Guiding Light Update Monday 11/24/03

By Megan

Outside, Shayne runs into Nico, where Shayne gives Nico tickets for the dance. Nico is surprised and wonders who he would take. Shayne tells him that he will be taking Marina in which Nico declines. Nico tells Shayne that Marina is his girlfriend and they should go together as friends. Shayne says Marina likes to dance, and he isn't able to dance with her. Nico doesn't think that Marina would want to go with him and tells Shayne to forget about it. Shayne informs Nico about the conversation he overheard the
other day about her wanting a normal date and again asks that Nico do this for him as a favor.

Marina returns to the museum to find Shayne gone;she finds a note saying that he would be back later. He went for a stroll. Meanwhile, Marina gets a visit from the mysterious woman. The woman gets personal with Marina and asks her what her wishes and dreams are. Marina tells her that she used to want money, but when she got it, she didn't want it. It didn't fix her problems in life like she thought it would. Marina tells the mysterious lady she has no dreams left. The woman asks Marina what she would wish for if
she could have anything she wanted. She tells her that she wants Shayne to walk again. The woman finds it weird that she would wish something for someone else. Marina says Shayne would make a wish for her if he had one. She turns her back on the woman and begins to tell her about the night he would walk again, but when she turns around again, the woman is gone. Marina begins to straighten up the museum. Nico arrives and asks Marina to the dance. Without even thinking,
she says no. Nico tells her that it wouldn't be a date. Marina thinks that Shayne would feel abandoned if she went to the dance with another person. Marina gets upset by the pressure Nico is putting her under, and she starts to leave the room. Nico stops her and tells her that it was Shayne's idea.

Gus runs into Eden at Company and he wants to invite her to Thanksgiving at Harley's house. Eden talks to Gus about how diffeent they were raised compared to harley and Bill and wonders if that affect their relationships.He explains how Harley and him work through their difference. Bill returns to the table as Gus is getting ready to leave. Eden tells Gus she can't come to Harley's for Thanksgiving she and Bill already made plans.
Jeffrey is at Olivia's bar and appears to have had a bit too much to drink. He says that the women in his life are driving him crazy. Moments later, Josh joins him and tells Jeffrey that misery loves company. Josh thanks Jeffrey for giving Marah a ride home the other day after the dinner party. Josh informs Jeffrey that ever since that night, he never really cared for him, and thanks him again. Josh then asks Jeffrey to explain about what he meant about the women in his life that are driving him crazy. Josh
knows that he and Beth are through and wonders who the new woman is. It doesn't take Josh too long before he is caught up with Jeffrey on the alcohol intake. Josh starts to talk about Billy wanting to set him up with someone half his age. Josh mentions that he thinks it is uncomprehendible while Jeffrey begins to choke.

Sandy has a talk with Marah about her relationship with Jeffrey. Marah doesn't want to hear it and tells him to stay out of her business. She doesn't want to be judged by someone who treated her badly. Sandy claims that he just doesn't want to see her get hurt anymore. He reminds her of Jeffrey's reputation and age. Marah tells him that life is a risk and she doesn't feel she could hurt more than Sandy hurt her. Sandy thinks that her relationship with Jeffrey is a reaction to the hurt he caused her. Marah says
that this has nothing to do with him. Jeffrey thinks she is smart, interesting, talented, capable, and he has a good time with her and thinks she is special. Sandy says that is how he sees her. Sandy thinks she is setting herself up ti be hurt again. Marah thinks that Sandy is jealous and wants Sandy to admit he is wrong. When Sandy doesn't respond, Marah runs out telling him that this is sick. Later a drunken Josh shows up at work to find Sandy working. Sandy thinks th
at due to Josh's condition, they should make a fresh start in the morning. Before long Josh falls asleep at his desk. Sandy covers him up and leaves.

Jeffrey goes up to his room and is getting ready for bed, when he gets a knock at the door. Marah is there and she wants to come in. She tells Jeffrey that she wants to be with him.

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