Guiding Light Update Monday 12/1/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

At the Lewis's home, Sandy asks about why Marah isn't at the Thanksgiving dinner. Reva says it has nothing to do with him. She says that it was because of her relationship with Marah, and tells him that Marah was upset at her for telling her what to do where Jeffrey is concerned. Moving on, Reva tells Sandy that on days like today, she would always wonder what kind of man her son had grown in to, and now she knows. She tells him that he is a fantastic young man. Sandy tells Reva that appearances can be deceiving. Reva remembers other times that he has said the same thing and wonders why he is always saying that. She asks whether there is something that he is not telling her. Sandy tells her that he is just worried that she is expecting too much and reminds her that he may not stay in Springfield that long. Reva tells him that no matter what, he will always be her son. Before he leaves, Reva sends him home with leftovers. She tells him that before she would send Shayne and Marah off, she would always kiss them goodbye. Sandy turns his cheek toward her and allows her to give him a kiss goodbye.

Just outside, Shayne and Josh are having a private conversation. Shayne wanted to speak with Josh about the pressure he felt when he was playing baseball. Josh instantly thinks that Shayne intends on yelling at him. Josh has felt since the accident that he was in the wrong pushing Shayne so hard, but instead, Shayne tells him that he wants Josh to push that hard once again. Shayne wants Josh to be his physical therapy coach. Sandy steps out to say goodbye to Josh and offers to help Marina get Shayne home. Leaving Reva and Josh home alone. Inside, Josh tells Reva that Shayne asked him to be his rehab coach. She tells him that he is the best person for the job. As Josh is leaving, they share a goodbye kiss.

Cassie's Thanksgiving is going well and love seems to be in the air. Cassie notices the attraction that Marah has toward Jeffrey and later apologizes to Jeffrey for assuming that he was the one behind it. He tells Cassie that he doesn't need an apology, he needs help. Cassie tells him that he needs to talk to Marah because a woman needs to know where she stands. Jeffrey might have just butted in when he asks Cassie whether she has told Edmund that she loves him yet. Tammy gives Edmund a gift of thanks for all he did in helping her get the part in the school play. It was a cashmere scarf, but he tells her that he can't accept the gift. He explains that he doesn't want her to spend that kind of money on him. Tammy tells him that if he doesn't keep the scarf, she will be really angry at him. Soon after, Tammy leaves to go out with her friends. Cassie pulls Edmund aside so that Jeffrey can have a few moments with Marah. Before Jeffrey can get a word out, Marah tells him that he was a perfect gentleman last night and says that he is the kind of man she wants. She then hands him a key to a hotel room at the Springfield Inn, and tells him that it can be that simple. Jeffrey tells her that it is not going to happen for them. He explains that there needs to be chemistry, and he doesn't feel it. She tells him that if he suddenly changes his mind, he should let her know because she'll have the hotel room for a week. After Jeffrey leaves, Carrie appears to speak with Marah about wishes. She tells Carrie that she doesn't know who to reach for because Sandy is her brother, Tony doesn't want her, and Jeffrey is not feeling her. Carrie tells Marah that she only wants what she can't have in order to keep from being hurt.

Inside, Cassie stuns Edmund when she blurts out to him that she loves him. So much, he has to ask her to repeat it.

Things are winding down at Harley's as well. She even gets a round of applause from her guests. Gus was impressed but had hoped that Eden would have stopped by. Frank and Darci help clean up. Once they get a moment to themselves, Frank asks Darci to move in with him, at which she happily accepts. In the middle of their celebration, they are interrupted by the rest of the Cooper's. The Coopers are excited for the two. Phillip surprises all when he arrives. He tells them that the doctors told him that everything was stress related and he got the rest he needed in the hospital and everything is okay. Harley offers Philip dinner. Off in the corner, Gus and Alan call Rick to inquire about Phillip's condition. Rick says Philip is fine. Once everyone has left the room, Phillip notices that Olivia is looking in from outside. He rushes out to see if it is really her to find that no one is out there.

Tony catches up with Eden. Tony tries to convince her that they were meant for each other and reminds her about the night on the roof. He tells her that they have chemistry and are connected. Eden stays strong toward his advances, and he finally leaves.


Carrie gives Michelle, Marah, and Marina an invitation to a ball.

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