Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Megan
Proofread by Lisa

Reva begins planning for her family Thanksgiving dinner and starts to discuss her plans with Cassie. Reva says this maybe the year she tells her Sarah Shayne's secret gravy recipe. Cassie starts to say something but Harley rushes in and wants some pointers on cooking. She told Buzz that she would handle the Cooper dinner this year forgetting that she doesn't know how to cook. Cassie and Reva begin to tell her how to cook a turkey, but they both have different ways of cooking it. Harley gets a bit confused and tells them that she needs to rethink letting her dad cook the turkey this year. After Harley leaves, Cassie tells Reva that she won't be coming over for Thanksgiving this year, because she is having dinner at her place. Cassie tells her that she understands why she didn't want Edmund to come over for the last dinner and explains that she and Edmund have worked very hard to get where they are right now. Reva decides to invite Edmund, but Cassie explains that she would like to start a new tradition with her children and Edmund. It seems important to her, so Reva gives in.

Marah shows up at Jeffrey's room looking for someone to talk to. Once she is in his room, she begins looking around. Jeffrey grabs her by the arm and tells her that his room is not a museum and begins to question what she is doing there. Marah tells him that she is getting tired of being rejected over and over again. She wants to know why it keeps happening to her and wants help on controlling her emotions. Jeffrey tells her that it is because she is a caring person. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to create compartments to store her feelings and tells her that he would teach her how to do that. Jeffrey proceeds to ask her what she is doing tomorrow. She tells him about Thanksgiving with her family. Jeffery says he doesn't have to do anything tomorrow. He tells her that he will do whatever he wants to do because he is a free man. Marah tells him that he talks a good game, but he is a bad liar. Marah tells him that if he stops feeling pain, then he also stops feeling love. Jeffrey tells her that is sad and requests that she leave. Marah tells him that he has feelings for her or he would not have let her in. He explains that he let her in because he was intoxicated. Marah grabs her coat and leaves. Jeffrey tries to get back to work but seems completely distracted. As Marah is leaving, Cassie sees her walking out of Jeffrey's room. Cassie stops her and wants to know what is going on between her and Jeffrey. Marah tells her that her relationship between her and Jeffrey is none of her business. Cassie continues to pressure her and calls Jeffrey a cradle robber. Marah tells him that Jeffrey hasn't done anything to her, she is the one trying to come after him. She tells Cassie that lucky for her, he was a complete gentleman. Marah gets upset when she learns that Cassie told Jeffrey to stay away from her and wonders what Jeffrey ever did to her except having the unfortunate luck as to looking like Richard.

Harley shows up at Company to speak with Buzz. She tells Buzz that she'll stay there and clean the restaurant while he goes home to cook. Buzz thought she was excited about hosting the dinner this year. She begins to explain her visit with Reva and Cassie. She shows him her notes about how to cook a turkey. Buzz takes her notes and makes some adjustments. Harley takes them back and tells Buzz that she'll figure it out. Buzz tells Harley that he invited Alexandra to Thanksgiving and promises that she'll be on her best behavior. She takes a moment to call Gus because her turkey is being delivered today. Gus tells her that it is there and requests that she come home. Moments later, Reva shows up looking for Marah. She needs an emergency sewing job completed. Jeffrey walks in and Reva grabs his attention wondering whether he has seen Marah. Before answering, he asks why she needs Marah. After she explains that she needs some feathers sewn on a turkey outfit, Jeffrey tells her that he can make her tail feathers stand up. Jeffrey gets a stapler and staples the outfit back together. Reva mentions how impressed she is, and Jeffrey admits that he isn't even sober. As Jeffrey is leaving, Cassie calls Reva and wants to talk to her about Marah and Jeffrey.

Back at Harley's, Gus tries to prepare her before letting her see the turkey. She guesses that it is either too small or too big. Gus tells her that it is alive. When she sees the turkey, she finds that her children have already named the turkey, "Harriet".

Marina and Nico continue their conversation in regards to the dance. Nico tells her that Shayne overheard their conversation through the walkie-talkies she bought. Nico tells her that Shayne just wants to do something nice for her and continues to tell her that Shayne wouldn't let him off the hook until he said yes. He tells Marina not to deny Shayne his wish. Moments later, Shayne shows up tired. He overworked himself in his session today. Marina hands him a water bottle thinking that he may be dehydrated. He knocks the water bottle on the floor. Marina requests that everyone leave the room because she and Shayne need to have a talk. Marina reminds Shayne what the doctors said about his recovery taking some time. She then tells Shayne that she knows about him trying to convince Nico to take her to the dance. She tells Shayne that she would have more fun with him at home than at the dance without him. Shayne tells her that she is too okay with him the way he is and tells her that he needs people around him that want him to fight to recover. Once Marina leaves the room, she tells Nico that she will go to the dance with him. She tells him that she will drive and they are only staying for an hour.

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