Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Suzanne

Danny and Michelle are busy with Thanksgiving preparations:Tony arrives followed by Bill and Eden. Things are strained between Tony and Eden. Michelle asks Eden about what happened to Tony and Marah's relationship but Eden says nothing. Later, Eden and Tony share a close moment after they bump into one another. After the rest of the guests arrive the Boudreaux's', Mel and Rick, and Ed. Danny is preparing to make a speech and says he isn't good at them but he better practice if he is running for mayor.

Marah is helping Reva with Thanksgiving preparations. Marah sees a place set for Sandy and asks Reva if she can invite someone; Reva is shocked and upset that it's Jeffrey. The two then argue and Marah leaves. Reva's upset but Josh's arrival makes her feel better and when Sandy drops by and agrees to stay her spirits are back on top.

Cassie and Edmund are outside Company - she's checking on her Thanksgiving reservations, and Edmund's surprised she and the kids aren't going to Reva's. Cassie says she wants to spend the day with him but he announces he's catching a plane to San Cristobel and that she should be with her family. She talks him into staying and lists all the reasons why she's thankful he's in her and her kids' lives. Edmund later invites a solo Jeffrey to dine with them. Cassie is uneasy but RJ, who has toddled in with Tammy, is happy. After RJ's parade, the group goes back to Company and Jeffrey goes out to make a mysterious call. On the call he says that everything's in place and to get the safe house ready. Marah shows up at Company after her fight with Reva and asks if she can join Cassie, not aware that Jeffrey was invited.

Harley is fussing with the turkey when Nadine visits her in her imagination. Through talking with Nadine, Harley understands why she's putting herself through the torture of cooking dinner when she's an unskilled cook. She realizes it's to be closer to her family after her near-death experience. Buzz reminisces with Frank about Nadine and her lack of cooking skills. Buzz accurately guesses why Harley is going through all the trouble - to be closer to her family. Gus and Alan show up and the group heads over to Harley's for dinner. Alan tells Gus about Philip's condition - he's in the hospital and having tests. Alexandra shows up, and after much stress on Harley's part, her first Thanksgiving dinner turns out beautifully.

As Danny is making a Thanksgiving speech, we get see all the families dining. Danny speaks about family, love, and doing things for others you never thought possible.

Guiding Light will not air Thursday or Friday due to holiday programming but will return Monday

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