Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Beth, Lizzie and Alan are waiting for Philip to show up to eat with them. Alan is worried and keeps checking his watch asking why isn't he here. Lizzie makes a comment saying that checking your watch won't get him here faster. Philip arrives and asks Lizzie about her school play. She says everything is going ok. Philip says they can stop acting like he is sick because he is fine. Philip goes to order a bottle of champagne to celebrate (this is to make up for them not being together at Thanksgiving). He sees Olivia when he looks at the bartender. He said he knew he saw her yesterday and he is glad she is back in town. The bartender says are you okay? Then Philip realizes it isn't Olivia but a look-a-like, Philip apologizes saying she looks like someone he knows. Looking strangely at him she says she gets that all the time. Philip arrives back at the table, and Alan has gone to take a phone call. Lizzie is talking about going shopping with Beth who in Philip's mind looks like Olivia. Alan arrives back and says that there is a business matter he needs Philip's help with and that Lizzie and Beth should go on a shopping spree on him. Philip says no, he has been looking forward to this. Beth tells him they should have this meal at home and she will talk to cook about it. Philip tells Alan this better be important. Beth and Lizzie leave and Philip goes off. Beth arrives back and asks Alan what he is doing? He says he needs to get Gus to get the others to the house to help Philip.

We see Tony go into a hotel room with a mysterious women. She said she thought he was going to stand her up. He says never. Later we see him come out of another room and hand her money. She says that is more than they agreed on and he responses that it was better than he expected. What were they up to? Only time will tell!!

Alexandra and Eden arrive at Danny's - they are there for a Bad Girl photo shoot. Eden asks if they are interrupting a strategy session. Danny says no, Bill isn't here. She plays it off, she was really wondering about Tony. The photographer leaks that this will be in a magazine. Eden wants more money but Alexandra says the ink on her contract's dry. Eden replies that it isn't ,she never signed. She makes Alexandra realize that without her the Bad Girl image is gone. Alexandra says for Eden to have her lawyer call her lawyer. They go on with the shoot when Tony arrives. Alexandra wants Tony to model with Eden. Eden keeps mouthing no to Tony.  Alexandra tells Tony he would be doing Eden a favor and accepts. They start to model. Tony is really into it but Eden looks upset and disgusted. Alexandra asks him to take off his shirt and is very upset that he has a tattoo on his back. Tony says it has a very important meaning to him and says it has to do with destiny. Alexandra leaves saying she has to rethink the whole concept. Tony and Eden talk. Tony says she may love Bill but it will never work because they are connected, they are each others destiny. Eden keeps denying this.

Michelle, Marah and Marina are talking about what Carrie is going to want from them for her granting their wishes. Marina says maybe it's like you gain something but you also lose something. Carrie appears and hands them all an invitation to the ball. She describes the opening-night gala in the museum -- a night that ended in tragedy, but began with promise, glamour and excitement. She allows the three to take a glimpse into their time at the ball. You see Michelle dreaming about her and Danny there dancing. You also see Marina and Shayne. Marina says Shayne you look handsome. Shayne replies I got nothing on you and they dance. Marah is dancing with Tony and then he spins her and Tony turns into Sandy (Jonathon). She and Sandy dance and he spins her and Sandy turns into Jeffery. She seems most happy with Jeffery. We even see Tony and Sandy looking on jealously. After seeing this they think it is amazing. Carrie says, see what you can do with a little imagination. She says that five people that are important to them are trying to forget something that they can't forget. She names three of those people to be Marah's father (Josh), Michelle's father (Ed), and Marina's grandfather (Buzz). She says in their invitations is a question she wants them to ask them. The girls open the invitations to find the same question: Do you remember a woman named Maryann Caruthers.? They turn to ask who Maryann is and Carrie is gone.

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