Guiding Light Update Friday 11/21/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Reva is distracted as she waits for Christopher to arrive for dinner. Reva pulls out a picture of Sandy and Marah from her purse and stares at it. When Christopher arrives, Reva shows him the picture of Sandy and Marah. Josh and Billy also arrive for dinner. Josh is saddened to see that Reva is having dinner with Christopher.

At Towers, Jeffrey tries to explain to Cassie that Marah has a crush on him and he has done nothing to provoke her feelings for him. Cassie thinks Jeffrey is taking advantage of Marah's crush on him and using it to get Marah into bed. Jeffrey thinks Cassie is jealous of Marah because Marah goes after what she wants. Cassie is offended by Jeffrey's remark and throws a glass of water in his lap.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle, Marah and Marina struggle to understand why Carrie gave them the rings. Carrie arrives and shows the ladies that she has the fourth ring which is identical to the rings she gave them. Carrie explains that the rings come from Egypt and possess extraordinary powers. The rings were from the collection of Egyptian artifacts that mysteriously disappeared when the former curator of the museum was missing and later found in an insane asylum. Carrie also explains that the rings were given to very special and powerful women. It is believed the rings have the power to grant wishes.

At Eden's place, Bill and Eden read the nasty article about Danny in the newspaper. Bill worries that Danny will reconsider running for Mayor after he reads the article. Danny arrives and assures Bill that one nasty article isn't going to change his mind about running for Mayor. Danny tells Bill he plans to make the press eat their words.

At Towers, Cassie tells Jeffrey that the only reason Marah noticed him is because she has a broken heart. Jeffrey tells Cassie he is sorry about his remarks and he truly wanted to help Marah by telling her (Cassie) about the situation. Cassie thinks Jeffrey only wants her to talk to Marah because she used to be a stripper and knows all about men.

At Company, Josh and Billy watch as Reva and Christopher talk. Josh wishes Reva could talk to him instead of Christopher. Christopher encourages Reva to talk to him about her problems. Reva says that despite all the stress Sandy's return has caused in her life she feels blessed to have a second chance with him. Christopher thinks Reva should pull out of the research project and concentrate on her family. Billy encourages Josh to go over and say hello to Reva. Reva doesn't want to pull out of the research project. Reva and Christopher agree that she should take a break from the project until her life has calmed down. They agree to talk to each other as friends. Josh walks over to say hello to Reva and Christopher. Billy also walks over and they all sit down to talk.

At Towers, Jeffrey asks Cassie to advise Marah to stay away from him. Cassie thinks Jeffrey believes he is the center of the universe. Cassie stands up and shouts at Jeffrey that he is a conceited jerk and she will advise Marah to stay far away from him. A photographer from the restaurant takes a picture of them and asks Cassie and Jeffrey if they want a souvenir of their evening together. Jeffrey tells the photographer he wants 25 copies of the picture.

At Eden's place, Danny gets a call from Nico who tells Danny to get down to the redevelopment office on Fifth Street because there is a crowd gathered outside and they are chanting his name. Against Bill's better judgment Danny decides to go to Fifth Street and talk to the crowd alone.

At Danny and Michelle's place, Carrie decides to take the rings away from the ladies when none of them wants to make a wish. Michelle changes her mind and decides to make a wish. All three of the ladies concentrate on Michelle's wish. Michelle wishes that the Santos name could be respected and known for doing good in Springfield. After Michelle is done making her wish she tells Carrie she doesn't think the wish will come true. Carrie asks the ladies to give her the rings back and also not to tell anyone about them. Marah and Marina leave. Carrie disappears when she hears Nico and Danny's voices.

At Eden's place, Bill feels badly that he let Danny go to Fifth Street alone. Eden says that whatever happens he has given Danny a gift. Eden says Bill made Danny believe he could do something good for Springfield. Eden says Bill's love has made her believe in herself in the same way.

At Towers, Cassie hates the picture and offers to buy it from the photographer. Cassie and Jeffrey get into a bidding war over the picture. The photographer finally takes Jeffrey's money. Cassie and Jeffrey get into a tug of war for the picture. Cassie finally wins when she uses a self defense move Harley taught her to take the picture away from Jeffrey.

At Company Billy wants Reva to use her powers to help her family not strangers. Billy tells Christopher he has Reva thinking she can turn water into wine. Billy wonders what else Christopher will persuade Reva to believe. Christopher tells Billy that he can't make people believe something they don't want to believe. Christopher says people's beliefs are a choice much like alcoholics choose if they want to take a drink. Billy wonders how Christopher knew he was an alcoholic. Christopher tells Billy he could tell by his body language. Reva asks Josh to shut his brother up or she will shut him up. Billy tells Reva she should shift her priorities to her family. Reva gets angry at Billy and tells him to leave. Christopher offers to buy Billy a ginger ale so they can leave Reva and Josh alone. Josh wonders if he and Reva will ever be able to find their way back to each other. Reva admits she has wondered the same thing.

At Danny and Michelle's place, Marah gets a call from Josh's secretary saying that Josh wants to meet her at the office. Nico tells Michelle that Danny was mobbed by people. Danny explains that the people from Fifth Street wanted to show their appreciation for the work he has done there. Danny is also excited because they gave him money for his campaign. Michelle is happy for Danny and mutters that wishes do come true.

At Company, Josh tells Reva that she is everything in his life and he prays every day that they can find their way back to each other. Reva says she prays the same thing.

At Lewis construction, Marah is surprised to find Sandy there not her father. Sandy says he needed to talk to her and he was afraid she wouldn't come if he asked her. Sandy tells Marah he doesn't want her to give her heart to someone who doesn't deserve it.

At Towers, Cassie tells Jeffrey he needs lessons in etiquette. Jeffrey says that she needs etiquette because she looks like a pit bull in the picture. Jeffrey says he wants to say away from her and her crazy family. Cassie shouts that he should ignore her family starting with Marah. Cassie walks out as Jeffrey makes dog noises. Cassie whispers to herself that Jeffrey is a jerk.

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