he does not want to hurt any of the people he loves. Alan agrees and they are about to leave when Lizzie sees them. She is upset to see what has happened to her father and fears that she is to blame. Philip assures her that the problem is his and that he is ready to get some help. He tells her he will go away for a while in order to get help. Lizzie tells him she will wait for him. Alan and Gus leave with Philip. Lizzie sits down with her grandmother and mother but is unable to think about anything besides Philip. Beth tries to sugar-coat things but Lizzie begs her not to. She needs them to be honest with her so she won’t feel guilty about sharing her feelings, whether they are good or bad. Beth is proud of Lizzie and agrees.


Philip, Alan and Gus meet Christopher and Rick at the hospital. Christopher tells Philip that he will be admitted and put under observation for 72 hours. Philip agrees and tells them he wants to lie down. They are taking him to a room when Philip sees something that makes him stop. Alan asks him what’s wrong but Philip says he just wants it to stop. They leave and a few seconds later, Olivia comes walking down the corridor, looking for Dr. Sedgwick.

Marah, Marina and Michelle debate whether to ask their fathers and grandfather about Maryanne Caruthers. Marah and Michelle are hesitant, but Marina doesn't think there's any harm in asking a simple question. Without further thought, all three separately end up asking their respective fathers and Grandfather Carrie's question. They keep her existence a secret by saying they received the question anonymously. After questioning why they would ask a question at the request of a complete stranger, all three men deny knowing Maryanne. Michelle keeps pushing the question on Ed, until he says he does not want to open old wounds. Marina in turn keeps pushing the question to Buzz, who plays it a bit cooler than Ed but acts cold towards Marina. Josh plays it coolest of all but also appears nervous.

Josh calls Billy once he's out of Marah's earshot. Ed, Billy and Josh show at Company as Buzz hangs the "closed" sign on the door. Ed, Josh and Buzz bicker over what was actually said or not said to Marina, Marah and Michelle. Billy tries to rally the troops by pointing out only those present in the room, plus an absent Alan, truly know what happened with Maryanne. The rest is speculation, which doesn't count in a court of law. He encourages everyone to keep a cool head. Meanwhile, Carrie has shown up to ask about the results from the three young ladies; all acknowledge their loved ones were probably lying to them and want to know the truth from Carrie. She doesn't clarify the situation much, but does let them know Maryanne Caruthers is dead.

Lizzie and Beth are still having breakfast at Towers when Lillian joins them. Lizzie sees through Beth's attempt at sugarcoating the situation with Phillip and correctly guesses an intervention is being attempted; hence, Beth is trying to keep her away while it is happening. Lizzie empathizes with her father, since she was "ambushed" in a similar way. She now fully understands the gravity of her father's failing mental health.

Alan has called Gus, Rick and Dr. Langham over to do an intervention for Phillip. Phillip becomes paranoid and delusional and accuses Alan of staging the intervention to keep him from Lizzie. He gets further confused and insists he has to get Lizzie because Olivia's with her and disaster will ensue. Alan tries to convince him Lizzie is actually with Beth. Phillip seemingly calms down and agrees to check himself back into the hospital. When the group leaves him for a moment, he sneaks out of the house.

Phillip makes a beeline to Towers to see for himself that Lizzie is okay and with Beth, not Olivia. Alan and Gus catch up to a shaky Phillip, who realizes he was about to scare his daughter with a full view of his declining state. We see it's too late, as a tearful Lizzie stares at her father. She pledges her full support to her father, while he assures her his mental state is due to how he chooses to deal with stress and has nothing to do with her actions. Both pledge to get well together. As Phillip departs with Alan and Gus, Beth again tries to put a positive spin on the situation, but Lizzie calls her on it. Lizzie shows how much she's grown by stating if they want her to be honest with them about her feelings; they have to be honest with her about how they're feeling, even if a situation is bad. A proud Beth acknowledges the wisdom of her daughter's words.

Phillip is checking into the hospital but pauses near a hospital corridor. He thinks he's hallucinating about seeing Olivia again and leaves to lie down. Moments later, a nurse who looks very much like Olivia exits the corridor followed by the real deal herself: Olivia is back in town.

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